09/30/12 Could Penn State Come Out Ahead?

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Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

Highlights: How Penn State may come out on top, blacks aren`t voting for their own good, and James Fulford examines the 47%.

Featured Articles


  1. Memo From Middle America | Diversity Is Strength!…But Not For Mexican Beauty Queens (cont.) by Allan Wall
  2. Penn State`s Disgrace Leads To A Whiter Football Team-Which May Make Them A Winner Again by Paul Kersey
  3. “Regional Equity”-Obama`s Coming War On Whitopias by Jesse Mossman
  4. National Data | Obamanomics Bad For Blacks-But They`re Voting For Him Anyway by Edwin Rubenstein
  5. The Fulford File | Romney`s 47 Percent “Gaffe”-The Racial Realities by James Fulford
  6. The 47 Percent: No Apologies Needed, Mitt by Patrick J. Buchanan
  7. Peter Brimelow Thanks VDARE.com`s Friends And Asks: Will It Come To Blood? by Peter Brimelow
  8. John Derbyshire On Hans-Herman Hoppe–The Last Paleolibertarian by John Derbyshire



  1. GOP Advisors Panic: Rasmussen Says Romney`s Black Vote Has Halved!by Patrick Cleburne
  2. Poll: California Not Mexifornia Just Yetby Brenda Walker
  3. “All must have prizes”by Steve Sailer
  4. Kennedy Center Honors Not Hispanic Enoughby Steve Sailer
  5. Radio Derb On One Of The Pampered Pets Of Diversityby John Derbyshire
  6. Rasmussen: Even Including “Leaners” Romney`s White Vote Lead Static.by Patrick Cleburne
  7. FY2013 Refugee Numbers Reportedby Brenda Walker
  8. Diverse Rioting in Victorville High Schoolby Brenda Walker
  9. Mass Transit V. Class Transit In Los Angelesby Steve Sailer
  10. Why Is Nakoula Bacile Nakoula Even In America In The First Place?by Steve Sailer
  11. Romney`s Share Of The White Vote Only 56% (Rasmussen), 52% (!! Fox News) (September 28, 2012)by James Fulford
  12. ICE SVU Busts Canadian Cheese Smuggling Ringby Federale
  13. Coren and Spencer: Immigrant Pundit Vandalizes Anti-Jihad Signby Brenda Walker
  14. Magner v. Gallagher, And Disparate Impact For Thee, Not For Meby Steve Sailer
  15. Justice is Served-MSM Gloats Over Arrest Of Video Makerby Steve Sailer
  16. Democrat Strategist “Mudcat” Arnold`s “CREDO” : It´s More Effective to Insult Republicans Than Discuss Policyby Allan Wall
  17. FDNY Passes La Griffe 101-Make The Test So Easy Everbody Passes It, Then Hire Who You Likeby Steve Sailer
  18. ICE SVU Off The Reservationby Federale
  19. War On Language And Enforcementby Federale
  20. Romney`s Share Of The White Vote Only 55% (September 27, 2012)by James Fulford
  21. Old White People Want Government To Keep Its Hands Off Their Medicareby Steve Sailer
  22. “White Noise” And Greenback Dollars: A Commenter`s Very Practical Rebuke To National Review`s John J. Millerby James Fulford
  23. The Scottish Enlightenment, Darwinism, and Golf?by Steve Sailer
  24. White Female Teacher Sues, Wins $450,000 After Being Sexually Harassed For Years Black And Hispanic Teenage Boysby James Fulford
  25. Steps to Dismantling Free Speech Are Examinedby Brenda Walker
  26. “The Great California Exodus: A Closer Look”by Steve Sailer
  27. Ryder Cup v. Crump Cupby Steve Sailer
  28. Radio Jocks Suspended for Defending Free Speechby Brenda Walker
  29. The Passing Parade on Romney`s 47% commentby Steve Sailer
  30. Check Out The Social Contract, Summer 2012: Brimelow, Derbyshire, CPAC, Et Ceteraby James Fulford
  31. Google Gaydarby Steve Sailer
  32. Twenty-Three Words: The Simplest, Most Succinct Argument I`ve Ever Seen Against Mass, Third-World Immigrationby Nicholas Stix
  33. Public Notices Obama`s Islam Appeasement Strategy Is Not Workingby Brenda Walker
  34. Rich White Greedy Incompetent Sports Team Owners Can Be Celebrated As Victims, Too!by Steve Sailer
  35. Happy St Finbar/ Cosmas And Damian Day! (Oh, And Also Yom Kippur)by Peter Brimelow
  36. Aspiring Somali Jihadist Nuradin Abdi to Be Deportedby Brenda Walker
  37. Chicago Symphony Strike: Unions Work Best. For Skilled Workers, Not Strawberry Pickersby Steve Sailer
  38. John Derbyshire: An Off-Topic But Original Observation About Genesisby John Derbyshire
  39. So It Begins: Arizona Makes First Arrests Of Illegals, Profiling Predictably Claimedby Federale
  40. Charter Cities Setback: Who Could Have Imagined?by Steve Sailer
  41. Clarence Thomas and “Third-Tier Toilets”by Anonymous Attorney
  42. Biased “Study” Shrieks that “Voting Laws May Disenfranchise Ten Million Hispanics”by Allan Wall
  43. Michael Mukasey Warns against Release of Blind Sheikby Brenda Walker
  44. Ezra Levant Defends Free Speech for Americaby Brenda Walker
  45. Hmore Hmong Hmayhem!by Patrick Cleburne
  46. Obama Will Release 55 Gitmo Jihadist Inmatesby Brenda Walker
  47. Hmong Gangster Is Sentenced in St. Paul for Gang Rapeby Brenda Walker
  48. An Intelligence Researcher Speaks Up For Scienceby John Derbyshire




  1. A Reader Asks Why We Don`t Have Comments; We Answer Him In Our Old-School Letter Column
  2. A Reader Points Out That The FDNY Has Been Attacked By Both Al Qaeda And The Bush Administration
  3. Another Reader Comments On Japan, Pearl Harbor, And Hiroshima
  4. A California Reader Is Annoyed At Brenda Walker Over Gitmo
  5. A Connecticut Reader Notes Past Deportations
  6. A Young Illinois Reader Says That Americans Should Stop Basing Immigration Policy On What Was Good For Their Ancestors, And Consider What`s Good For Their Descendants, Instead


Syndicated Columns


  1. Big Government Romney As The “Conservative” Candidate? This Is Insanity!by Chuck Baldwin
  2. Meet Nickelodeon`s Trash-Mouthed Misogynist Jason Biggsby Michelle Malkin
  3. Who Is White House Visitor Hisham Altalib?by Michelle Malkin
  4. The End Of America`s Last Crusadeby Patrick J. Buchanan


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