What Is Bush`s Agenda In Iraq?

For what purpose has President Bush
sent 1,741 US soldiers to be killed in action in Iraq
(as of June 19, 2005)?  

For what purpose have 15,000 – 38,000 US troops been
wounded, many so seriously that they are maimed for

Why has the US government thrown
away $300 billion in an illegal and pointless war that
cannot be won? 

These questions are beginning to
penetrate the consciousness of Americans, a majority of
whom no longer support Bush`s war. 

Bush`s Iraq war is the first war
for which Americans have not known the reason.  The
reasons they were given by their president, vice
president, secretary of defense, national security
advisor, secretary of state, and the sycophantic media
were nothing but a pack of lies.  

top secret British government memos
leaked to a
reporter at the London Sunday Times make it
completely clear that prior to the invasion President
Bush knew that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass

The memos make it completely clear
that Saddam Hussein had no responsibility whatsoever for
the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center
and the Pentagon. 

The memos make completely clear
that the British government regarded the invasion of
Iraq as a war crime.  The memos show the British
government scrambling to find some way of creating
in order to obfuscate the illegality of the
invasion that Prime Minister Tony Blair had promised
Bush to support.

One of the cover plans was itself
illegal. According to yet another leaked top secret
British memo in the

Sunday Times
on June 19, Bush decided to sharply
increase the US bombings of Iraq in the hopes it would
goad Saddam Hussein into a response that could be used
as a pretext for invading Iraq.

According to the Sunday Times, the
British Foreign Office advised the British Cabinet that
legally "the allies had no power to use military force
to put pressure of any kind on the regime."

The Bush administration falsely
claimed that the bombing was legal in order to enforce
compliance with UN resolutions 688 and 687.  However,
the British Foreign Office advised Bush`s poodle, Tony
Blair, that the American view

"is not
consistent with resolution 687, which does not deal with
the repression of the Iraqi civilian population, or with
resolution 688, which was not adopted under Chapter VII
of the UN Charter, and does not contain any provision
for enforcement."

In his June

18 weekly radio address
last Saturday, Bush again
lied to the American people when he told them that the
US was forced into invading Iraq because of the
September 11 attack on the WTC.  Bush, the greatest
disgrace that America has ever had to suffer, actually
repeated at this late date the monstrous lie for which
he is infamous throughout the world: "We went to war
because we were attacked, and we are at war today
because there are still people out there who want to
harm our country and hurt our citizens."

Whoever the "people out there
who want to harm our country and hurt our citizens"

might be, they were not Iraqis, at least not until Bush
invaded their country, killed tens of thousands and
maimed tens of thousands more, detained tens of
thousands others, destroyed entire cities, destroyed the
country`s infrastructure, and created mass unemployment,
poverty, pollution and disease. 

The only reason Iraqis want to harm
the US is because George W. Bush inflicted, and
continues to inflict, tremendous harm on Iraqis. 

If the Bush administration has its
way, the Iraqi insurgents will be joined by the
Iranians, Syrians, Saudis, Egyptians, Pakistanis,
Jordanians and Palestinians. The "people out there
who want to harm our country and hurt our citizens"

will increase exponentially. 

In print and on TV, Bush`s

have made clear their desire to see the US
at war with the entire Muslim world: Today Iraq,
tomorrow the Middle East.  That the neocons believe the
US can win such a war when the US cannot even occupy
Baghdad or control the road to the airport indicates a
frightening insanity at the center of the Bush
administration and a criminal disregard for the lives of
Americans and Muslims.  

The neocons assured Americans that
the war in Iraq would be a cakewalk over in three weeks!

The neocons told us that only
70,000 troops were needed to bring Iraq to heel!  

Neocons fired the top

who had truthfully told Congress that
several hundred thousand troops, at least, would be

Neocons told Congress that Iraqi
oil would pay for the invasion and that America did not
have to worry about the cost!  So far that is a $300
billion mistake.  

And Bush has retained and promoted
these morons!

No one has been held accountable
for this enormous disaster. 

How many more American troops are
going to be killed and maimed for Bush`s lies?  How many
more Iraqi civilians must be killed, maimed, and locked

Bush`s Iraq policy is based on
lies, and force based on lies cannot bring democracy to
Iraq or to any other country.

Bush`s lies are discrediting and
destroying democracy in America. His

"Patriot Act"
alone has done more
damage to

than Osama bin Laden.

Why did Bush invade Iraq?  Cynical
Americans say the answer is oil.  But $300 billion would
have bought the oil without getting anyone killed,
without destroying America`s reputation in the world and
without stirring up countless terrorist recruits for al

Congress gave Bush the go-ahead for
the invasion because Congress trusted Bush and believed
his word that Iraq had fearsome weapons that would be
unleashed on America unless we preempted Saddam
Hussein`s attack by striking first.  Congress did not
give Bush the go-ahead for initiating a war in order to
spend hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of
American lives

"building democracy in Iraq."

Will President Bush ever tell us
the real reason why he committed America`s treasure, the
lives of American soldiers and the reputation of our
country to war in Iraq?

Does he even know?

Roberts, [
him] a former Associate Editor of the

Wall Street Journal and a
former Contributing Editor of
National Review
was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during the
Reagan administration. He  is
the author of

The Supply-Side Revolution

and, with Lawrence M. Stratton, of

The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and
Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name
of Justice

for Peter
Magazine interview with Roberts about the recent
epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct.