10/23/12 On Final Debate`s Eve, Romney`s White Share Still Stuck In Post-Reagan Range

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Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

For a moment it looked like there might be a breakout, but on the eve of the final debate of the Presidential Election campaign, Mitt Romney`s share of the key white vote is still in the mediocre post Reagan-range. Daily coverage only on VDARE.com! Plus: More on Ann Coulter; Libertarianism and Immigration etc. etc.

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  8. In Cleveland, Cincinnati and Milwaukee, Billboards Saying “Voter Fraud is a Felony” are Racist by Allan Wall
  9. NBC/ Wall Street Journal Poll Does NOT Give Racial Breakdowns-Funny Thing by Peter Brimelow
  10. Oct 21: Rasmussen Repeats–Romney`s White Share At 59%; Gallup Repeats–Overall Lead Growing. Could This Be It (Again)? by Peter Brimelow
  11. French Patriots Protest Muslim Immigration at Historic Poitiers by Brenda Walker
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  18. Romney`s Spanish-Language Ad “Soluciones” Sounds Like a Betrayal of GOP Base, But Open Borders/Hispanic Lobby Wants It Removed by Allan Wall

  19. Muslims Intimidate National Geographic over Bin Laden Film by Brenda Walker

  20. Romney Staggering Again–White Share Stalled At 53%-56% (Except For Gallup) by Peter Brimelow
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  29. ICE SVU Now Amnestying Terrorists by Federale
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  31. Second Presidential Debate: Obama Revives Arizona Racial Profiling Myth by Brenda Walker
  32. Romney`s White Share: 56%-53%–Still Low. And Worse Than Low In Washington State by James Fulford
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  34. Presidential Debate Shows A Failure Of Immigration Policy Bipartisanship–Obama And Romney Can`t Quite Agree On How To Betray The Country by James Fulford
  35. The Murder of Nawal Aysheh: Are Chicago Authorities and the MSM Trying to Bury an Honor Killing? by Nicholas Stix
  36. Roy Beck On The Debate; UPDATED With Self-Deportation by James Fulford
  37. How We Got Here-The Conservative Movement And “Color-Blindness” by Steve Sailer
  38. Another Administrative Amnesty-Obama Will Let Illegals Know If They`ll Be Readmitted Before They Leave To Apply Legally by Federale
  39. Gallup: Romney`s White Share At 61%!–But Immigration Could Puncture That In Tonight`s Debate by Peter Brimelow
  40. New York City: Senegalese Pleads Guilty to Murdering Italian Woman by Brenda Walker
  41. Obama: “I am a Golden God!” by Steve Sailer
  42. Riots If Obama Loses-And A Second Anti-White Kerner Commission? by Paul Kersey
  43. NYT: There Was A Sustained Lack Of Productivity Growth From 1300 To 1700. Really, What`s The NYT Printed On? by Steve Sailer
  44. London: Thousands of Muslims Protest Free Speech by Brenda Walker
  45. Romney, Obama Tied; White Share Stalled At 58%; The Moral Of Mack In FL by Peter Brimelow
  46. Affirmative Action Brain Puzzlers by Steve Sailer
  47. “Sexual Selection, Conspicuous Consumption and Economic Growth” by Steve Sailer




  1. A Reader Suggests A PC Argument Against Mass Immigration
  2. A Reader Wonders About Disney`s Latina Princess: How Realistic Is She?
  3. A Pennsylvania Reader Wonders When The Meeting Was Held In Which “Hispanics Were Made Honorary Descendants Of African Slaves”
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  5. A Reader Monitors Mitt`s Website For Immigration Policy-And Doesn`t Like What He Sees
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  7. A Connecticut Reader Sends Another Blast From The Past
  8. A Reader Says That Pandering Will Never Work For The GOP: Dems Will Always Outpander

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  1. Obamneycare Converts Health Care Into Profits by Paul Craig Roberts
  2. They Prefer Caviar, Even If It Comes With Chains by Chuck Baldwin
  3. Will Obama Paint Mitt as Warmonger? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  4. America R.I.P. by Paul Craig Roberts

  5. Hollywood`s Hysterical “Cancer Screening” Lie for Obama by Michelle Malkin
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