Without Immigration Cut-Off, Racial Profiling, “War On Terror” Just Means Bigger Government

My September 12 column

that the U.S. would prove to be too

“politically correct”
to be able to deal with the
terrorist threat.

The admission that I was right came on June 6 from
FBI director Robert S. Mueller III when, according to

Washington Times
he told Congress that fears of racial profiling did

the FBI`s terrorism investigation of Arab

After admitting that the FBI was too politically
correct to do its job, Mr. Mueller gave Congress
assurances–to the great relief of Wisconsin Democrat

Russell D. Feingold
–that the FBI “is against, has
been and will be against any form of profiling.”

With this assurance, Mr. Mueller placed the
privileged status of “preferred minority” higher than
citizens` safety.

Some situations are too absurd for comment. In the
name of “the war on terrorism,” the U.S. government
kills Muslims in Afghanistan who have never lifted a
finger against the U.S., but


profile Muslims
on its own territory who might be
planning terrorist incidents.

FBI field agent and whistle blower Coleen Rowley

that agents in the field were

to the flight-training activities of
suspicious Middle Eastern men. Yet, headquarters not
only refused to act, but blocked the agents from
following their judgment.

After the FBI, CIA, Immigration Service, and State

that alone made the events of September 11
possible, why does any sane person think a “Homeland
” department will provide any protection
against terrorist acts?

Why assume that putting all the fools under one roof
will reduce the foolery?

Most air travelers regard “airport security” as a

bad joke
. It is worse. It is an insult. The refusal
to focus on the group to which Muslim terrorists are
known to belong treats native-born
citizens as the enemy
and ensures the lack of

Pointless searches of grandmothers, young children,
U.S. Representatives, presidential appointees, pilots,
and Marine generals divert resources from security and
send the message that the government has no idea
whatsoever who terrorists might be.

On my last air travel, eyes rolled and heads shook
when a

feeble, elderly couple
were selected for search.
Everyone knows that these mindless, insulting searches
provide no security to anyone but terrorists.
Yet, the President of the United States and his cabinet
lack the wits to fire the fools who have made air travel
safe for terrorists by refusing to profile.

Searches of individuals and carryon luggage are
nothing but an opportunity for petty pilfering by
security personnel. Personal objects are taken from
harmless people and even

stolen from bracelets. One security idiot
tried to steal a

war hero

Medal of Honor
because the medal is affixed with a
pin. While passengers are harassed with this mindless
nonsense, checked luggage and air freight are loaded
without security checks.

If truth be known, nothing is done to protect
passengers. The purpose of passenger searches and the no
standing rule within 30 minutes of Washington DC is to
protect the government from terrorists seizing control
of an airliner and flying it into a government building.

Despite the terrible events of September 11, the
United States government continues to issue hundreds of
thousands of visas to young Muslims. We have no idea who
these people are and are

unable to track them
once they arrive on our shores.
The visa process is corrupt and replete with bribes. Bin
Laden himself could enter the U.S. today on a visa.

Faced with the incongruity, the U. S. attorney
general has

fingerprinting Middle Easterners who enter
on visas.

has risen to this politically incorrect
proposal. But the unasked question is why is the U.S.
allowing any visas to be issued to Muslims?

If the threat of terrorism is so great that
constitutional restraints must be removed from police
and a new, expensive, cabinet position of “Homeland
Security” must be created, why are visas issued to
potential terrorists?!

Why is President Bush creating an incipient
Department of Secret Police when nothing is being
done to curtail the inflow of potential terrorists?

President Bush should not be

if millions of Americans come to the
conclusion that the “war on terror” is nothing but a
propaganda cover for increasing the police powers of the
government over native-born loyal citizens.

Paul Craig Roberts is the author of

The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and
Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name
of Justice