War Against Christmas 2008: A Christmas Eve Report

December 23, 2008


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Report all attempts to abolish Christmas to


A copy of Steve Sailer`s

the most outrageous!

I took a look around Google News and the Blogosphere
today—courtesy search engines—to see what is going on in
the War On/Against Christmas. (The
National Review competition invented by
in the mid 90s was
but “On” is clearly the more popular formulation.)

A huge change has occurred compared to earlier this

First of all, actual atrocities are harder to find, and
many of those about are foreign.

Unfortunately, as I
noted the other day, that is partly because news is
about change. Enemies of Christmas conquered huge
swathes of territory in years gone by: their holding on
is hardly news.

And it is clear that that is how the MSM likes it. Most w:st="on">UK stories, for example are provided
by one newspaper, the

Daily Mail.
There, the editor is interested. Nearly everywhere else,
editors clearly are not—the controversy has been
declared a non-subject.

A very clear example is
National Review
itself, now of course just the MSM`s Potemkin Village
for conservative-minded

. Having neglected its own (in an institutional
sense) issue for several years, it

explicitly renounced
it two years ago. Now the word,
let alone the subject, is hardly to be found on the
NR website.
Mark Steyn does break ranks once with a

slighting quip
, no doubt reflecting the control
faction`s true feelings.

On the other hand, no doubt
reflecting a perception of their target market`s actual
preferences, the ostentatious use of


gratingly apparent early this decade, has been
curtailed. Thus

Jonah Goldberg
, touting his new book, does so under
the headline of

Christmas Reading I Can Get Behind
prefers Steve Sailer`s

America`s Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama`s "Story Of Race And

More widely, as the Catholic League`s Bill Donohue has

, he latest gambit by the anti-Christmas Czars
is to flood public parks with a vast array of cultural
symbols. For example, at the w:st="on">Fort Collins Museum
in Colorado,
in addition to a nativity scene and a menorah, they are
displaying the Indian Diwali Festival of Lights, the
Thailand Buddhist celebration of Loy Krathong, the
Chinese Lantern Festival, African-American Kwanzaa,
Muslim Ramadan, and the Scottish Hogmanay festival.

And this is reflected in a number of op-eds and
prominent Letters to the Editor too.

The ludicrous tactic of War Against Christmas Denial,

explicitly renounced
by the
Los Angeles Times
two years ago and utterly refuted by the
.COM War Against Christmas
archive, is rarely found in the MSM itself this year. It
is fairly common (frequently scabrously expressed)
amongst more dim-witted left blogs.

However, a fine example from
, which could
have appeared in any American outlet two or three years
ago, is worth considering as insight into what caused
this War:

Forget the phoney war on Christmas, feel the goodwill

by Adele Horin (Sydney Morning Herald,
December 20 2008).

It starts with the familiar aggressively contemptuous

“In Australia you can find a parent to complain when the
preschool nativity play is ditched in a favour of a
musical extolling peace on earth. The tabloid media can
always foment mock outrage over a card that says `Happy
Holidays` instead of `Merry Christmas`. Someone can be
found to whinge when the Christmas carols at the
end-of-year concert are of the Jingle Bells genre
rather than the Away In A Manger ilk.

“And a bigot somewhere will use Christmas to try to
ignite resentment against immigrants for their failure
to appreciate that `Australia is a Christian country`.

“From the other side, some zealous atheist, Muslim, Jew
or civil libertarian may be goaded into denouncing the
encroachment of Christmas into a child-care centre or

(Any War Against Christmas veteran will immediately see
that although adjective-strewn, the facts are conceded.)
But Horin eventually discloses her motive:

“As a Jew in a state school, I dreaded the first
First Noel
and the first Away In A Manger,
for they heralded, not for me the angels singing, but a
season of confusion and alienation. Australia then was a
less multicultural and more Christian nation, less
tolerant of difference. It was an era of veiled
anti-Semitism when Christians blamed Jews for the death
of Christ, and Jews, at least where I grew up, barely
acknowledged that Christ had existed.

“Teachers showed no glimmer of sensitivity to the
sensibilities of those not in the club. The class
nativity play was compulsory, we sang the holy songs,
and festooned the room with drawings of the manger, and
a baby Jesus I was not supposed to believe in.

“Well into adulthood, Christmas re-awakened in me
feelings of discomfort, of being an outsider in my own
land. But the more diverse and secular Australia became,
the more I have learnt to like Christmas…

“More and more `outsiders` seem happy to turn Christmas
to their own pleasurable purposes so that the day has
become a national holiday – and unlike Australia Day or
Anzac Day—it`s a day for the extended family.”

Of course, Christmas has always been a day for the
“extended family”.
But historic Australia had to be destroyed before Adele
Horin could bring herself to tolerate the festival. (email

On a pleasanter note, the American media is finding some
room for measured and intelligent discussions of the
issue. For instance

YOUR VIEW: A battle in the war against religion
, by Kevin Cardin
, December 19 2008

is a good statement of anti War
Against Christmas case.

I miss "Merry Christmas," but not for the reasons you
by Kathleen O`Brien NJ.com w:st="on">December 21 2008, albeit preceded with some weasel words
distancing her from the War Against Christmas foot
soldiers, is a charming celebration of the phrase


Oliver Cromwell and the original PC brigade
, by

Ted Wallace, (The
First Post,
day="21" year="2008" w:st="on">December 21 2008), although again
preceded by some weaseling, is a useful refutation of
the claim that Puritan disdain for Christmas was a large
or enduring part of the tradition brought to the
New World

Subjectively, The War Against Christmas offensive has
clearly been blunted. This is probably the biggest
(perhaps only?) conservative achievement in the Culture
War for many years.

price: eternal vigilance. And

for those willing to defy the PC Commissars
and their fashion-fearing fellow-travelers.