10/09/12 Hoax Crime Timed For SCOTUS hearing?

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Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

Another college hoax crime–right in time for Supreme Court`s Affirmative Action hearing? Also: Peter Brimelow on what Israel, Greece could teach Mitt Romney about illegal immigration. Etc.etc.

Featured Articles


  1. Phil Rushton`s Credo And The New Dark Age by Spencer Davenport  
  2. University Of Texas Hoax Crimes Intended To Save Affirmative Action? by Nicholas Stix     
  3. Ann Coulter`s MUGGED: Far Better Than The MSM Controversy Suggests by Alexander Hart     
  4. National Data, By Edwin S. Rubenstein | September Jobs: Not A Conspiracy, But Continued American Worker Displacement by Edwin Rubenstein     
  5. Jared Taylor On Phil Rushton`s Passing by Jared Taylor     
  6. John Derbyshire On The First Debate: If They Can`t Do Better Than This, The Debates Are An Utter Swindle by John Derbyshire     
  7. Romney`s Surrender On Amnesty-It`s Not A DREAM, It`s A Nightmare by Peter Brimelow     
  8. Democrat Puzzled By GOP Silence On Immigration Policy Moves by Donald A. Collins     
  9. Peter Brimelow: Israel, Greece Show Mitt Romney How To Handle Illegal Immigration by Peter Brimelow     
  10. The Obama Phone Row: Hitler`s Revenge Exemplified by Patrick Cleburne

