01/09/12 Thanks For Helping! (Pat Buchanan`s firing shows why we must ask).

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 Peter Brimelow writes: Catching up—our Christmas Fundraiser didn`t quite make our $50K target, but it came pretty close (about $42K) and I want to express my thanks. As to why fundraising is necessary, look at today`s disgraceful news that MSNBC is firing Pat Buchanan, whose column we are proud to carry—America`s immigration disaster simply cannot be discussed in the Main Stream Media.


Featured Articles


  1. Just Do it! What The Nike Riots Tell Us by Paul Kersey
  2. The Fulford File | “Christophobia”-The Prejudice That Barely Has A Name by James Fulford
  3. National Data, By Edwin S. Rubenstein | December`s Employment Report: Three-Fifths Of New Jobs Went To Immigrants by Edwin Rubenstein
  4. The War On Christmas After Ten Years by Tom Piatak
  5. Michele Bachmann`s Tragedy: She Came, She Saw, She Flinched (AKA Listened To Ed Rollins And John Fund) by Washington Watcher
  6. Silver-Plate Lining? Romney Not The Worst From Immigration Patriot Viewpoint by Washington Watcher
  7. “Too White, Too Evangelical, Too Rural”-Too American: Iowa-Bashing Snobs and Sore Losers by Michelle Malkin
  8. An Immigration Patriot Picks Apples And Gives the Inside Scoop On The New Slave Power by Linda Thom
  9. Ron Paul: “The Second Coming Of Buchananism”? by Ellison Lodge
  10. War On Christmas 2011 by VDARE.com Editors
  11. Anti-Market Republicans Let Big Business Evade Price Signals Via Immigration by K. C. McAlpin
  12. War On Christmas – Trench Warfare Time? by Patrick Cleburne
  13. VDARE.com Remembers Christmas Eves Past, Broods About The Future by Peter Brimelow
  14. War on Christmas 2011: Whose Country Is It, Anyway? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  15. The Fulford File | Ron Paul Lynching-Will GOP Insiders Attempt To Dissolve Iowa And Elect A New One? by James Fulford
  16. Immigration Cartoon Of The Day by Baloo




