View From Lodi, CA Pittsburgh, PA: Obamacare For Illegals Becoming Huge Problem For Democrats

With Congress in recess, many Democratic
representatives have returned home to host town hall
meetings to launch a full court press to pass

controversial health care legislation

The reception they`ve received
reflects the

public`s outrage
at HR 3200. Citizens are angry over the $1
trillion health care plan and their growing frustration
with the

$800 billion stimulus bill
that hasn`t stimulated much of
anything including promised

new job creation

In Philadelphia
earlier this week,

Senator Arlen Specter

appeared with Health and Human Services Secretary

Kathleen Sebelius
They were booed and jeered throughout their
presentation. (See
FOX News


In response to a frequently heard
complaint that lawmakers have not even read the bill,
Specter replied lamely: “We have to make judgments very

But the question that Specter`s reply
begs is: why does the Senate always have to move so
fast? Slower, especially on issues with health care`s
magnitude, would be better.

One of the gravest concerns about HR
3200 is that under the leadership of House Majority

Nancy Pelosi
illegal aliens would be able to obtain complete medical

Pelosi would deny that. But in an August
3 op-ed published by The Hill, a
newspaper for Congressmen and their staffs, Texas
U.S. Representative Lamar Smith

Democrats` bill in the House contains gaping loopholes
that will allow illegal immigrants to receive taxpayer
funded benefits. And these loopholes are no accident.

Care Scheme Would Benefit Illegal Immigrants
by Lamar Smith, The Hill, August 3, 2009]

you think paying the
health care
tab for non-citizens
is just a bag of shells, then
consider the statistics that Smith detailed in his

Citing the

Pew Hispanic Center
Smith wrote that 59 percent of all illegal immigrant
adults lacked health insurance in 2007, a dramatically
higher rate that the 14 percent uninsured rate for
U.S.-born adults.

Furthermore, the

children of illegal
are also uninsured at extremely
high rates — 45 percent of their foreign-born children
are uninsured. California, and specifically the

San Joaquin Valley
is home to hundreds of thousands of those children.


children born to aliens are American citizens,
health care plan that provides benefits to their adult
parents would encourage more illegal immigrants to come
to the U.S., have more citizen children and thereby
create a never-ending cycle of immigration.

we learned after the 1986

Immigration Reform and
Control Act
, amnesty begets more illegal
immigration. The U.S. economy is already stretched thin
without having millions more illegal immigrants draining
our limited resources, making less available for
citizens and legal immigrants.

if we legalize 15 million illegal immigrants today, what
will happen when they retire?

Robert Rector

from the Heritage Foundation found that the net
governmental cost for elderly immigrants with low skills
amounts “to $17,000 per person per year … half of this cost was medical
expenditures under the Medicare and Medicaid programs”
The foundation estimates that the eventual cost of
amnesty including all government retirement benefits
could reach $2.6 trillion.

Barack Obama has a disingenuous solution to whether
illegal immigrants should be covered by HR 3200. Obama
wants legalize all of them. Presto, no more illegal

But amnesty
for 11 million illegal immigrants would have a
disastrous long term affect on the American economy.

Lodi`s Congressional representative

Jerry McNerney

stands firmly behind Pelosi.

In fact, on July 30

cast a

“No” vote on an amendment introduced by Georgia
Republican Nathan Deal that

would have excluded illegal aliens from H.R. 3200

currently written, H.R. 3200 does not require the states
to verify citizenship status of applicants before
enrollment. Deal`s amendment would have mandated
verification through

, the
system currently used to identify legal workers.

Asking McNerney to explain his

“No” vote
would make for a lively town hall meeting, assuming he
should decide to hold one.

When I called McNerney`s office to inquire if any had
been scheduled, I was told to keep checking his website
for times and places. But as of today, none have been

Could it be that McNerney would prefer not to be
questioned about why he thinks American citizens should
fund illegal aliens` health care costs?

Joe Guzzardi


is a California native who recently fled the state
because of over-immigration, over-population and a
rapidly deteriorating quality of life. He has moved to
Pittsburgh, PA where the air is clean and the growth
rate stable.

A long-time instructor in English at the Lodi Adult School,
Guzzardi has been writing a weekly column since 1988. It
currently appears in the

Lodi News-Sentinel