You Can`t Make This Stuff Up, etc: “Anti-Racists” Say Lord of the Rings too “Eurocentric”

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Southern Poverty Law Center
(SPLC) is a
self-appointed "watchdog" organization in
Montgomery, Alabama that purports to keep a sharp eye
out for "racism" and "hate."

Despite its name, it doesn`t seem to have

much to do
with either

the South

the law
, let alone poverty, other than avoiding the
latter for its own officers, most of whom reportedly
pull down six-figure salaries for themselves.

But this week its well-paid but merciless eye fell
upon a target not usually associated with "hate"—the
immensely popular and widely praised epic film series "Lord
of the Rings
," the last installment of which is
now showing at your local Bijou and has been nominated
for no fewer than 11 Academy Awards.

The SPLC`s website,
, last week

an op-ed from Pacific News Service by
Andrea Lewis, a San Francisco based writer who has
discovered that at least the current film in Peter
Jackson`s stunning cinematic version of the

three-volume novel

J.R.R. Tolkien
should really have been named "The
Return of the Patriarchy."

There just aren`t enough fighting females in the
movie for Miss Lewis, but she also doesn`t like it
because "Almost all of the heroes of the series are
manly men
who are

whiter than white
and "exude a heavenly aura
of all that is Eurocentric and good. Who but these

souls can save Middle Earth from the
dark and evil forces of the world?"

Perhaps you begin to catch her drift.

[`Lord of the Rings` vs. `Matrix`: Patriarchy vs. the
Rainbow Coalition
, Jan 05, 2004]

Miss Lewis thinks "Lord of the Rings" is bad
because it reflects white racial and patriarchal

, and as a matter of fact, it probably

That`s because those

are integral to the complex tale
of civilizational struggle that Tolkien was telling, a
tale that thoroughly modern multiculturalists would
prefer had never seen cold print because it also happens
to be the tale of our real civilization.

It`s the tale of our real civilization because the

, warriors and

who led us have always been manly men who
really were whiter than white, and that just might have
had something to do with why they won the struggle
against their civilization`s enemies, medieval and
modern, at all.

That, of course, is what Miss Lewis and her pals at
the SPLC don`t like.

What they do like is "The Matrix," the
endless, tedious and incomprehensible special effects
film series for teeny boppers that features the

non-white and mixed race heroes
Miss Lewis and her
multiculturalist friends demand. As she writes in
comparing the two films:

"Neo, the [Matrix]
trilogy`s central figure, is played by mixed-race actor
Keanu Reeves. His savior and mentor is Morpheus
(Laurence Fishburne), a powerful leader who also

happens to be
a black man. The wisest figure in
`The Matrix
` is the Oracle, a warm and witty African
American woman.

"The films also are
infused with a strong sense of

Asian style and culture
, exemplified by the
character Seraph (Collin Chou) who is both a

martial arts
expert and

meditation practitioner."

Perhaps here too you catch her drift.

The drift is that what Miss Lewis and the SPLC boys
who chose to reprint her article like is not
and what they oppose is not "hate."

What they oppose is any positive portrayal of white

What they like is any production that writes whites
out of the picture.

Well, not entirely. Another reason Miss Lewis likes
"The Matrix" is that it depicts

whites as villains

"Most of the really bad guys in `The Matrix`,"
she gloats, "are

including a Frenchman, two British albino
twins [Peter

Brimelow write:
"a rather stuffy and pompous white guy with white beard
and white suit who reeks of


What she really approves of is any production that
not only demotes whites from heroic roles but serves to
demonize them in new anti-white stereotypes. Nothing
more clearly exposes the SPLC`s real anti-white agenda
than Miss Lewis` silly article. The

that obsesses her and the
SPLC is just as steeped in hate—of

—as any of the goof balls they "investigate"
(and maybe a good deal more). It`s just hate of a
different hue.

The fact is that "Lord of the Rings" is
an important, beautiful and entirely healthy movie, more
or less faithfully based on an important, beautiful and
entirely healthy book, which itself draws from some of
the deepest springs of Western culture—the myths and
folklore of

Northern Europe
—and tells an important, beautiful
and entirely healthy story that

white Western men
need to hear.

That story is about how the enemies of their
civilization were crushed by manly men (and hobbits) who
had the strength and courage to fight back.

I understand why people like Miss Lewis and the SPLC
don`t much care for it.



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