(Vicente) Fox News Smears Martinez Opposition

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Tom Tancredo vs. Third World Miami, "Capital Of Latin

Usually the choice for RNC chairman is a strictly

decision, with little input from the

. The president makes his appointment and
then the members of the Republican National Committee
unanimously approve him unless there are a few personal
squabbles between them.

The previous two chairs of the RNC—Ed

Ken Mehlman
—have pushed an open borders agenda with
the stated goal of Hispanic

. Now Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida (R-Cuba)
has been elected as their next chairman.

Sen. Martinez has been one of the most vigorous
supporters for Amnesty and

in the U.S. Senate. The invaluable
Americans for Better Immigration give him

a career and recent "D"
record for his support for
amnesty. Sen. Martinez has repeatedly voted against
English as the official language and even delivered the

first Spanish speech on the Senate floor.

His ethnicity was a key factor for Bush choosing him.
RNC spokesman Danny Diaz said "[Martinez`s ethnicity]
certainly will help. It will provide us an ability to
communicate in a much more credible and vigorous way
with Hispanic voters."
Martinez Aims to Turn Around Republican Party
, Fox
News, December 22, 2006 By Melissa Drosjack]

On top of all of this, Martinez is

not even a member
of the RNC
and was technically
ineligible to become Chairman. The RNC had to change its
own parliamentary procedure on the day of the vote
simply to accommodate him.

All these factors were

too much for many Republicans.
My office got dozens
of calls and hundreds of e-mails within days of the
nomination by ordinary Republicans who were fed up with
the party. They felt that Martinez was the last straw.

Jim Boulet of English First
saw a similar reaction,
and started a

Stop Martinez
website. The website contains numerous
facts about Martinez`s record on


, and

Puerto Rican statehood
, and told concerned
Republicans how to contact their Representatives and
local GOP officials and urge them to stop the

For such a small operation, it helped motivate a huge
amount of opposition. State GOP offices were flooded
with calls, and many local officials actually listened
and publicly stated they would not vote for Sen.
Martinez. Some congressmen, most notably

Steve King of Iowa
began to denounce the nomination.
By the time the vote was held on Friday, major
newspapers like the Washington Times and Miami
questioned whether would have made it go
smoothly. [Opponents
emerge to protest Martinez as GOP party leader
By Lesley Clark, Miami Herald, January 18, 2007]

With this momentum, English First and Stop Martinez
decided to hold a press conference to expose

Martinez`s record on immigration
and myths about the

Hispanic vote.
They initially hoped to have it at
the same hotel as the RNC, but this was not allowed.
Instead, they had it at the National Press Club a few
blocks away. The problem was that the RNC met at 10:00
AM. Journalists interested in a story on the
anti-Martinez movement would also want to go to the
meeting, and most journalists do not arrive at the press
club until after 9:00 anyway. To alleviate this a few
patriotic government employees who worked nearby took
the morning off to hold signs outside the office and
pass out literature to press to inform them of the
grassroots opposition to Martinez.

At about 8:30, reporters for Fox News showed up and
said they were interested in taping it for Brit Hume,
but there were time constraints. Having a major news
show tape a press conference for a small outlet like
English First in and of itself makes it a successful
event, so the conference began early solely for the
benefit of Fox.

A Cuban doctor, Diego Rivera began by discussed in
how insulting it is to Hispanics to assume that they
want amnesty, and at least in his case, the pandering
cost the GOP his Hispanic vote.

I gave a speech that would be familiar to VDARE.com
readers. I repeated many of the arguments that Steve
Sailer has made about the Hispanic vote, immigration,
and 2004 and 2006 elections. My basic point was merely
that a white vote is just as important as a Hispanic
vote, [VDARE.com
note: actually far

more important.
and that no thanks to current immigration trends, whites
still make up 13 times more of the electorate than
Hispanics. Therefore, it is stupid to alienate millions
of white voters with a pro-Amnesty Martinez with the
hope of gaining a few extra points of the Hispanic Vote.

Jim Boulet
finished off by noting how disgusting it
is that the GOP establishment will make politically
incorrect slurs at those who disagree with their non
white male appointees.

It should be noted that Martinez, like

of Cuba`s former
ruling  class, now

Miami`s ruling  class,

is in fact as

as George Bush or

Vicente Fox.


pointed out
that a number of people cried

over criticism of

Harriet Miers
and now they are crying racism over
Mel Martinez. A particularly PC complaint he noted came

Polk County, Florida
committee member Paul Senft Jr.
him mail
] Responding to the many grassroots
Republicans who had contacted him about Martinez`s
record on Amnesty, he said, “With some people, the
issue of amnesty is a litmus test and anything short of
a concentration camp is amnesty.“
Readies For Martinez Fight
, By Ralph Z. Hallow,  The
Washington Times
January 18, 2007]

Fox News left and a few other people straggled in at
the time the press conference was supposed to take place
who talked to Mr. Boulet and me, while the protesters
talked to many others in the press. Not a glaring
success, but a pretty much day to day occurrence at the

National Press Club

So as expected Sen. Martinez was elected, and Fox
News covered the opposition. What was unexpected is how
distorted their

fair and balanced
coverage on Special Report with
Brit Hume was. After showing about a sentence of my
speech, the report then zoomed out to show how no one
had showed up for the press conference. They then went
to the protesters outside and hounded them into saying
that they weren`t part of any large movement.

The implication was clear: there is no popular
opposition to Martinez, just a few oddballs ranting on
the internet. Of course when illegal aliens are given

day off
by their

corporate employers
and then

bused into the city by their union
, it`s a different

No matter how Fox chooses to spin the story, this
nomination will spell disaster for the GOP

Mel Martinez managed to get elected because his party
cares more about its corporate benefactors and the
imaginary "crucial
Hispanic swing vote
than the beliefs of the
vast majority of its members. Sen. Martinez confirmed
the fears of the immigration reform community by
spending the majority of his acceptance speech
discussing how important it will be to reach out to
Hispanic voters, by which he means granting amnesty to
illegal aliens. He then gave a press conference—which
was much better attended than English First`s—where
he answered a

number of questions in Spanish.

The GOP will

never out-pander the Democrats
. But if they keep up
this strategy, they will totally alienate their base.

Marcus Epstein
him mail
] is the founder
of the Robert A Taft
and the executive director of the
The American
Team America PAC
. A selection of his articles can be seen