Union Boss Andy Stern and Barack Obama: Fiscal Responsibility Fraudsters

Everything you need to know about
President Obama`s commitment to fiscal responsibility
and cost containment can be summed up in two words:

Andy Stern
. The profligate, corruption-coddling head
of the powerful

Service Employees International Union
was named to
the White House debt commission last week. If Obama
thinks Stern holds the cure for our government spending
woes, you can be certain his latest health care
prescription will be fiscal hemlock.


Stern and his other federal debt panel
appointees as "distinguished individuals" who`ll bring a
"sense of
to the job. Tell that to rank-and-file
SEIU members across the country who have watched their
hard-earned dues go down the tubes under Stern`s
thugocracy. While fat-cat union bosses toss hundreds of
millions of dues into Democratic coffers, low-wage SEIU
members` pension funds are eroding and the
organization`s debt is piling up. And federal
prosecutors are reviewing requests that the union be
investigated for potential illegal lobbying activities
at the White House.

More damning: As head of the 2.2
million-member labor union, Stern directly installed a
cadre of labor management stooges embroiled in financial
scandals across the country.

SEIU crony Tyrone Freeman,
, began his career as an

urban community organizer
. In 1994, Stern plucked
Freeman from Georgia and set his loyalist up as head of
Local 6434, the sprawling home-care workers` chapter in
southern California that represents an estimated 160,000
workers who make about $9 an hour caring for the elderly
and disabled. Stern then named him a national vice
president. It was part of Stern`s grander plan to
consolidate power by merging locals into statewide

extensive investigation by the
Los Angeles Times

exposed how Stern`s protégé siphoned off hundreds of
thousands of dollars in dues money for his personal
enrichment and pleasure. Moreover, the paper alleged,
Stern helped cover up the scandal. Freeman lived
large—piping $600,000 in union contracts to his wife`s
video production and entertainment ventures. The local
also paid his mother-in-law $8,000 a month to babysit
his daughter and other union employees` children; footed
a $13,000 bill for membership at a Beverly Hills cigar
club; and forked over $8,000 in union dues to cover
expenses for Freeman`s Hawaiian wedding.

Stern`s handpicked flunky also
created a nonprofit training shop called the
"Homecare Workers
Training Center"
—ostensibly to provide educational
opportunities for nurses. In practice, the nonprofit
served as a conduit to subsidize a childcare business
operated by Freeman`s mother-in-law. Freeman`s local
also paid another $106,000 to Hollywood talent agency
William Morris for
"advice and counsel."

SEIU`s top officials were warned of
Freeman`s plundering six years before the paper blew the
whistle. After dragging its feet and being forced to act
to quell public embarrassment over the
Times investigations, SEIU finally threw Freeman under the bus. He
rebounded with a new career as a Los Angeles sports

Rickman Jackson, another Stern
administration protégé and former chief of staff to
Freeman, headed Michigan`s largest SEIU chapter before
for three years to a staff organizing
job after the revelation of financial shenanigans tied
back to Local 6434. While collecting a six-figure annual
salary in Michigan, Jackson was drawing a second salary
in California and accepted $33,500 in housing payments
on a residence listed as the business address of
Freeman`s bogus nonprofit housing corporation.

Another Stern administration

Annelle Grajeda
, rose to power after Stern installed
her as

president of the 80,000-member Local 721
in Los
Angeles. She ascended to positions on the union`s state
council and international executive board. Like Freeman
and Jackson, Grajeda had been voted onto Stern`s
official administration at the SEIU convention in 2008.

Whistleblowers detailed how
Grajeda`s ex-boyfriend, SEIU official Alejandro
Stephens, collected multiple salaries and consultant
fees from the union while also pocketing a salary as a
Los Angeles County health services employee. Grajeda
arranged for her ex-lover to get an eight-month leave of
absence from the job. He was fired after he refused to
return to work.

Grajeda quit
her California posts
after catching public flak and
found a new job—as special assistant to SEIU
secretary-treasurer (and Obama stimulus panel appointee)
Anna Burger in Washington, D.C. Grajeda now oversees
efforts to

"partner with the
Obama administration"
to secure more public
funds for SEIU projects involving infrastructure and
core public services, including care for the elderly,
health care, education and social services.

More recently, San Diego SEIU Local
221 came under fire last month for squandering dues on a
cozy $107,000 severance package and consultancy deal for
Stern`s former appointee Sharon Frances-Moore.

Freeman, Jackson, Grajeda and Moore
were all groomed by Stern and personally appointed by
him to the posts they exploited. Like Obama, Stern has
managed to pass the buck while pretending it stopped at
his desk. These fiscal responsibility fraudsters now
back a massive expansion of government`s role in health
care that they promise will rein in costs and root out
fraud. Insert laugh track here.



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