07/25/11 Is Anders Behring Breivik Like Timothy McVeigh-Or Mosque Massacre`s Baruch Goldstein?

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Is Anders Behring Brievik Like Timothy McVeigh–or Baruch Goldstein , the Israeli mosque mass murder? Plus: patriot uprising in Maryland (and Huffington Post); Hollywood reject$ PC Captain America; etc.


Featured Article

  1. Maurice Glasman, Ed Miliband And The Rapid Rise And Faster Fall Of Blue Labour`s Immigration Patriotism, by Steve Sailer
  2. The Fulford File: In Maryland And HuffPo LiberalLand, “The Dogs Don`t Like It”-Mass Immigration, That Is, by James Fulford
  3. Captain America, Marvel Comics` PC Makeover, And The Tuskegee Libel, by Paul Kersey
  4. A Jewish Conservative Wonders: Is Free Speech Really A Jewish Tradition?, by Paul Gottfried
  5. Report From Occupied America: Goodbye, Columbus, Come Back Pancho Villa! NM Town Surrenders To Mexican Bandits, by James Ryan
  6. Humberto Leal Dies, A New Propaganda Ploy (“Mexican National”) Is Born, by Alexander Hart



  1.   Update On Apopka, FL, and Kent, WA Shootings, by James Fulford
  2. Federale On Deportation Statistics, by James Fulford
  3. Norway Shooter Was On Steroids, Etc., by Steve Sailer
  4. Some “Usual Suspect” Mass Shootings In US–Three Of Them, by James Fulford
  5. Is Anders Behring Breivik Like Timothy McVeigh—Or Baruch Goldstein?, by Peter Brimelow
  6. The Norwegian 21-Year Sentence, by James Fulford
  7. Allan Wall and Silvio Canto, Jr., on Guns, the Border, Mexico, etc., by Allan Wall
  8. Wisconsin Woman Killed by Drunk Illegal Alien in Head-on Crash , by Brenda Walker
  9. Norwegian Killer Actually Norwegian, by James Fulford
  10. “Homegrown” (Immigrant) Islamic Terror Plots Bubble Along with Little Media Attention, by Brenda Walker
  11. Tax Avoidance: How Microsoft Does It, by Steve Sailer
  12. Howling Commandos Back In Black With Captain America, by James Fulford
  13. Aliens Abandon San Francisco Sanctuary for Less Expensive Environs , by Brenda Walker
  14. Puerto Rican Tax Amnesty For Microsoft?, by Steve Sailer
  15. Harry Potter Finale–“Nobody Knows Anything”, by Steve Sailer
  16. Mass Immigration Tripling The Population–A Not Worthwhile Canadian Initiative, by Steve Sailer
  17. WSJ On Mexican Anti-“Migrant” Violence–“The Case Highlights An Uncomfortable Irony”–No, It Doesn`t , by James Fulford
  18. Quote Of The Day: Mark Steyn On Demography And Pat Buchanan, by James Fulford
  19. Losing the Home Field Advantage Not “Only in America”, by Allan Wall
  20. Michelle Bachmann`s Migraines Vs. Obama`s Therapy, by Steve Sailer
  21. Immigrants Depressing Local Wages In Alaska, by James Fulford
  22. American Joblessness in Fresno Is Noted, by Brenda Walker
  23. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2”–Tying it All Up With a Short Bow, by Steve Sailer
  24. The Harry Potter Effect?, by Steve Sailer
  25. House Judiciary Committee Passes Bill To Kill Visa Lottery, by James Fulford
  26. Diversity Visa Hearings, by James Fulford
  27. Update On The Sonja Farley Story, by James Fulford
  28. Sonja Farley And Southern Politics In Gould, Arkansas, by James Fulford
  29. US Women`s Soccer Team 100 Percent White–So Are The “20 Hottest Women`s Soccer Players in The USA”, by James Fulford
  30. Moroccan Pleads Guilty to Brutal Beating, by Brenda Walker
  31. Michele Bachmann, Bravely, Returns To Pigford Trough, by Peter Brimelow
  32. Contemporary Thinking In A Nutshell–Minorities Have Discipline Problems In School, So White People Need To Shape Up, by Steve Sailer
  33. The Creativity Of The Old, by Steve Sailer
  34. Iraqi Refugee Terrorists Prompt Rescreening, by Brenda Walker
  35. Borders: Meaningless Or Magic?, by James Fulford
  36. Mayor Bloomberg: Detroit Needs Final Solution, by Patrick Cleburne
  37. Why the Chinese aren`t good at basketball, by Steve Sailer
  38. Dr. Norm Matloff Goes To A Labor Market Conference, by James Fulford
  39. Guardian: The Beckhams have too many children, by Steve Sailer
  40. American Doesn`t Have A “Broken Immigration System”, It Has A Broken Deportation System, by James Fulford
  41. Miami Cubans Escape to Dear Homeland after Medicare Fraud, by Brenda Walker
  42. Carmageddon In L.A., by Steve Sailer







Maurice Glasman, Ed Miliband And The Rapid Rise And Faster Fall Of Blue Labour`s Immigration Patriotism, by Steve Sailer



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