The Winchester Atrocity: Down The MSM Memory Hole While Cops Claim It`s Not A “Racial Crime”

112408_stix_1[1]It is now 40 days since the tortured corpses of
Marine Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak, a

immigrant, and his African-American bride of
two months, Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak, who
was gang-raped and tortured via
penetration with a foreign object
were found in
their new home in the small, Riverside County town of
Winchester, CA. I have dubbed this crime
“The Winchester


on the November 7 Good Morning America
, Chris
Cuomo said
“there`s more reporting to be done, to find out what`s
really behind this,”
ABC News has (as I predicted on
November 11, 2008) dropped the matter. And, with the
exception of a

November 12 New York Daily News story
, and a
brief story about the

accused`s not guilty plea
, American media silence
has reigned regarding the case since November 10.

As journalists write the lies that are the first
draft of
they are guided by the

lofty moral principle
that some lives are more equal
than others. Thus have the MainStream Media [MSM] sent

the Winchester Atrocity
down the memory hole.

Apologists for the MSM tirelessly repeat the cliché
about cable TV`s introduction of a

“24-hour news cycle”
(They mean

Fox News;
they never criticize socialist CNN.) The
24-hour news cycle has managed to run its endless loops
of the same-old, same-old, including stories condemning

“racist” European
for responding to the selection
of “Obama,”
as if they,

and not we
had a

First Amendment,
and blanket coverage of a

single drunken white-on-immigrant killing

Long Island
. But no further mention of the

On November 11, Veteran`s
Day, Pietrzak`s mother, Henryka Pietrzak-Varga, wrote a
letter, in Polish, addressed to the President-elect. She
sent the original to a Polish newspaper,
Dziennik Wschodni,
and an English translation
to the Daily News. The
Polish story
and the Daily News story
discussing it ran on the same day.

In this age of anarcho-tyranny, Americans must often
get their news of non-PC American incidents from foreign
sources. A letter about black racism (or most anything
else) addressed to George W. Bush would just be a waste
of time. And there is the symbolism of writing of the
murder of an interracial couple, in the home where
they`d planned to raise their family, to a
man born of such a union.
Who said Poles aren`t

112408_stix_002[1]Henryka Pietrzak-Varga, the mother of murdered marine
Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak wrote:

“Dear President-elect
Barack Obama,
they killed my son….

“Death at war
at the hands of an enemy is, for a soldier, a patriotic

“That fact
alone enables his family to come to grips with the loss.
The death of a soldier in his country and at the hands
of his own soldiers … is a source of endless suffering
for his family….

“Their lives
were taken in a bestial way. My son`s wife was raped in
a bestial way, most likely as my son looked on

“If it was a
robbery, why didn`t they come when nobody was home
instead of in the dead of night – armed to the teeth?

“Why did this
happen? What motivated them? What was it about my son
and daughter-in-law that inspired such hatred and

“[Mrs. Pietrzak`s parents] need to know why she, as a soldier`s wife,
was killed.”
of murdered marine Jan Pawel Pietrzak and

writes Obama for help
, By Corky
Siemaszko, November 12th 2008, 3:47 PM, Daily News.]

The questions are, of course, rhetorical. Mrs.
Pietrzak-Varga obviously knows full well why her son and
daughter-in-law were murdered, and, like Mrs. Pietrzak`s
mother, has rejected the official story. What she is
saying is:
“Attention must be paid.”

The Riverside County prosecutor`s office continues to
claim the motive was robbery. But DA Rod Pacheco has
himself given the lie to that story, which even ABC`s
Chris Cuomo scoffed.

Only one news story, however, has explicitly
addressed what others have tiptoed around gingerly, or
suppressed altogether.

“Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak`s father said he`s heard talk that the Marines
– all of whom are black – visited pain on his gorgeous
26-year-old daughter because she was black and Pietrzak
was white. But he`s not ready to accept that horrible

“`I have no
thought on any of that until the whole thing comes out,
until they finally figure out why that happened,`
said Roy Jenkins.” [`Nobody
deserves death like this,` says DA in torture, slay of
Marine, wife
, By Nancy Dillon and Corky
Siemaszko, November 10th, 2008, 5:07 PM, Daily News.]

If Mr. Jenkins waits on the
authorities for a straight answer, he will wait in vain.
Riverside County cops rushed to toe the PC line:

brutal murders of Brooklyn-raised Marine Sgt. Jan Pawel
Pietrzak and his wife had nothing to do with the fact
that he was white and she was black, a top cop said

“`There`s nothing to suggest what
happened was a racial crime,` Investigator Josh Button
of the

Riverside County Sheriff
`s Central Homicide unit
said. [Email
]`I`ve seen that reported, but it`s just people
looking at the case from the outside and making up their
own minds….`
slay of Marine and his wife was not racially motivated,
says cop

by Nancy
Dillon and Corky Siemaszko,
New York Daily News, 
November 14, 2008]

When the U.S. Marine Corps used to say that it was
looking for

“a few good men,”
somehow I don`t think it had these four
in mind:

From left, Kevin Darnell Cox, 20 (IL, TN); Emrys
Justin John, 18 (Baltimore); Tyrone Miller, 20 (NC); and
Kesaun K. Sykes, 21 (CA).

