This Appalling Election And Pat Buchanan`s 70th Birthday

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Pat Buchanan`s 70th
birthday on Sunday came and went with disgracefully
little fanfare. But no-one casts a longer shadow over
this election—or means more for
in the wake of
the Great Bush Bust.

For many of

my generation
(I`m 25), who only know Pat as the
firebrand taking on the Establishment, liberal and
it`s hard to imagine that from 1965, when he
helped engineer
Richard Nixon`s

political comeback
, through the

Reagan administration
, where he

as one of the Gipper`s most trusted advisors,
Pat was one of the most prominent Republican insiders. 

Then in 1992 he almost took down a
sitting president in the primaries. He gave one of the

best-known convention speeches
in modern American
history.  In
1996, he came even closer to the nomination. 
In 2000, his brave Third Party bid did

not reach expectations
—tragically, because he can
now be seen to have been right on the issues—but
ironically his
showing among Palm Beach Jews
may have tipped the
election to George Bush.

Today, Pat is anything but a
political insider. But if you have any doubts about his
continuing significance, consider that he is the only
person that both the Obama and McCain camps have used to
smear the other through guilt by association.


Sarah Palin
was first selected as McCain`s vice
president, we learned that she may have supported Pat
during his 1996 primary campaign, when he won the state,
and that she once wore a Buchan pin to welcome him to


Obama spokesman
Mark Bubriski


"Palin was a
supporter of Pat Buchanan a right-winger or, as many
Jews call him: a Nazi sympathizer”

Of course, these are the same
liberals who are complaining that it is unfair to look
into Obama`s connections with convicted terrorist Bill
Ayers and with his anti-American,

Jeremiah Wright

And the Republicans were no better. 

Republican Jewish Coalition

ads attacking Obama
, arguing that  

“The AntiDefamation

Buchanan `publicly espouses racist,
anti-Israel and
anti-immigrant views.` Yet, Buchanan calls his views on
and the Palestinians the same as Obama`s.”

The McCain campaign was

quick to shut up
Carolina Republican Party
when they ran
ads tying Obama to Wright. But they did not make a peep
about this Republican group slandering a popular

Does this just mean Pat is
“radioactive”?  Sure—but
no more so than he was when he came close to winning the
Republican nomination in 1996. 
Pat has always been denounced by the
Establishment of the official Left and Right. But he has
never apologized and never backed down. 
Pat`s books are
bestsellers, and he is still one of the most
sought-after political commentators.

Pat doesn`t make
Every single word the SPLC or ADL has in their

of Pat Buchanan`s greatest un-PC quotes
were well thought-out and reasoned statements that Pat
will readily defend.

Pat has managed to maintain his
visibility because of his post-establishment
When Joe Six-Pack hears someone say
“Pat Buchanan is
a Nazi”
, his first response is
“I`ve heard him
on TV
for the last
and I haven`t heard anything like that”

Unfortunately someone with less
name recognition—even a senior editor at
National Review


or an
award winning editorial writer at the
Washington Times
afoul of the

PC Right

, they can easily be silenced and marginalized
(at least before the advent of the internet.)

Because there is no one nearly as
prominent with anything like Pat`s views, he has become
a hero to many disparate causes:

Southern Heritage
advocates, Paleoconservatives and
paleolibertarians, conservative economic nationalists
and non-interventionists, traditionalist Catholics,
patriotic immigration reformers

Working at Pat`s non-profit,
The American
, I truly have come to appreciate just how much
people expect from him. 
Every day, we get calls and e-mails wondering why
Pat won`t support this candidate, speak at this meeting,
why he said this or wouldn`t write that. The truth is that he is what he is; and
unfortunately he cannot be

all things to all people
In a saner world, there would be many more people
with views like Pat`s in high places. But there is only
one of him. 

There is only one Pat, and we need
to appreciate him for what he is. I quite literally believe that no living American
has done more for

Western Civilization.


Hundreds of years from now, when
the history is written of this odd time in which the
West openly cleared the way to its own destruction, the

Bill Buckleys
and the

Bill Kristols
will be long forgotten. 

But whether the historians are


scratching their heads
about what happened to a
once-great country, or—God willing—scholars in a healthy
American nation, looking back at our era as a youthful
indiscretion, Pat Buchanan will be remembered the lone
voice of sanity in a nation driven mad. 

Marcus Epstein [send
him mail
] is the founder of the
Robert A Taft Club
and the executive director of the
The American
Team America PAC
. A selection of his articles can be
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views he expresses are his own.