06/11/12 Detroit Is Done For–But Why?

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 Detroit is done for–but why? We say the unsayable. Plus: The Epidemic of Fraudulent Official Crime Reports; more on voter fraud; etc

Featured Articles


  1. Robert Putnam, The Detroit Corollary, And The Slamming-Shut Of The American Mind by Paul Kersey
  2. Immigration Cartoon Of The Day by Baloo
  3. The Fulford File | Do Hipsters Or Hispanics Keep Chickens In The Front Yard? SLATE Knows (But It`s Not Saying)! by James Fulford
  4. From Compstat to Fakestat: The Epidemic Of Fraudulent Official Crime Reports by Nicholas Stix
  5. John Derbyshire On Immigration, Liberty, and Mating Choices by John Derbyshire
  6. The Treason Lobby Wants Non-Citizens To Vote-And It`s Making Surprising Progress by Carl Horowitz
  7. Obama`s Voter Fraud Facilitation Policy: Does The GOP Have The Courage To Resist? by Patrick Cleburne  
  8. Memo From Middle America | DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES` Eva Longoria And The Failure Of Mexican Assimilation by Allan Wall






  1. Black Coney Island Principal Yanks Patriotic Song from School Ceremony by Brenda Walker
  2. The Sunday Newspaper Test Of Presidents by Steve Sailer|
  3. Who Destroyed Detroit? National Review`s Kevin Williamson Won`t Say – But He Knows by Patrick Cleburne
  4. Mass Murder at Auburn University (Just Off-Campus) Pool Party; 3 Dead (Including 2 Former Auburn Football Players) by Nicholas Stix
  5. Quote Of The Day: “Unaccountably Unprepared For The Ensuing Mayhem, The Police Tried To Control It Only After It Became Uncontrollable” by James Fulford
  6. NYT: Latino Lethargy At The Polls by Steve Sailer
  7. Mainstream Poll Shows Continuing Support for Arizona Immigration Enforcement by Brenda Walker
  8. Where Crime Stats Come From by John Derbyshire
  9. Don Rickles,”Racist”-Seriously? by James Fulford
  10. Outbreak Of Intelligence On John Derbyshire At National Review!!!! by Patrick Cleburne
  11. Casey Martin, Slippery Slopes, and Boiling Frogs by Steve Sailer
  12. “Prometheus” by Steve Sailer
  13. Houston: Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Cop Killer Is Sentenced to 55 Years in Prison by Brenda Walker
  14. Univision to Launch English-Language Television Network by Brenda Walker
  15. Corruption by Steve Sailer
  16. Obama Must Be “Billy Elliott”, Because When Joe The Plumber Compared Him To Sammy Davis, Jr. It Was Racist by James Fulford
  17. Derbyshire On Somalis All Over by John Derbyshire
  18. CNN Poll Says 75% Of Americans Approve Arizona`s Anti Illegal Immigration Law. VDARE.com Says: Where Is GOP? by Patrick Cleburne
  19. Words, Words, Words by John Derbyshire
  20. “Fawning Over A Distant Head Of State” by James Fulford
  21. Derb on Alan Colmes Radio Show 11pm-1 am EST by John Derbyshire
  22. Radio Derb by John Derbyshire
  23. Islam in Minnesota: Somali Women Workers Refuse to Comply with Safety Requirements by Brenda Walker
  24. Are The English Better At English? by Steve Sailer
  25. Washington Pulls Plug on Pakistani Puppet Propaganda by Brenda Walker
  26. How Much Was Tolkien`s “Rings” Influenced By Wagner`s “Ring?” by Steve Sailer
  27. Don`t Worry, Studies Show Test Prep Doesn`t Work! by Steve Sailer
  28. Horace Mann School: Pedophilia or Homosexual Harassment? by Steve Sailer
  29. Gay Marriage v. Gay Mafia: The Best Defense Is A Good Offense by Steve Sailer
  30. California: Feinstein Senate Opponent Selected by Brenda Walker
  31. Judge Again Orders New Trials in Knoxville Horror: This is Not a Duplicate Posting (It Just Sounds Like One)! by Nicholas Stix
  32. California Election Is Marked by Increased Language Diversity by Brenda Walker
  33. “Snow White and the Huntsman” by Steve Sailer
  34. “Melancholia:” The Music of the Spheres by Steve Sailer
  35. Governor Scott Walker`s Victory In The Wisconsin Recall Vindicates Peter Brimelow`s THE WORM IN THE APPLE by James Fulford
  36. Blast from the Past: John Derbyshire`s “I Have A Dream” Speech by John Derbyshire
  37. In Defense Of Elizabeth Warren by Steve Sailer
  38. “But Is It Good For The Americans?” by Steve Sailer
  39. Joel Kotkin Stumbles Over The Truth Of Affordable Family Formation–Then Picks Himself Up, And Goes On by James Fulford
  40. Green Cards For Strippers by Federale
  41. Gun Nuts Double Down On Illegals And Guns by Federale
  42. The Pseudoscience Of Eugenics In Action by Steve Sailer
  43. Washington`s Gay Mafia: “It`s Kind Of Like Being A Mormon Or Something!” by Steve Sailer
  44. Tennessee Supreme Court Ordered New Knoxville Horror Judge to Revisit His Wrongheaded Decision, but the “Little Birdies” Told Him to Ignore the Order by Nicholas Stix
  45. BREAKING NEWS IN KNOXVILLE!: New Judge Hears “Little Birdies” Talking to Him by Nicholas Stix
  46. The Left Is Afraid of Kris Kobach (That`s A Hint, Mittens!) by Peter Brimelow
  47. Texas Debate Language Considered by Brenda Walker
  48. Defeat Of Obama Seen As A Giant Diss To Blacks by Steve Sailer
  49. Chinese Numerology And World History by Steve Sailer
  50. Where Will The Sub-Saharans Go? by Steve Sailer
  51. Churchill`s Dream by John Derbyshire
  52. George Zimmerman and Larry Auster: Double Bad News by Patrick Cleburne
  53. We Almost Saved Detroit-The “Crime Crackdown” Of 1961 by James Fulford
  54. Race, Inheritance, Drugs, And Self-Pity: Obama Drug Revelations Nothing New by James Fulford
  55. North Dakota: Somali Faces Trial for Quadruple Murder by Brenda Walker



