02/20/12 Buchanan, Babeu, Continued CPAC Fallout

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This Week`s Summary: The Left Still Controls The Culture; Pat Buchanan`s firing, attacks at CPAC and the scandal of Paul Babeau.

Featured Articles
  1. Pat Buchanan`s Firing: Leftist Coup De Grace-Or Pyrrhic Victory? by Alexander Hart
  2. “High Fences, Wide Gates”: CPAC Continues Immigration Cop-Out by Washington Watcher 
  3. “Canadian Bilingualism & Multiculturalism as it Relates to America “(Yawn!) Peter Brimelow`s CPAC speech.
  4. VDARE.com, Multiculturalism And Mudslinging Special Interests by Donald A. Collins
  5. Could Paul Babeu Be America`s Pim Fortuyn? by Washington Watcher
  6. The Continuing Relevance Of Sam Francis: A Friend Remembers by Peter Bradley
  7. Viktor Orban And The National Question In Hungary by Paul Gottfried
  8. Memo From Middle America (Formerly Known As Memo From Mexico) | Make Pacific Steel Pay For Illegal Alien`s Kidney Transplant-In Mexico! by Allan Wall
  9. My Intel Insight: Obama Unpopular-But Immigration Issue Has Not Yet Begun To Be Felt by Rob Sanchez


  1. More Illegal Voting By Aliens–ICE Still Unconcerned by Federale 
  2. ICE Missing In Action On Moroccan Illegal in Bomb Plot by Federale 
  3. Fox News: Moroccan Alien Jihadist Is Homegrown by Brenda Walker 
  4. Besides Gingrich, What Else Is Sheldon Adelson Buying? by Patrick Cleburne 
  5. How Good Was Jeremy Lin In College? by Steve Sailer 
  6. TakiMag`s John Derbyshire On Salon`s Alex Pareene-The Face Of Censorship by Peter Brimelow 
  7. Judge Blink and the new “Blink” theory of disparate impact by Steve Sailer 
  8. A Strange Story by Steve Sailer 
  9. Telegraph: “The plot to create Britain`s super race” by Steve Sailer 
  10. More “Daily Mail” Awesomeness by Steve Sailer 
  11. Cats, Humans, And Germs, The Ultimate Tool In Marketing by Steve Sailer 
  12. Welsh Assembly Tries To Legislate Racial Equality In Mental Health-Who Are The Truly Insane? by Steve Sailer 
  13. “Virginia Man Accused of Attempting to Bomb U.S. Capitol in Suicide Attack” (Guess Who Said This?) by James Fulford 
  14. Moroccan Muslim Plots Suicide Bombing for Capitol by Brenda Walker 
  15. Feds Say Enforcing U.S. Immigration Law Their Option – But Does Utah`s Mormon Establishment Really Disapprove? by Patrick Cleburne 
  16. The Iranian Immigrant Terror Threat-Invade The World, Invite The World… by Federale 
  17. Arizona: Iraqis Claim Cultural Excuse for Honor Attacks by Brenda Walker 
  18. Are Brazilian Immigrants Latinos? by Steve Sailer 
  19. The Vietnamese non-Jeremy Lin by Steve Sailer   
  20. Bloomberg Notices GOP Congressmen Noticing Administrative Amnesty – Could They Be Waking Up? by Patrick Cleburne 
  21. Corruption At The Department Of State-Fugitive Hector Villarreal Ordered Released by Federale 
  22. Long reviews of “Coming Apart” by Steve Sailer 
  23. “Daring To Choose” In Belgium by James Fulford 
  24. Illegal Alien Convicted of Triple Murder in Sanctuary City Newark by Brenda Walker 
  25. San Francisco Trial Reveals Prevalence of Illegal Alien Gangs by Brenda Walker 
  26. The Depth Of Employer Avarice And Hate by Federale 
  27. More Crazed Amnesty For Illegal Aliens With Oustanding Deportation Orders by Federale 
  28. Oliver Stone`s Son Converts To Islam–Are Daddy Issues hereditary? by Steve Sailer 
  29. What We Talk About When We Talk About Contraception by Steve Sailer 
  30. Treason Tactic: Harass a Legislator`s Neighbors by Anonymous Attorney 
  31. Inequality in California by Steve Sailer 
  32. Charles Murray Interviews Black Guy From The Onion by Steve Sailer 
  33. Obamacrats Plan Detention Camp for 440,000 illegals!!! by Patrick Cleburne 
  34. Not Just Breyer-Three (!) Supreme Court Justices Attacked By Men Of No Particular Color by James Fulford 
  35. Calumny Heaped Upon Lies-Treason Bar Claims That Congress Has No Authority Over Immigration At All by Federale 
  36. Safe American Home by Steve Sailer 
  37. Was Beowulf An Empty Nester? by Steve Sailer 
  38. The Baumgartner Affair and the Knoxville Horror: It Gets Worse All the Time by Nicholas Stix 
  39. VDARE.com Applauds Exposé Of Media Matters, Notes Its Smears Of Us by James Fulford 
  40. My review of Charles Murray`s “Coming Apart” by Steve Sailer 
  41. Ross Douthat gets the Charles Murray book`s biggest oversight by Steve Sailer 
  42. Ann Coulter On Al Sharpton`s Record by James Fulford



  1. A Patriotic Hispanic College Student Writes On Meeting Peter Brimelow at CPAC by VDARE.com Reader
  2. An Indian Reader Suggests We Try A Diversity Argument With The Young Folks by VDARE.com Reader
  3. An Anonymous Reader on Pat Buchanan, Bill O`Reilly, and New Blacklister Cathy Areu by VDARE.com Reader
  4. A Reader Comments On Supreme Court Justice Breyer`s Choice Of Vacation Homes by VDARE.com Reader
  5. A Reader, Navy Veteran, Returning From Middle East, Finds He Can`t Get A Job In America-Because He Doesn`t Speak Spanish by VDARE.com Reader
  6. A Reader Questions Police Attitude Towards Minorities, James Fulford Replies by VDARE.com Reader



Syndicated Columns
  1. The New Blacklist-Pat Buchanan On His MNSBC Firing by Patrick J. Buchanan
  2. Taxing Medical Progress to Death by Michelle Malkin
  3. Obama`s Human Rights Insouciance by Paul Craig Roberts
  4. A Tea Party Senate Takeover by Michelle Malkin
  5. Is Western Democracy Real or a Facade? by Paul Craig Roberts



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