John and Miller served directly under Sgt. Pietrzak.
All four men confessed to elements of the crime, blaming
certain acts (e.g., the rapes) on their accomplices,
while denying their own culpability for them. At least
three of the suspects sound like gangbangers or
wannabes. Black and Hispanic gang-bangers are

, but applicants with white supremacist ties

automatically screened out of the recruiting process.

Only white groups count as
“hate groups”.

Pvt. Kesuan Sykes, who admitted to cutting off the
wife`s clothes, goes by the nickname,
Lance Cpl. Tyrone Miller, who allegedly forced his way
in the home by sticking a shotgun in Pietrzak`s face,
calls himself “Cripgeneral” on his Myspace page, and is being investigated for
possible ties to the


Pvt. Emrys John
, 18, of Baltimore, named as the
shooter by the three other suspects, had placed the
photo caption,
“Chillin waitin 4 da killin,”
on his Myspace page.
John is “an admitted collector of knives and swords”, who also wrote that in
his spare time,
“shooting s—“
“blowin s— up”
are a great
“stress reliever.”

According to friends of Pvt. Kevin Cox
, he is a

Reminiscent of the

Knoxville Horror
, rumors abound on the Web. Police
supposedly found

$50,000 in wedding

re-enlistment bonus
money in the house; the murders
were supposedly the result of a

drug deal gone bad

racial slurs
were supposedly found written on the
house`s walls.

Posters at newspaper Web sites complain of

pervasive censorship
against people explicitly
voicing their suspicions that the murders were racially

The most despicable rumor of all was floated in a
major newspaper. Alleged reporters Angela Montefinise
and Brad Hamilton wrote in

“Killer Marine`s
Revenge Motive”
, in the November 9 New York
, that “a close friend” of alleged shooter Emrys John, whose anonymity
Montefinise and Hamilton protected, claimed that
although John got along fine with Pietrzak, Tyrone
Miller had “complained of being mistreated by” Pietrzak:
“John told me the
sergeant was getting on Miller for the little things,
and I guess they got sick of it. I feel they just went
over there to scare them, not to kill.”

Well, in that case let`s give them all honorable
discharges and a tickertape parade!

In the context of the report, clearly the
“friend” fancies that her phony story is both credible and mitigates
the killers` guilt.

It is a common practice by journalists to go easy on
their sources. But there is no moral or professional
obligation to do so. My hunch is that reporters
typically do it because they agree with their sources.
If someone claiming to be a source is peddling a story
that is moronic and/or has presuppositions that support
pure evil, a responsible journalist has no business
reporting it, or may only mention it in the course of
exposing it and its purveyor`s dishonesty and/or

In his Pulitzer Prize-winning, 1985 study of Boston`s
insane, federally-imposed experiment with

forced busing
for racial integration, Common Ground,

J. Anthony Lukas, then a
New York Times
reporter with impeccable liberal bona fides, provided
four different explanations for why black Boston boys
and young men engaged in crime: Money, their own racism,
peer pressure and thrill-seeking. But were any Timesman
to write with such honesty today, he would quickly
become an ex-Timesman.

I called the Riverside County DA`s Office to check
out the rumors. But at press time, spokesman Michael
Jeandron had yet to respond to my message.

message boards,
some black posters showered contempt
on the victims and those who condemned the killings. But
other black posters, such as the one below, insisted
that the killings were racially motivated, and deserving
of honest reporting and the ultimate punishment.

November 10, 2008 12:51 PM

“I was sickened to hear of the murder of Sgt Pietrzak and his wife
Quiana, two wonderful young people…. No, I didn`t know
either of them personally, but when I heard the news
about their murder I took it very much to heart
nonetheless…and most of my weekend was spent in tears
and in outrage. Why? Because I am a former woman Marine,
a black woman who was married to a white man, another
Marine, while on active duty…and I remember all too
well how back then there were a number of people who
tried to made our lives a hell on earth simply because
we were an interracial couple!

“What I find
incredulous is how the media, officials and even
ordinary citizens are attempting to play down the true
and obvious reason why Sgt. Pietrzak and Quiana lost
their lives on October 15. So many people are in so much
denial regarding this case. I don`t believe for a
nanosecond that this crime against the Pietrzaks was
financially motivated. If money were the only motive,
then why commit a sexual assault? why attempt to set the
house on fire? Why are they behaving like the terrorist
these “marines” are supposedly protecting us against?

about this case points to a racially motivated hate
crime which is fueled by sexual jealousy! It is as much
of a hate crime as what happened in 1955 to Emmett Till
and in 1998 to Matthew Shepherd….

“All who truly
love America and personal freedoms and civil right
cannot allow others to sweep the facts under the rug.
Silence and denial equal complicity…and the reluctance
of the powers that be to tell the TRUTH about this
tragic case, and call it what it is…A HATE CRIME…
will ensure that justice will not be served on behalf of
the Pietrzaks, and that they will become yet another
anonymous and forgotten statistic.

“As far as I`m
concerned, those four MAGGOTS who committed this act of
barbarism have lost the right to refer to themselves as
Marines. They WILL be punished…if not in this world,
then for sure in the Next!”

Sgt Jan Pawel Pietrzak, Wife Quiana, Tortured and
Murdered by Four Black Marines
, Posted by Janet
Shan, November 7, 2008,

I often write about
racially-prejudiced black American women and bad
immigrants who find sanctuary for their crimes. Quiana
Jenkins-Pietrzak was a righteous black American woman
and Jan Pawel Pietrzak one of the good immigrants.

sanctuary for them.

Nicholas Stix [email

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