  1. A Southern Illinois Reader Is Unimpressed By Queen Elizabeth
  2. A Louisiana Reader On The Naked Mexican-American Convicted Of Chasing A Central American Teenage Illegal- He Said He Was “Attempting To Provide Humanitarian Aid”
  3. A Canadian Reader Wonders: What Use Are Somalis To The West?
  4. An Optimistic Twenty-Something Reader in Illinois Wonders If John Derbyshire`s Fatalism Is Justified
  5. An Ex-Expatriate Reader Wonders Why European Countries Can Have Voter ID, But Florida Can`t
  6. A Virginia Nationalist Reports Michael Barone`s New Source Of Vibrant, Entrepreneurial Immigrants: Sub-Saharan Africa
  7. A California Reader Wonders Why We`re Doing Articles About Detroit; James Fulford Replies


Syndicated Columns


  1. The White House Secret Kill List by Chuck Baldwin 
  2. The Bell Tolls for the Government Unions by Patrick J. Buchanan 
  3. Syria`s Insurrection Is Not America`s War by Patrick J. Buchanan 
  4. Obama`s Voter Fraud Facilitation Policy: Does The GOP Have The Courage To Resist? by Patrick Cleburne 
  5. Teacher`s Unions Earn “F” for Wisconsin Recall Abuse by Michelle Malkin 
  6. Collapse At Hand by Paul Craig Roberts

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