Can the GOP Get Together in Cleveland?

After winning only six delegates in Wisconsin, and with Ted [...]

I’m Proud, I’m White, and I Gotta Song to Sing: Merle Haggard’s Middle American Radicalism

Country legend Merle Haggard died on April 6, his seventy ninth birthday. While he will be best remembered

The Return Of Eugenics—Or Something

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on (the transcript is now up.)] What a technologically

Ann Coulter: Cruz Only Won Wisconsin By Flip-Flopping To Trumpian Immigration Patriotism

Congratulations to Ted Cruz for winning his fourth primary! Usually Donald Trump wins the primaries—where you go and
A Donald Trump rally in Alabama, where whites voted 88 percent GOP.

Academe Finally Discovers Right-Wing Critics Of Conservatism Inc. Will MSM Be Next?

Dr. George Hawley, [Email him] an assistant professor at the University of Alabama, has provided a badly-needed public
A memorial forms....

A Veteran Burned Himself Alive In Front Of A VA Clinic–Will The Press Ask Obama About It?

What does a suffering military veteran have to do to force an unresponsive government to change its ways? How
Obama had a lunch meeting with ex-convicts who had been paroled earlier—flanking the President are paroled crack dealer Ramona Brant (97 Kg of crack, 183 Kg of powder) and meth dealer Phillip Emmett. (25 Kg of meth.)

Obama: Black Felons Get A Second Chance! (At Us, That Is)

Previously: Obama’s Clemency Initiative—Putting Black And Hispanic Drug Distributors Back On The Streets Just In Time For The

What Trump Has Wrought–The Rebirth Of Nationalism In America

As Wisconsinites head for the polls, our Beltway elites are almost giddy. For they foresee a Badger State

Conservatism Inc. On Trump: Forget 2016 Election—The Scam Must Go On

[See also: GOP Should “Thank Heaven Fasting” For Trump But Instead Plans To Shoot Self In Testicles, by

Derb’s March Diary: A Death In The Family; What Is A Twingo?; Kiwis Defeat Diversity; Etc.

Roy Noel Derbyshire, RIP. A sad month for the Derbyshires: my brother Noel died suddenly on March