  1. “White Girl Bleed A Lot”-New Book on Black Mob Violence Frames No Hypotheses by John Derbyshire  
  2. Why Elite College Presidents Love Racial Preferences by Steve Sailer  
  3. Which Section Of The Sunday Newspaper Would The Candidates Turn To First? by Steve Sailer  
  4. Obama: The Black Hole Of American Comedy (Continued) by Steve Sailer  
  5. In TNR, Nicholas Lemann calls Barack Obama “The Cipher” by Steve Sailer  
  6. Say Not The Struggle Aught Availeth by John Derbyshire  
  7. Romney Lead Evaporates, White Share Down To 55% (Rasmussen); 56% (POLITICO/GWU) by Peter Brimelow  
  8. “How Does It Feel To Be A Black Person In Society?” Pretty Good, If You`re A Federal Judge! by James Fulford 
  9. J.P. Rushton, R.I.P. by John Derbyshire 
  10. The Unmentionable Ethnicity: English-American by Steve Sailer 
  11. A Tribute To J.P. Rushton: “Jensen`s Bulldog” by Steve Sailer 
  12. Strange New Respect for judge in FDNY case by Steve Sailer     
  13. Affirmative Action: Exotic India Turns Out To Be Just Like The U.S. by Steve Sailer 
  14. Breaking News! Obama May Not Be Perfect After All by Steve Sailer     
  15. Jared Taylor`s Landmark Towson University Speech for the White Student Union: The Case for White Identity by Nicholas Stix     
  16. Bounce Over? Romney`s White Share Stalled at 56% (Rasmussen); 54% (Rand) by Peter Brimelow 
  17. Taciturn Indians by James Fulford     
  18. The Word Gap: Blacks v. American Indians by Steve Sailer     
  19. Illegal Jose Antonio Vargas Arrested For Driving Illegally; Poynter Asks “Why Was He Arrested” by James Fulford    
  20. The Test Score Gap: Why Concentrate On Programs That, Even If They Did Work, Would Take Years? by Steve Sailer     
  21. The Test Score Gap: Nobody is even trying to make sense anymore by Steve Sailer     
  22. Radio Derb Is On The Air by John Derbyshire     
  23. How Many Scientists Do We Need? by John Derbyshire     
  24. Romney`s White Share Inches Up to 56%, Putting Him In Lead (Rasmussen); Other Polls Mixed, Ignore Whites by Peter Brimelow     
  25. Mexican Rock Group Does Concert With Obama by Allan Wall    
  26. How To Cut The Poverty Rate-And How NOT To Close The Racial “Gap” by Steve Sailer     
  27. Fusion Centers In The NYT: Didn`t Someone Report This A Year Ago? by Federale     
  28. The New Yorker And The Empty Chair by James Fulford     
  29. Illegal Alien Gets Kidney Transplant in San Francisco by Brenda Walker     
  30. SAT and ACT: How Hard Are They Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel And Are They Finding Any Diamonds In The Rough? by Steve Sailer     
  31. Philosopher Quayshawn Spencer on “How to Be a Biological Racial Realist” by Steve Sailer     
  32. J. Philippe Rushton Obit In The Toronto Star by James Fulford     
  33. Creativity Worldwide by John Derbyshire   
  34. Romney`s White Share Still Static at 54%-56%-Wonkish Debate Win May Have Been Opportunity Lost by James Fulford     
  35. Racist, Affirmative Action, Irony-Deficient, Washington Post Hack, Colbert King: “Racism Could Sway The Election”-Like It Did In 2008? by Nicholas Stix     
  36. NYT: Obama DREAMers Scramble to Reconstruct Life Records by Brenda Walker     
  37. Somalis Demand Mayor`s Resignation for Suggesting Assimilation by Brenda Walker  
  38. Boston`s Segregated Schools: The Triumph Of 1970s Liberalism In A Graph by Steve Sailer     
  39. Romney Does Sly by John Derbyshire 
  40. 196 Million Eligible For Race/Ethnic Preferences By 2050 by Steve Sailer    
  41. The Debate by Steve Sailer     
  42. Jarrett On Obama: “He`s Been Bored To Death His Whole Life” by Steve Sailer 
  43. Projecting Obama`s Blankness Onto Romney by Steve Sailer 
  44. J.P. Rushton, 1943-2012 by Steve Sailer   
  45. Who Was Right About Human Nature: Ayn Rand Or Colin Turnbull? by Steve Sailer   
  46. J.P. Rushton, RIP by Steve Sailer 
  47. Derb vs. Ann Coulter-Who`s Right? by John Derbyshire     
  48. Romney`s White Vote Share: Rasmussen 57%, National Journal 55% by Patrick Cleburne     
  49. Time Travel: Does it make for a better plot if you can or can`t change history? by Steve Sailer    
  50. “Looper” by Steve Sailer     
  51. Dems Do Damage Control On Romney`s Obamnesty Flip-Fop by Patrick Cleburne 
  52. What Will Mormons Do Post-Romney? by Steve Sailer     
  53. Key & Peele: Annual East/West Collegiate Bowl by Steve Sailer     
  54. California: Governor Jerry Brown Splits on Anti-Public-Safety Bills by Brenda Walker     
  55. Romney`s Amnesty Betrayal: One Old Vet Takes Note – But Not Drudge by Patrick Cleburne     
  56. The Supreme Court, Quotas, and Romney by Steve Sailer    
  57. Rasmussen: Romney White Vote Share Static At 57% – But Obama Slipping by Patrick Cleburne     
  58. Any Stories Of Obama Going Out Of His Way To Do Something Nice For Somebody? by Steve Sailer     
  59. Hypothetical History: Would Obama Have Been Elected The SECOND Black President? by Steve Sailer     
  60. Meanwhile, In Strategically Located Mali … by Steve Sailer     
  61. The Dirt Gap: 2012 Version by Steve Sailer     
  62. Immigrants On Welfare, Bipartisan by Federale     
  63. Ag Secretary Vilsack on Food Stamps and Cooperation with Mexican Government by Allan Wall     
  64. Drudge Dog-Whistles Immigration Outrages! – But Only Fleetingly by Patrick Cleburne 
  65. Rasmussen: Romney`s White Vote Share Static at 57% by Patrick Cleburne     
  66. Mexico: Fast and Furious Guns Killed Innocent Mexican Victims, Too by Brenda Walker    
  67. Ezra Levant: The Project Documentary And The Muslim Brotherhood by Brenda Walker    
  68. What Gets People Riled Up: Not Politics, Grammar! by John Derbyshire     
  69. Proselytizing The New World Order by John Derbyshire     
  70. Poll: California Not Mexifornia Just Yet by Brenda Walker 
  71. “All must have prizes” by Steve Sailer 
  72. GOP Advisors Panic: Rasmussen Says Romney`s Black Vote Has Halved! by Patrick Cleburne     
  73. Kennedy Center Honors Not Hispanic Enough by Steve Sailer




  1. An Illinois Reader Says No To “Nation of Illegal Immigrants”
  2. A Dallas Reader Offers A Fraternal Correction 
  3. A Reader Compares The Treason Lobby To Kent Brockman 
  4. A Virginia Reader On The Decline In SAT Reading Scores 
  5. A Houston Reader Wonders Why Black Flight From “Bad Neighborhoods” Isn`t Considered Racist 
  6. A Reader Hopes That “Regional Equity” Will Be A Wake-up Call For Flighty Whites


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  1.  Is a Nuclear Deal With Iran Possible? by Patrick J. Buchanan  
  2. Desperate Dems Hide Behind Big Bird by Michelle Malkin     
  3. After The Debate: Folks, We Have a Brand New Ballgame by Patrick J. Buchanan     
  4. Ross Perot Worries About A Foreign Take Over-I Fear Americans Are Putting The Noose Around Their Own Necks by Chuck Baldwin     
  5. A Few Debate Questions for Obama That Won`t Be Asked: Border Security, Corruption, And Bailout by Michelle Malkin     
  6. The Unraveling of Obama`s Foreign Policy by Patrick J. Buchanan



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