02/14/12 CPAC`s Immigration Cop-Out; Plus, Assorted Smears of VDARE.com

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 The great Conservative Political Conference dodged immigration again this year—but VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow`s talk on Candian institutional bilingualism (!) provoked one of those weird left-wing witch-hunts that would be funny if they weren`t so dangerous. Etc

Featured Articles

    1. High Fences, Wide Gates”: CPAC Continues Immigration Cop-Out by Washington Watcher
    2. Tom Tancredo On The CPAC Smear by Tom Tancredo
    3. John Derbyshire`s CPAC Speech: Will Our Multicultural Elites Ever Become Race Realists? by John Derbyshire
    4. Brimelow At CPAC: Al SHARPTON Is Complaining About “Hate”? by James Fulford
    5. ¡Viva Puerto Rico Libre! Free Puerto Rico (And The U.S.) Now! by Allan Wall
    6. “Voter Suppression”-Obama Regime Code For “Resisting American Dispossession” by Peter Gadiel
    7. US Courts Run By Elitist Law Clerks Who Hate America, And Think Iowa Is The Gulag by Anonymous Attorney





  1.    Ann Coulter On Al Sharpton`s Record by James Fulford 
  2.  The Townsville Groundmen-US Black Soldiers Who Mutinied In Australia In WWII by James Fulford 
  3. The Solution For Unwanted Statistics by Steve Sailer 
  4. Rule By Judges–Kritarchy Kills More Americans by Federale 
  5. Al Sharpton and the White Vote by Allan Wall 
  6. Instapundit And Genetic Endowment by James Fulford   
  7. Charles Murray:”Five Myths About Whites” by Steve Sailer 
  8. Illegal Alien Muslim Pleads Guilty to Obama Assassination Plot by Brenda Walker 
  9. Tom Tancredo on CPAC Smears by Tom Tancredo 
  10. California: Baby-waving Propaganda Underlies Illegal Alien Kidney Transplant Case by Brenda Walker 
  11. British Breeding: Richard Darwin Keynes by Steve Sailer   
  12. 38 points for Jeremy Lin by Steve Sailer 
  13. Why Does Britain Have So Many Yobs These Days? by Steve Sailer 
  14. Sharpton`s Quotes In Context by James Fulford 
  15. Dr. Norm Matloff: “Texas Instruments Is Not An Indian Firm” by James Fulford 
  16. Another Illegal Gets An American Kidney Transplant by Federale 
  17. Is The White-Black Cognitive / Achievement Gap Smaller In The U.K.? by Steve Sailer 
  18. Not Getting The Joke …NYT On Immigration and the Suburbs by Steve Sailer 
  19. Updated: How To Make A Grown Cop Cry by Steve Sailer 
  20. Pro-Prohibitionism In Indian Country by Steve Sailer 
  21. Maybe We`ve Got This Whole Neanderthal Thing Backwards by Steve Sailer 
  22. Great Moments In Neocon Strategizing: Bomb Paraguay! by Steve Sailer 
  23. Eric Holder Won: American Whites Second Class Citizens by Patrick Cleburne 
  24. Ninth Circus Court Of Schlemiels by Federale 
  25. Asylum Absurdity Continued by Federale 
  26. Polygamists Hope Americans Will Forget Their History by Brenda Walker 
  27. Peter Brimelow And ProEnglish At CPAC Today at 12:30–“The Failure Of Multiculturalism: How The Pursuit Of Diversity Is Weakening The American Identity” by James Fulford 
  28. The Big Money Behind Rick Santorum by Steve Sailer 
  29. The Neocons` Ultimate Enemy by Steve Sailer 
  30. Proposition 8 Strikedown Not Done By “The Court,” But By Stephen Reinhardt by James Fulford 
  31. Gays over blacks, Part XIV by Steve Sailer 
  32. David Brooks` Self-Parody: “Flood the Zone” (A.K.A., Drain the Treasury) by Steve Sailer 
  33. The Corn Bomb Gap by Steve Sailer 
  34. Blaming Whitey For The Thirty-Year Old Killing Of Vincent Chin by Federale 
  35. Administrative Amnesty Expands To Judicial Amnesty by Federale 
  36. There`s Your Dialogue on Race: Three White Louisiana Men Convicted of a Hate Crime for Hanging a Dead Raccoon from a Flag Pole by Nicholas Stix 
  37. Dr. Norm Matloff: Jennifer Wedel, “Xenophobia”, and Tech Unemployment by James Fulford 
  38. Matloff`s Mystery H-1B Article Blames Obama-But Should Blame Republicans Too? by Patrick Cleburne 
  39. If the courts are overturning 2008 California initiative votes … by Steve Sailer 
  40. “Court Strikes Down Ban on Gay Marriage in California” by Steve Sailer 
  41. If The Mexican Ambassador Is Armenian, And The Alabama Economist Is Ghanaian, What Are Americans Supposed To Think? by James Fulford 
  42. Dr. Norm Matloff On Obama, Krikorian and H1-B by James Fulford 
  43. Krikorian: GOP Victory To Mean High-Tech Cheap Labor Pig-Out? by Patrick Cleburne 
  44. Chinese-American Guy Lights Up NBA by Steve Sailer  
  45. Super Bowl And Race by Steve Sailer 
  46. Muslims Reconquer Spain as al Andalus II by Brenda Walker 
  47. How To Sell Used Cars To African-Americans by Steve Sailer 
  48. Derb Does Pomona by James Fulford 
  49. Are Super Bowls Getting Better? by Steve Sailer 
  50. Why Car Salesmen Are Able To Rip Off Black Guys by Steve Sailer 
  51. Chinese Cheating by Steve Sailer 
  52. AP Confirms Deported Teen A Liar by Federale 
  53. Bloomberg Columnist Rubbishes Historic American Nation. Why? by Patrick Cleburne 
  54. Allan Wall on Geoff Metcalf Show, Monday, February 6th, at 11 P.M. Eastern Time by Allan Wall






                   Syndicated Columns

  1. Obama`s Trampling on God`s Turf Now, by Patrick J. Buchanan 
  2. Who Wants War With Iran? by Patrick J. Buchanan    
  3. “To Stop the Multiplication of the Unfit” by Michelle Malkin 
  4.  Super PAC-Men: Obama Bundlers Gone Wild! by Michelle Malkin     
  5. Will Iran Be Attacked?, by Paul Craig Roberts

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