When Treason Lobby Poster Children Go Bad…Nothing Changes

The MSM usually goes to

Treason Lobby
organizations like the

National Immigration Forum
to get story material on
immigration.  So does Congress when looking for
witnesses to testify in committee.

Great care goes into finding just
the right

poster child
for a

supporting one or another of the immigration
lobby`s causes.  I have sat in on Forum conference
sessions where a new immigrant personality was vetted by
the conferees only to be dropped before going to the
media with the story.  Apparently, something in the
turned out to be off-message.

Selection of images for use in a
war fought with images is very serious business.

What happens when a poster child
goes bad?

As reported in The Washington

Rodham Clinton `was very helpful in ensuring that INS
was aware of the case at the highest level` said Jessica
Neuwirth, President of

Equality Now
.  A spokeswoman for Clinton said
recently that `the first lady followed the case very
closely` at the time and passed information on it to the
National Security Council…. The INS district office in
New York was told that `the White House wants you to
release her, so they released her`, one agency insider
Seeker Is Impostor
| INS Says Woman`s Plea
Had Powerful Support
, By William Branigin and
Douglas Farah Washington Post, December 20, 2000]

After “Adelaide” received
asylum in the U.S. Court of appeals for the Second
Circuit, the INS completed its exhaustive investigation
of “Adelaide`s” case.

It found that she was an imposter
who stole the identity of another illegal alien.

Her claim to be fleeing FGM at home
in Ghana was

conclusively shown to be fraudulent
—like the
majority of “asylum” seekers` claims.


Regina Danson
(“Adelaide”) is in America for
good. Her story was dropped by the MSM and the

story`s actual ending
has had no ill effects on her
former supporters or their cause for

expanded asylum opportunities.

Another much-publicized poster
child, effectively used to end the enforcement of
immigration law regarding “unaccompanied minors”:

He eventually received asylum and
was called to

testify before Congress
about mistreatment while in
federal custody.  He called the youth detention center
where he stayed “the worst place I have ever been in

Partly as a result of his
testimony, certain “unaccompanied minors”—a new
immigrant classification that brings

extraordinary immigration privileges
—are no longer
the responsibility of immigration authorities.  Instead
they are handed over to a federal welfare agency, the

Office of Refugee Resettlement

Munoz` testimony riveted the MSM
for a while. His
freedom-seeking-orphan-thrown-in-jail-by-the-INS story
appeared in the LA Times, Boston Globe and

San Diego Union-Tribune
, and even made the cover

Parade Magazine

Unfortunately, no one testified
before Congress about his apparent lying and violent and
aggressive behavior, which had caused the INS to oppose
an asylum grant and which had caused the government to
transfer the youth to a secure detention facility until
the matter could be settled.

Munoz was granted asylum and went
into the U.S. foster care system at taxpayer expense in

Grand Rapids
, Michigan.

But in October 2005 he was back in
custody for

allegedly murdering a neighbor
pregnant woman—and attempting to kill her

The story barely got beyond the
local newspaper.

Nevertheless, and incredibly, four
days before Christmas 2005 the Senate

approved legislation
sponsored by Senators Feinstein
(D-Cal) and Brownback (R-Kan) to further liberalize the
immigration of

“unaccompanied minors

The bill was partly written and
promoted by the U.N. refugee agency


U.S. refugee contractors.

Senator Feinstein, who was
responsible for stripping immigration authority from DHS
for unaccompanied minors,

“It was a very hard battle to get this
approved by the Senate and we still have a tough battle
in the House.”

Would the Senate have even
considered the bill if Edwin Munoz had been on the front
page of Parade magazine after

the latest turn of events?

The Senate bill revamps the rarely
used Special Immigrant Juvenile Visa program  “to
make it a useful and flexible means of providing
permanent protection for deserving unaccompanied alien
children who are deemed a dependant of the State by the
courts due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment.”

The average beneficiary of the
bill: a

Central American minor
joining family members
already illegally in the U.S..

But the Treason Lobby has grander
visions for this bill.

The Feinstein/Brownback bill is an
expression of the assumption that the American nanny
state can redress the wrongs endured by anyone from
anywhere in the world who manages by any means to cross
the border.

In addition to expanded asylum opportunities for
youth who manage to get across the border—lured, aided
and abetted by the

welfare state

human traffickers
—the U.S. offers a separate,
parallel program for Unaccompanied Refugee Minors.
These are minors selected by the UNHCR and U.S. refugee
contractors for resettlement to the U.S. from around the

At a recent government conference

how ORR  can
“provide a safe haven for
unaccompanied refugee children in the United States,”

Dr. Julianne Duncan of the

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Migration and Refugee Services spoke of

“immigration courts granting asylum to `street children`
who having lived alone, homeless in their country … flee
to the U.S. in an attempt to escape gangs, chemical
dependency, governmental mistreatment and starvation…
the `street kids` have very little education and often
suffer from mental illness… and the challenge is to
place these minors in good secure homes where they can
receive mental health and substance abuse treatment.”

According to a
2004 ORR report, the U.S. is considering resettling
“orphans” from “Liberia who are currently
residing in Guinea”
and “a number of Sudanese
girls from Kenya that the UNHCR deems vulnerable and in
need of resettlement. And in Thailand, there are Burmese
refugee children that will primarily be resettled

[in the U.S.] with the surrogate families in which
they currently reside
(Emphasis added.)

There has been not a word in the MSM over these

“children`s crusades”
despite heightened public
concern over largely youthful international gangs such
as the

Central American MS-13.

Instead, the MSM continues its stream of cheery
formulaic human interest stories.

And If a story goes bad there is a simple remedy—now
you see them, now you don`t.

Allen (email
him) is a recovering refugee worker.