Dallas Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki And U.S. Basketball's De Facto Discrimination Against Whites 


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GOP House leaders have followed a cautious strategy (why no moratorium? why no Birthright Citizenship reform) but now it appears they can't even get cautious right: Immigration Patriots Divided On Lamar Smith E-Verify Bill. While we're on the subject, U.S. PhDs Have It Tough Enough Without Importing Immigrants And much more!
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  1. Immigration Patriots Divided Over Lamar Smith E-Verify Bill, by Washington Watcher 
  2. The New York Times's Jonathan Mahler On Arizona: Immigration Policy As Fantasy Baseball F or Liberals, by Steve Sailer 
  3. Alabama's Illegal Alien Crackdown And The Emerging Racial Polarization Of U.S. Politics, by Hugh McInnish 
  4. National Data: U.S PhDs Have It Tough Enough Without Importing Immigrants, by Edwin S. Rubenstein 
  5. Progressive Perspective: Washington State Cuts Education For American Children, Ignores Immigration Dimension, by Randall Burns 

Blogs   No One's Going To Write "Blue State Demographics, The Shame Of A Nation", by James Fulford More States Require Voter ID, by Brenda Walker Why Are Corporate Profits So High Compared To A Generation Ago?, by Steve Sailer Diversenfreude, U.K. Edition, by James Fulford In First Pearcy Massacre Trial, Samuel Lee Conway Convicted of Five Murders, Robbery, Etc., and Sentenced to Die in Prison Seven Times and be Re-Born at Least Four Times; Conway's Outraged Family Vows to Appeal!, by Nicholas Stix Criminology Back From Boredom--"Genetic Basis for Crime: A New Look", by Steve Sailer Foreign Student Workers Are Still Welcomed in America, by Brenda Walker Chancellor Merkel: Germany Must Accept the High Crime Rate of Immigrant Youths, by Brenda Walker Shock! Superb MSM Expose: J-1 Visas Take Summer Jobs From American Kids, by Patrick Cleburne  Immigration and the 2012 Election, by Randall Burns  Senator McCain Notes Illegal Alien Arsonists, by Brenda Walker  Does The Treason Lobby Smell Victory?, by Patrick Cleburne  Southern Baptists on the Amnesty Bandwagon , by Allan Wall  Illegal Alien Pickers Remain Troublesome in Washington State, by Brenda Walker  David Brooks As Part Of The Problem, by James Fulford  David Brooks On Bachmann, by James Fulford  What I Was Trying To Say About Facebook And Riots Below, by Steve Sailer  Who Is More Moderate?, by Steve Sailer  Auster On Bloomberg And The "Insane Fears" Of "Jewish Narcissists", by Peter Brimelow  Facebook Takes The Fun Out Of Everything--Especially Riots, by Steve Sailer  Italian theater accidentally improves "Tree of Life", by Steve Sailer  Shock Horror: Texas State Senator Asks An Activist Who Has Been In The US Since 1988 Why He's Not Testifying In English, by James Fulford  Defeat Riot In Vancouver, by Steve Sailer  "Moneyball:" The Movie, by Steve Sailer  In Case Of Alien Invasion ... , by Steve Sailer  Why isn't LeBron James a fresh face?, by Steve Sailer  The Pearcy Massacre: The Death Penalty Has been Unofficially Retired in Garland County, AR, at Least Where Black Mass/Serial Murderers are Concerned, by Nicholas Stix  Finnish Content, by Steve Sailer  Redshirting, by Steve Sailer  First Pearcy Massacre Trial Begins in Garland County, AR, for Samuel Lee Conway: Defender Pat Aydelott Leaves "Crazy Card" at Home, Instead Plays "Innocent-Bystander-Armed-Robber" Card, by Nicholas Stix  The Vancouver Riot: Minorities + Mooks, by Peter Brimelow  Afghanistan Is Judged the Worst Nation on Earth for Women, by Brenda Walker  "Super 8", by Steve Sailer  AMLO In America, by Allan Wall  Eugene And Eugenics , by James Fulford  "Porn Star", by Steve Sailer  Fifth Circuit: Illegal Aliens Don't Share "The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms" Because They Aren't "The People", by James Fulford  Issa to Hold Operation Gunrunner Hearing , by Brenda Walker  Dr. Norm Matloff:Lofgren Bill A Big Step Backward, by James Fulford  "Popular Crime" by Bill James, by Steve Sailer 

A Reader Prefers Ginger Lee To The SBC-See Comparison Photos A Dallas Reader Tries To Educate A Liberal Columnist  A Reader Lauds The Patriotic Porn Star Who Brought Down A Pro-Immigration Congressman (Pictures Attached Are In Good Taste)  A Former Floridian Gives Yahoo Blog Credit For Reporting Race; We Disagree  A Reader Suggests That Shoppers Look For The E-Verify Label  A CA Immigrant Reader Is Distinctly Unimpressed By Newt Gingrich  
Syndicated Columnists

  1. The Dumbing-Down of America-History Texts Comically PC , While Racial Gap Remains Intractable, by Patrick J. Buchanan
  2. Conspiracy Theory, by Paul Craig Roberts
  3. Weiner's Woes: No Skillz To Pay the Billz, by Michelle Malkin 
  4. Fed Up With Freeloaders, by Patrick J. Buchanan  

The New York Times's Jonathan Mahler On Arizona: Immigration Policy As Fantasy Baseball F or Liberals, by Steve Sailer




SUNDAY BEFORE THAT:Morgenson And Rosner's Reckless Endangerment: On Trail Of Minority Mortgage Meltdown-But Where's Dubya? by Steve Sailer



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