12/05/11 Obama Wants More College Quotas–And GOP Under Gingrich Won`t Resist

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 Obama`s drive to impose more racial quotas on colleges is just part of his racial redistibutionism and the Democrats abandonment of the white working class. But the GOP, especially under New Gingrich, won`t resist. etc.


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  1. Obama`s Racial Redistributionism Opens Up Affirmative Action Issue-But GOP Too Cowardly (Again) To Benefit by Steve Sailer
  2. “Democrat Says Don`t Be Fooled By Latest Job Numbers Hype-“Immigration Overload” Destroying Middle Class by Donald A. Collins
  3. How To Reclaim America: Attrition Through Enforcement-And Strategic Deportation by Patrick Cleburne
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  10. Is Annexation Of Canada In The Cards For US? (1988) by Patrick J. Buchanan
  11. Immigration Cartoon Of The Day by Baloo




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  4. Ungrateful Asians by Federale
  5. Sacramexico Legislator Proposes Extended Sanctuary (or Something) by Brenda Walker
  6. Rep. Gutierrez Recommends Illegal Aliens Carry Library Cards by Brenda Walker
  7. South Korea: Work Hard, Study Hard, Riot Hard by Steve Sailer
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  13. Annual War On Christmas Begins In Shenandoah Valley … by A.W. Morgan
  14. The Persecution Of Emma West by Sean Gabb
  15. California DREAM Act Will Cost Millions More Than First Estimated by Brenda Walker
  16. Do College Quotas Hurt Non-Asian Minorities? by Steve Sailer
  17. Why Understanding Ethnic Differences In IQ Matters: Part CMXII by Steve Sailer
  18. Gingrich`s Immigration Plan Could Benefit… Millionaires by James Fulford
  19. New Trials in Knoxville Horror Case by Nicholas Stix
  21. Tamar Jacoby Likes Gingrich Proposal – So It Must Be Treason by Patrick Cleburne
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  39. MSM, NeoCons Rally To Gingrich – But Fear Immigration, Bachmann by Patrick Cleburne
  40. Mixed Messages? Some Parts Of The U.S. Government Deport Illegal Aliens, Other Parts Give Them Benefits by Federale
  41. Democrats Abandon White Working Class by Steve Sailer
  42. Advertisers Retreat from Muslim TV Whitewash by Brenda Walker
  43. Why Clinton`s Biography Is Worse Than Bush`s: He Wrote It Himself by Steve Sailer


  1. A Texas Reader Is Disappointed In Rep. Jason Chaffetz
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  1. The Obama Regime Has No Constitutional Scruples by Paul Craig Roberts
  2. Miley Cyrus, Occupier Poster Girl by Michelle Malkin
  3. Obama`s Cloud-Based Transparency by Michelle Malkin





Obama`s Racial Redistributionism Opens Up Affirmative Action Issue-But GOP Too Cowardly (Again) To Benefit by Steve Sailer    




Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush-Servants of Davos Man. by Steve Sailer