  1. Then They Came For Pat Buchanan… by Patrick Cleburne
  2. London: African Witchcraft Murder Trial Continues by Brenda Walker
  3. Immigration In GOP Debates: There Was One BRIEF Romney Mention – But Nothing Else by Patrick Cleburne
  4. Political Party Dependent on Union Thugs Thwarted By Same Unions by Federale
  5. MSM, GOP Contenders Happily Ignore Immigration Completely In TWO Debates! by Patrick Cleburne
  6. “Breaking Bad” by Steve Sailer
  7. Robust Teen Mothers by Steve Sailer
  8. Tokyo Not Actually Stomped Flat By Godzilla by Steve Sailer
  9. A Trip to Mexico and Mexican Voter Registration by Allan Wall
  10. Sympathetic Press Waves Bye-Bye to Foreign Job Thieves on Their Last Day by Brenda Walker
  11. Peter Brimelow Discusses Immigration in 2012 with Michael Coren by Brenda Walker
  12. Confirmed: Deported American Teen Lied To Authorities by Federale
  13. Frum Features Birthright Citizenship Reform – Could He Smell A Deal? by Patrick Cleburne
  14. LA: Alleged German Arsonist Appears In Court by Brenda Walker
  15. MSM Steps Up Effort To Mau Mau Romney On Immigration by Patrick Cleburne
  16. Mississippi Schools Struggle with Spanish Influx by Brenda Walker
  17. Black American Teenager Deported After Giving False Name: Stupid Is As Stupid Does by Federale
  18. What Do These P-Cities Have In Common? by Steve Sailer
  19. Mexico`s Recent Deportation Statistics Are Released by Brenda Walker
  20. One Of Los Angeles`s Two Mexican Immigrant Bishops Resigns Over Heterosexual Scandal by James Fulford
  21. USCIS Management Leading The Way On Immigration Fraud by Federale
  22. Did Gay/MSM Nexus Derail Bachmann Campaign? by Patrick Cleburne
  23. German Arrested for Los Angeles Arson Attacks by Brenda Walker
  24. A Bad Idea: Supersonic Flight by Steve Sailer
  25. “The Iron Lady” by Steve Sailer
  26. Assortative Mating Among Movie Stars by Steve Sailer
  27. I`m on Talkback With Chuck Wilder Show, 1/04 at 2:00 p.m. PST by Rob Sanchez
  28. National Review, Reagan, and the 1986 Amnesty by Peter Brimelow
  29. Gingrich Blatantly Hispandering In Iowa by Patrick Cleburne
  30. Immigrant Arson Suspect Apparently German-Says “I Hate America” by James Fulford
  31. Harvest Season “Although Occurring At Regular And Well-Foreseen Intervals” Always Comes As A Surprise To Cheap Labor Profiteers by James Fulford
  32. The Olajuwon Shortage by Steve Sailer
  33. Hewitt: If You`re Wrong, You Are Crazy by Federale
  34. Evolution Of African American Genes by Steve Sailer
  35. Spanish Radio Keeps Immigrants Unassimilated by Brenda Walker
  36. Mexico Notes Its Racial Divide by Brenda Walker
  37. “German Native” Suspect In 55 Los Angeles Arson Fires by James Fulford
  38. Netanyahu For President (5): Israeli-Jordan Border To Be Fenced Too by Patrick Cleburne
  39. Santorum: Cheap Labor Lobby Servant by Patrick Cleburne
  40. Obama Hampers Lawful Deportations Still Further by Brenda Walker
  41. Muslims Protest New York Counterterrorism by James Fulford
  42. Federal Judge Rules Black People Are Stupid by Federale
  43. France Leads The Way by Federale
  44. The Wheels Of Justice Grind Slowly by Steve Sailer
  45. Are Republicans or Democrats fatter? by Steve Sailer
  46. Waiting for SuperMandarin by Steve Sailer
  47. If I Say So Myself by Steve Sailer
  48. NYT`s Question “Should the World of Toys Be Gender-Free?” by Steve Sailer
  49. Cook County Releases Dangerous Alien by Brenda Walker
  50. The Politics Of Ron Paul`s Foreign Policy by Steve Sailer
  51. California Reports the Most Hate Crimes by Brenda Walker
  52. Ann Coulter Recommends a Candidate Based on Immigration and Obamacare by Brenda Walker
  53. NYT Starting To Get It? by Steve Sailer
  54. Tonight`s biggest WaPo story: “In Washington, wide gaps in school discipline “ by Steve Sailer
  55. Rep. Peter King Smacks Media for Stirring Up Fake Islamophobia by Brenda Walker
  56. California: End of Impounds for Unlicensed Drivers Looms over 2012 by Brenda Walker
  57. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:” Fight the (Imaginary) Power by Steve Sailer
  58. Dan Rather On H-1B by Rob Sanchez
  59. The Future Of Football by Steve Sailer
  60. Iranian In Santa Suit Kills Family, Self by James Fulford
  61. Nigeria: Muslims Bomb Christmas Service by Brenda Walker
  62. Why Hasn`t Miriam Mendiola-Martinez Been Deported? by Federale
  63. CBP Falling Down On The Job by Federale
  64. Merry Christmas by Federale
  65. Out of Frying Pan by Federale
  66. Gingrich And Cain: The Same Fatal Flaw by Patrick Cleburne
  67. Levant & Steyn: War on Christmas by Brenda Walker



  1. An Anonymous Reader Comments On The Maine Reporter [Leif Parsell] Who Was Fired For A Facebook Comment
  2. A Military Reader Protests That We Ended Christmas Too Soon
  3. A Dubuque Reader On Iowans and Stephen Bloom`s Iowa Bashing Piece In The Atlantic
  4. A Reader Thinks That The LA Arsonist was Chechen-not “German”!
  5. A Reader Suggests That Federal Attacks On Joe Arpaio Are Tied To The “Fast And Furious” Gunwalking Scandal
  6. A Washington State Reader Notes An Easing In The Shortage Of Nurses-Apparently Professional Nursing Is A Job That Americans Are Willing To Do
  7. A North Carolina Reader Reports On An American Patriot Fired For Talking Back To His Diversity Trainer
  8. A Texas Reader Wonders What`s Happened To Austin
  9. A Reader Claims Ron Paul Can`t Win, We Say That`s Not Why He`s Being Suppressed


                  Syndicated Columnists

  1. The Dismal Economic Outlook For The New Year by Paul Craig Roberts
  2. Four More Years Of Obama Vs. America? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  3. Obama`s Super-Czar Is on the Loose by Michelle Malkin
  4. The Outlook For The New Year-Tyranny In The Forecast by Paul Craig Roberts
  5. Are Freedom House And The National Democratic Institute Really “Our Innocents Abroad”? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  6. Is America Losing Control? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  7. The Year in Obama Scandals-and Scandal Deniers by Michelle Malkin
  8. The Greatest Gift For All by Paul Craig Roberts









Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush-Servants of Davos Man. by Steve Sailer