U.S. Invasion Of Iran Draws Closer

Undersecretary of Defense Douglas
Feith is the

Likudnik who was tasked with cooking up the
false "intelligence" that President Bush used to
deceive the US public into supporting an illegal
invasion of Iraq.

With the US military now trapped in
the Iraqi quagmire, Feith wants the US to attack Iran.

President Bush falsely claimed that
Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that Iraq was
linked to the

terrorist attack on the World Trade Center,
and that
Iraq would give weapons of mass destruction to
anti-American terrorists. Senior members of the Bush
administration terrified the US public with prospects of
mushroom clouds going up over US cities.

Having been proved 100% wrong about
Iraq, the Bush administration now claims that the
nonexistent WMD are in Iran, or maybe Syria. During
recent weeks the Bush administration worked overtime to
terrify the US public into believing that Iran is
building nuclear weapons and missiles with which to
destroy American cities.

To ward off yet another gratuitous
and illegal US attack on a Muslim country, Europe, the
International Atomic Energy Agency, and US experts such

Gordon Prather
have exposed the Bush
administration`s false claims.

But the Bush administration ignores
factual truth. Bush has his own "truth," a
delusional "truth" independent of all evidence.

Israel`s rightwing Likud Party
regards Feith as one of its own. The Jerusalem Post
described Feith as "a staunch supporter of
(Dec. 12). In an exclusive interview Feith
told that paper that despite the intercession of
Britain, France, Germany and the IAEA against a US
attack on Iran, the Bush administration has not ruled
out taking military action against Iran.
to `Post`: US action against Iran can`t be ruled out
By Caroline Glick]

In other words, the neocon Bush
administration has already decided to attack Iran and
Syria. The only question is what kind of lie can Bush
use to get away with it.

But first Bush has to take over the
IAEA, which has steadfastly refused to go along with
Bush`s propaganda against Iran. According to the

Washington Post
(Dec. 12), the Bush
administration has been tapping the telephones of the
head of the IAEA, M. ElBaradei, hoping to find damaging
information with which to frame, blackmail, or taint him
as an Iranian ally.

Unable to find or to manufacture
any evidence against ElBaradei, the Bush administration
is using an orchestrated campaign of anonymous
accusations in an effort to oust the IAEA director and
to replace him with a US puppet.

The problem is that ElBaradei is
more highly regarded than any member of the tainted Bush
administration, including President Bush himself. So far
Bush cannot find anyone anywhere in the world, including
our British puppet, who is willing to be associated with
the Bush administration`s disgraceful intentions.

The important unanswered question
is: why do the neocons with their proven record of
duplicity and delusion still hold the reigns of power in
the Bush administration?

Why isn`t Feith in prison?

Martha Stewart
is in prison for "lying" about
a noncrime. Feith`s lies have killed thousands. The Iraq
war is based entirely on neocon lies. The war is costing
the US a fortune it does not have. The war is producing
US casualties comparable to those of the Vietnam War and
has killed a minimum of tens of thousands of Iraqi

The neocons have destroyed Iraq`s
infrastructure, alienated the entire Muslim world and
made the US the most hated country on the planet.

What does Douglas Feith think the
effect would be on Shi`ite Iraq of a US attack on
Shi`ite Iran? The only reason the US army in Iraq has
not been totally destroyed is the wait-and-see attitude
of the majority Shi`ites, who expect to take control of
Iraq once there is an election.  If the US attacks Iran,
the Iraqi Shi`ite clerics will not be able to maintain
their neutrality toward the US occupation of Iraq.

The current Iraqi insurgency is
drawn from Sunni ranks. Sunnis comprise only 20% of
Iraq`s population. Yet, Sunnis have tied down 8 US
divisions while inflicting horrendous casualties on US
troops. If Bush escalates US aggression in the Middle
East, he will create a larger insurgency.

Imagine the US casualty rate if the
Iraqi insurgency was drawn from 80% of the population.
The temporary Shi`ite insurgency of the minor cleric, Al
Sadr, caused tremendous US consternation. What would be
the US casualty rate if, instead of sitting on their
hands, all the Shi`ites had joined the insurgency?

Iran covers almost four times the
area of Iraq and has more than 2.5 times the population.
If Bush attacks Iran, he will create an insurgency there
as well, one that could spill over into Pakistan,
Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Bush`s war is achieving a Shi`ite
unity that will redraw Middle Eastern boundaries and
eliminate secular Muslim governments. Shi`ite unity will
merge with the anti-American terrorists and drive all
Western expatriates out of the Middle East. Indeed, the
departures are already underway. Israel will be
isolated, exposed to the consequences of its aggression
against the Palestinians.

Fox "News" and right-wing
talk radio crazies misinform us that we are kicking
terrorist butt, but in non-delusional reality, we are
unifying Islam and ending forever Western influence in
the Middle East.


Paul Craig Roberts (email
) was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration
and formerly Associate Editor of the

Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing
Editor of
National Review.

He is the author with Lawrence M. Stratton of

The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and
Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name
of Justice