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Blue States See Red On Illegal Immigration [Randall Burns] - 05/10/05

The Christian Science Monitor is reporting recent local action on the immigration front:  

"In Danbury, Conn., the mayor has called for state police to be deputized as immigration officials to cope with the thousands of undocumented workers in this leafy suburb. In New Ipswich, N.H., the police chief has begun charging illegal immigrants with criminal trespass after federal officials released others he'd arrested. And in Elsmere, Del., the town council is considering an ordinance that would fine undocumented workers $100. The landlords who rent to them and the employers who hire them would face $1,000 fines for each offense." [Far from border, a migration flash point]

What may be important is that these moves are being taken in "Blue" states that all voted for Kerry in the last election. Perhaps some of the rank and file Democrats are starting to realize there is a fundamental contradiction between maintaining of the strong social services their platform advocates-and high levels of mass immigration under present economic conditions.   

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America Infiltrated By Jihadi Terrorists: Box Score [Brenda Walker] - 05/09/05

Here is a recent box score of terrorist activity smacked down in this country since 9/11, derived from an interview with Assistant Attorney General Chris Wray: [Terrorists will fail, official says, By Jerry Seper,  Washington Times, May 4]

Criminal Division prosecutors and investigators, working with state and local authorities, have disrupted more than 150 terrorist cells and threats from Portland, Ore., to Lackawanna, N.Y., incapacitating more than 3,000 known operatives. They also have charged 375 persons in terrorism-related cases, 195 of whom already have pleaded guilty or been convicted, and removed from the country more than 500 people linked to September 11.

Get those numbers? This country has a serious terrorist infiltration problem, caused by decades of open borders. Most cases are reported in the local press only, and we therefore don't see the big terror picture of the sons of Allah ensconced all over America, working to murder infidels like you and me.

We shouldn't underestimate the ingenuity of terrorists residing here. Many are fiendishly clever in how they endeavor to destroy the Great Satan (aka USA). Here are a few colorful examples:

  • the Buffalo Six terror trainees following their bliss by learning al Qaeda techniques in Afghanistan

  • Iyas Ali of San Diego who schemed to smuggle heroin to swap for stinger missiles

  • Boston resident Mohamed Amry who worked at a health club and stole the credit card numbers and identities of members to aid jihad

  • "paintball sheik" Ali al Timimi who was convicted for advocating terrorism against the United States

More stylistically sedate jihadists include:

  • Taliban agent (and computer book author) Maher Hawash in Portland

This list is not at all comprehensive, but is meant to provide diverse examples. Daniel Pipes also has a list plus a map assembled in January 2003, somewhat outdated but still informative.

There have been important trials and convictions, but the MSM would rather run sob stories about allegedly innocent Muslims snatched up by the cruel state in the war on terror. For example, the New York Times has recently been dismissive concerning the arrest of two foreign girls for planning to be suicide bombers.

In the real world, increasing numbers of young Muslim women are blowing themselves up to kill infidels. But the Times and other MSM hate saying anything unkind about immigrants, so we get puff pieces about the opening of the Dearborn "Arab-American" museum rather than analysis about the real state of homeland security. The overall story of Muslim terrorists in America remains largely untold.

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Success in Arizona…And Georgiafornia [D.A. King] - 05/09/05

I love this...I worked hard here in Georgia all winter on a photo ID/proof of citizenship to vote bill...we won. This validates the effort.

Prop 200 Screening Out Illegal Voters , Newsmax.com

Stricter immigration laws now on the books in Arizona that require elections officials to check for proof of citizenship have uncovered thousands of new registrants who don't qualify to vote.

…Despite the fact that it's illegal for non-citizens to vote, the rejections had Arizona Democrats up in arms.

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"The President Has Hinted That He Might Enforce The Law, But "[James Fulford] - 05/09/05

A good editorial in the Providence [R.I.]Journal, putting the blame where it belongs:

Mr. Bush should make clear that a new open-door policy is not in effect. His proposed temporary-worker program -- really, a big amnesty plan -- recklessly sent the wrong message to would-be immigrants. Observers at the border blame it for the recent upsurge in illegal traffic.

Congress, meanwhile, should refuse to consider Mr. Bush's proposal until his administration starts seriously punishing employers of illegal immigrants. The president has hinted that he might enforce the law, but only after he gets the temporary-worker program.

No civilian should be monitoring America's borders. That's a job for the Border Patrol, which has paramilitary training. And in any case, the immigrants are not the villains; they are mostly poor, and one can't blame them if they have the wrong impression about their right to be here.

The problem of illegal immigration is not made at the Mexican border. It is made in Washington. Either the federal government starts punishing employers for hiring undocumented workers, or it doesn't. The American public should not be distracted by the show being put on at the border. Serious about illegal immigration , May 2, 2005

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Falling Hispanic Wages = Too Many Immigrants [Edwin S. Rubenstein] - 05/08/05

While April job growth was a surprisingly robust 274,000, the number of employed Hispanics dipped by 12,000.

