11/14/11 Pearce, Paterno And Displaced White Workers

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 It was a bad week for immigration patriots–and for white workers too (not unrelated). Maybe everyone is watching too much football.


Featured Articles


  1. National Data, By Edwin S. Rubenstein | October Jobs: Reversion To Trend-Hispanics Displacing Whites AND Blacks by Edwin Rubenstein
  2. Joe Paterno And The Penn State Rape Scandal: Discrediting The Opiate Of America by Paul Kersey
  3. Lamar Smith`s Legal Workforce Act: Far More Than E-Verify-And Worth Fighting FOR, Not OVER by Paul Nachman
  4. The Achievements Of Russell Pearce-Arizona`s Patriotic Immigration Reform Champion is Down But Not Out! by Washington Watcher
  5. The Equality Racket by Patrick J. Buchanan
  6. Is “Conservatism” Enough? Russell Pearce`s Defeat And The Future Of “The Movement” by James Kirkpatrick
  7. Memo From Middle America (Formerly Known As Memo From Mexico) | Republican Candidates Boycott Univision Debate For Wrong Reason-While Hispandering On Telemundo by Allan Wall
  8. Steve Jobs: Nature, Nurture, And Apricot Orchards In Silicon Valley by Steve Sailer
  9. Why We Should Care If Whites Become A Minority by Patrick J. Buchanan
  10. Immigration Cartoon Of The Day by Baloo





  1. Infosys Again-Whistleblower Alleges Massive H1B Fraud by Federale
  2. Obama Non-Enforcement Is Welcomed at the NYTimes by Brenda Walker
  3. Displaying the National Flag Upsets Some in Britain (and Elsewhere) by Brenda Walker
  4. Saturday`s GOP Debate: MSM Mask Slips – Foreign Policy, Immigation Dissenters To Be Silenced by Patrick Cleburne
  5. Raimondo On Cain: Speaking Truth To Privilege by Patrick Cleburne
  6. Gingrich Ghastly On Immigration. And Maybe Just Ghastly by Patrick Cleburne
  7. Political Correctness Kills: the Lawsuit in Response to the Fort Hood Jihad Attack by Brenda Walker
  8. Try this fun Google search! by Steve Sailer
  9. Living Forever by Steve Sailer
  10. Fair Piece BY FAIR on Adminstrative Amnesty by Patrick Cleburne
  11. Washington Post “Reporter” Kevin Sieff Seeks to Turn All DC-Area Public School Gifted Programs into Racist Black and Hispanic Ghettoes by Nicholas Stix
  12. Obama Re-election Plans on Diverse (Illegal?) Voters by Brenda Walker
  13. High-stakes Stereotype Threat by Steve Sailer
  14. Isaacson`s “Steve Jobs” v. Remnick`s “The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama” by Steve Sailer
  15. College Coaches by Steve Sailer
  16. Immigration Attorneys Wagging The Obama Dog by Federale
  17. Vote For Pat Buchanan! by James Fulford
  18. Herman Cain: My Blackness More Important To Me Than Conservatism by Patrick Cleburne
  19. Is Obama “Sympathetic” To The Muslim Brotherhood? by Brenda Walker
  20. The War On “Stereotyping” by Steve Sailer
  21. Chinese Attitudes: A Big Negative by Patrick Cleburne
  22. The USCIS Amnesty Memorandum by Federale
  23. Chinese Kindness by Steve Sailer
  24. Liveblogging The Debate: NumbersUSA and CNBC by James Fulford
  25. Illegal Aliens Claim Hostility from Milford Americans by Brenda Walker
  26. “A New Book Argues Against the SAT” by Steve Sailer
  27. “Tower Heist” by Steve Sailer
  28. Rob Sanchez Will Be on Chuck Wilder Noon – 2 PM PST (3-5 PM Eastern) by James Fulford
  29. The Pearce Recall And Other Election News by James Fulford
  30. The Administrative Repeal Of DOMA Continues Apace by Federale
  31. Steve Jobs`s Secret by Steve Sailer
  32. Border Town Is Overwhelmed by Illegal Immigration – in Serbia by Brenda Walker
  33. Anybody Ever Notice This? by Steve Sailer
  34. Libertarians and the First Person Plural by Steve Sailer
  35. Demography In Israel: You Get More Of What You Pay For by Steve Sailer
  36. The Pan American Games and Steve Sailer by Allan Wall
  37. State Department Limits Foreign Student Visa Program by Brenda Walker
  38. Babbage Remembered by Steve Sailer
  39. ICE Hard At Work Assisting Illegal Aliens To Remain In The U.S. by Federale
  40. Halloween, 2005: Prelude To Flash Mobs by James Fulford
  41. Gov. Peter Shumlin: Treason Lobby`s Man In Vermont by Patrick Cleburne
  42. Race And Place-Kicking by James Fulford
  43. Florida: Muslim Plans for Animal Sacrifice Go Private by Brenda Walker
  44. High Speed Rail, Slow Speed Plan by Steve Sailer


                  Syndicated Columnists

  1. K Street`s Super Committee Splurge by Michelle Malkin
  2. “The King`s Chapel, And The King`s Court” by Chuck Baldwin
  3. The Great Stonewall of Obama by Michelle Malkin




THIS SUNDAY:   (Posted Monday November 7)

Steve Jobs: Nature, Nurture, And Apricot Orchards In Silicon Valley by Steve Sailer


PREVIOUS SUNDAY:   (Posted Tuesday November 1)      Lynn On The Jews: Yes, It`s Intelligence-But There`s Something Else Too by Steve Sailer                           



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