War Without End—Bush Proclaims Jacobin Crusade

After listening to his

inaugural speech
, anyone who thinks President Bush
and his handlers are sane needs to visit a psychiatrist.
The hubris-filled megalomaniac in the Oval Office has
promised the world war without end.

Bush`s crazy talk has even upset
rah-rah Republicans. One Republican called Bush`s speech

It has begun to dawn on the
formerly Grand Old Party that a bloodless coup has
occurred and that Republicans have lost their party to
Jacobins, who cloak themselves under the term "neoconservatives."

What is a Jacobin? Jacobins ushered
in the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror. The
Jacobins saw themselves as virtuous champions of
universalist principles that required them to impose
"liberty, equality, fraternity"
not merely on France
by a reign of terror, but also on the rest of Europe by
force of arms.

Unlike America`s Founding Fathers,
who exhorted their countrymen to cultivate their own
garden, Jacobins were not content with revolutionizing
France. They were driven to revolutionize the world.

President Bush`s second inaugural
speech is Jacobin to the core. It stands outside the
American tradition. Declaring American values to be
universalist principles, Bush promised to use American
power to spread democracy and to end tyranny everywhere
on earth.

As one of Bush`s neocon
puppetmasters, Robert Kagan, approvingly wrote in the
Washington Post on
January 23,

goal of American foreign policy is now to spread
democracy, for its own sake, for reasons that transcend
specific threats. In short, Bush has unmoored his
foreign policy from the war on terrorism." [A
Higher Realism

Michael Gerson, the Jacobin White
House speechwriter who wrote Bush`s infamous
"God-drenched speech,"

that Bush`s wars will only last "a

We can take comfort in that.
According to the dictionary, a generation is "about
30 years,"
so it is only our children and
grandchildren who will have to be sacrificed for
"Bush`s historic mission."

Along about 2035 things should be
calming down.

Whoever remains can begin to attack
the $50 trillion national war debt.

Kagan calls America`s moral crusade
against the world "the higher realism that Bush now
Gerson declares that Bush`s "methods
are deeply realistic."

What is realistic about declaring
weapons of mass destruction to exist where they do not

What is realistic about assigning
blame for September 11 where it does not belong?

What is realistic about destroying
a secular state and creating a vast breeding ground for

What is realistic about making
Osama bin Laden an Islamic hero and shaking the
foundations of America`s reigning puppets in the Middle

What is realistic about declaring a
world crusade in the face of evidence that the US cannot
successfully occupy Baghdad, a city of only 6 million
people, much less Iraq, a country of only 25 million

There is nothing realistic about
Bush or any of his advisers. The world has not seen such
delusion since the

Children`s Crusade
led by a visionary French

Stephen of Cloyes,
marched off to free the Holy Land
from the Muslims in the year 1212.

The children were captured and sold
into slavery.

Bush and the Republican Party have
morphed into a Jacobin Party. They sincerely believe
that they have a monopoly on virtue and the obligation
to impose US virtue on the rest of the world.

This Jacobin program requires the
supremacy of executive power and is dependent on an
unwarranted belief in the efficacy of force.

There is nothing American or
democratic about this program. Bush speaks as

when he invokes "a fire in the minds
of men"
that "warms those who feel its power."
Bush possesses Robespierre`s "pure conscience" as
he destroys Iraqi`s infrastructure and the lives of tens
of thousands of Iraqi civilians, levels cities, and
practices torture. American casualties (dead and
wounded) have reached 10 percent of the US occupation
force and are but the "realistic methods" Bush
uses to achieve his "deeply idealistic" goals.

At home the casualties are the US
Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Republicans explode in anger when a
liberal judge creates a constitutional right. But they
sit in silence when the US Department of Justice (sic)
creates the right for Bush to decide who has
constitutional protections and who has not.

Like Robespierre, Bush justifies
the state of terror that he has brought to Iraq by his
noble aspirations. The effect is to destroy idealism
with hypocrisy about violence. When the neoconservatives
succeed in draining idealism of its power, will they
then declare violence alone to be their goal?

Led by Bush, the Republican Party
now stands for detainment without trial and war without

It is a party destructive of all
virtue and a great threat to life and liberty on earth.


Paul Craig Roberts is the author with Lawrence M. Stratton of

The Tyranny of Good
Intentions : How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are
Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice



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