This is a rarity. As we’ve been chronicling, since the start of the Bush Administration (January 2001) Hispanics have taken 2.3 million, or 68 percent of the 3.3 million new jobs created in the U.S. A monthly Household survey is the source of employment data by race and ethnicity; the more frequently cited establishment survey is the mainline media’s source for total employment figures.

Another study released last week raises questions about this Hispanic-led job growth. Average Latino wages declined 2.6 percent in 2004 on the heels of a 2.2 percent fall the prior year. New Latino immigrants were the biggest losers.

The findings, from the Pew Hispanic Center, show the pay gap between Hispanic and non-Hispanic workers expanding from 30 percent in 2003 to 32 percent in 2004. [Latino Labor Report, 2004 | More Jobs for New Immigrants but at Lower Wages, by Rakesh Kochhar]]

The author of the Pew study professes "surprise" that Hispanic wages would fall at a time when they are having such "luck" in getting jobs.

A refresher course in Economics 101 is in order here.

Falling prices denote a surplus. That is a basic principle of economics. Falling Hispanic wages are thus a signal sent by a labor market that is saying what many of us have been saying for years: Immigrant workers are simply not needed. Far from doing the jobs that Americans "won't do," Hispanic immigrants are displacing low wage natives—Hispanic and non-Hispanic alike.

When will it end? Eventually wages in this country will converge to levels prevailing in Mexico and the rest of Latin America, dragging immigrants and poorly-educated natives down to a new "equilibrium."

At that point the economic incentives to immigrate will cease.

So will the American Dream.

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Society for the Protection of Enemy Aliens [James Fulford] - 05/08/05

The Left's response to an attack on America by alien enemies was to immediately form a "Society for the Protection of Enemy Aliens."

“On September 11, the nearest television set at my college was in the video laboratory, and around me there swirled a reassuring bustle of purposeful and competent activity. One faculty colleague worked to hook up the recorder, another crouched and leaned to snap still photos from the television screens. Standing among them, as we watched the World Trade Center topple, I felt a palpable and unanticipated gregariousness, a concord of mood and feeling.

“This sense of commonality barely outlasted the towers themselves. One of my younger colleagues, a woman who keeps an apartment in Brooklyn, turned to me, badly shaken, and said, ‘I have to do something about this in my class. I have to show them the video about the Japanese internment camps.’

“So much for collective mood. Why should the murder of thousands of men, women, and children, accomplished in an instant, concern us? Well, it turns out, because it might lead to something really serious, like civil-rights violations. [War comes to Williams, By Michael J. Lewis, Commentary Magazine, November 2001]

That was their first thought; not fighting back, not protecting America, not anything as normal as, say, revenge, but this: protect the enemy aliens.

The mythology attached to the internment of Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans is more important in high school history classes than any thing like the wartime activities of the Empire of Japan, or the heroism of the Navy and Marine Corps in the Pacific.

I myself had never heard the story of the Niihau Island Incident, discussed in Michelle Malkin's In Defense of Internment, when, as Steve Sailer wrote,

…the first two Japanese American citizens to have their loyalty spontaneously tested by a Japanese incursion … flunked. A Japanese pilot returning from shooting up Pearl Harbor crash-landed on Niihau, the privately-owned ranching island that serves as a cultural preserve for Native Hawaiians. The two American-born citizens of Japanese descent on Niihau collaborated with the pilot and briefly took over the island, until a wounded Hawaiian killed the aviator with his bare hands. One of the quislings then shot himself.

All this is news to me, and I'm a conservative. But I was recently gratified to see that Ken Masugi of the Claremont Institute was explaining all this to an Internet audience only two months after the attacks.

Read the whole thing, to see what a sensible policy towards racial profiling and illegal enemy aliens would look like. Here are some of the important quotes from the chat.

David: Without resorting to internment, don't you think that it would be wise to consider deportation of all illegal aliens, particularly those from Arab and Islamic nations?

KEN MASUGI: Deportation of ANY illegal alien should always be a possibility.

KEN MASUGI:… Again, disparate measures, by which I mean legal actions which hit those of Middle Eastern ancestry disproportionately (e.g., being searched at an airport more frequently than others), are to be expected and are wise policy.

KEN MASUGI: I reiterate that there will be disparate, disproportional treatment of persons of Middle East ancestry or dark skin and hair that will inconvenience them and sometimes find them in jail. This is nothing to rejoice about. We need to be concerned about all Americans and all those legally in our country. Criminals should be treated as criminals, and the authorities should not feel shackled by a bad understanding of the relocation/internment. That is my fear this ignorance of the relocation will encourage.

["Current Lessons from the Japanese-American Relocation of WWII" Townhall.com Live Chat, 11/14/01]

You can also read Masugi’s article,  Second-Guessing FDR: The internment of  Japanese Americans during World War II, in which he more or less demolishes Eric Muller's thesis that the Japanese Americans who, as Masugi puts it " turned against their country in time of war and resisted the draft " were the "patriots."  

This is projecting the left-wing values of the Vietnam War era backwards in time.

Remember, in the controversy about where and why to fight wars, that there are not only the people that want the US to fight wars, there's also the group that wants the US to lose wars.

Oh, and that, of course, comes right up to fight to control the southern border.

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King Dings Amnesty [D. A. King] - 05/07/05

It’s déjà vu all over again… again.

Or are we expected to forget about the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens? (Yes, we are; and no—me neither...)

Read any MSM report on President Bush’s amnesty that is not an amnesty.

Read about the coming amnesty plan from two of the "borders are bad for business - not to mention votes" senators, Comrade Kennedy and "I wanna be President, Americans are lazy" McCain.

See any mention of the amnesty to end all amnesties?

Me neither.

See any report the premise that after the ’86 amnesty we would put some "teeth"  in our enforcement laws regulating the employment of the next batch of illegals?

Do you see any "teeth" in enforcement in 2005?

Me neither.

See any mention of Americans?

Me neither.

While anyone with the courage to say so out loud recognizes that the number of illegal aliens in what remains of our one nation under God is in excess of 20 million, the MSM is happy to parrot the government supplied and ridiculous figure of11 million, recently conveniently reinforced by the Pew Hispanic Center.

It is easier to sell amnesty for 11 than for 20. And when the sales pitch gets going this summer, don’t be surprised if the number of illegals used doesn’t come down to 8 million again.

Betcha McCain is sorry that he ever said that 10,000 illegals a day were crossing our borders in the relatively slow year of 2002.

Kind of like telling a prospective buyer that your car leaks a quart of oil a week, then saying that a month later that it is only a quart low. 

For those who would make the dissolution of the United States of America a "complicated issue"…for those who profit from breaking the law and then howl that the system is "broken" …I have this to say:

Be nervous.

The American people are awakening, and your time in power is short.

No amnesty for you either.

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Linda Chavez Labors Under A Delusion [James Fulford] - 05/06/05

Linda Chavez's latest column (May 4, 2005) is called After the 'Minutemen', and says, in effect, that now that the Minutemen are gone, we can go back to opening the borders.

“Now, I know public opinion polls show that most Americans don't want more immigrants. Only 9 percent of Americans favor increasing immigration, according to one recent poll by Republican pollster Ed Goeas. But the vast majority of adult illegal aliens are gainfully employed—and not at below-minimum wage jobs either—which means that the American labor market easily absorbs them, and, in fact, has become dependent on them.”

The fact that some industries may have become "dependent" on illegal labor is no excuse; the "willing employers" to use President Bush's phrase, who have replaced Americans with illegals, are costing the taxpayers money, in that they are paying people to come to America, and be poor there, which requires a huge taxpayer burden, even when they do qualify as "working poor."

But the employers' willingness to violate the law can't overrule the 91% of Americans who are against increased immigration. That's not how democracy works.

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Rush Is Right, Sheila Jackson Lee is…legitimate? [Bryanna Bevens] - 05/06/05

If You Don’t Secure The Border, You Don’t Have a Country—Rush Limbaugh May 05, 2005

Wow!  If you weren’t tuned in to the EIB yesterday, click the link above and read the transcripts from the Rush Limbaugh Show.

In a segment he calls the Illegal Alien Stack, Rush ranted for considerable time about a handful of illegal aliens who have recently made headlines. 

Each story was punctuated by remarks from Limbaugh such as

“The floodgates are open. If you're not going to close the borders to illegals, if you're not going to enforce the border, you don't have a country; you're not going to have a country. It's just that simple”.

The best part of the segment (other than Rush dedicating increasingly more time to the issue) was an interview between Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and C-SPAN host Peter Slen. 

[Scroll to the end of the transcript to read.]

According to the zany Madam Lee who is sponsoring a bill that would grant amnesty to the trove of Haitian nationals who reside illegally in the U.S., illegal aliens need this adjustment of status so they can…yep, vote.

“Those who are here want to stay here, want to work here, and want to be legitimate citizens, and want to be able to vote legitimately.”—Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

Hmm…she said “vote legitimately”—which speaks to her own awareness of some not-so-legitimate voting from the immigrant community.

I thought maybe the admission was accidental. What kind of Congressperson, with their oath to uphold the Constitution and all that, would advertise their refusal to enforce both immigration and election laws?

The answer is Sheila Jackson Lee and the entire mob of pro-immigration politicians who only see 10-20 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. as 10-20 million new voters.

Did I say new?  I meant newly legitimate.  

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"Vigilantism" Update [James Fulford] - 05/05/05

I did a post last week on Vigilantism—What It Is Not  in which I said that even if the President is unclear on the concept, the New York Times should know better.

Now Clayton Cramer has found a law professor  (Stephen Bainbridge, "pro-immigration, legal or otherwise.") who can't tell the difference between the passive observation, no contact policy of the Minutemen, and the violence inherent in the idea of vigilantism.

Thomas Sowell's latest column is entitled 'Vigilantes' on the border? 

"When some Americans living near the border in Arizona organized themselves to watch that border and report on people crossing it illegally, the media immediately demonized them as "vigilantes," even though these observers used no violence and inflicted no punishment."

How strict was the no contact policy of the Minutemen? Look at this case, where a man was asked to leave the Minutemen for the following actions:

He approached a border jumper, gave him, milk, cereal, $20.00 in cash, and a t-shirt that said "—caught me crossing the border and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." This is vigilantism?

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