The Treason Lobby`s Phony Lawyer Racket

Want to pretend you`re an attorney
without ever going to law school or taking the bar exam?

Want to practice law and represent
clients before federal executive agencies without a

state bar license
—and not get

thrown in jail?

Then immigration law is for you!

Yes, for everyone who wants to save
tens of thousands of dollars in law school

and play “lawyer” anyhow—without
even so much as a college degree—the Treason Lobby can
help. You can be an “accredited representative”
of a non-profit, religious, charitable or “social

This bizarre career path is made
possible by the

Treason Lobby`s

partnership with the federal
immigration bureaucracy of the Department of Homeland
Security`s Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration
Services (USCIS),
and the Department of Justice`s alien-friendly Executive
Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).

Federal immigration regulations
allow non-profit groups to hire employees to fill the
function of lawyers and represent immigration clients
before the EOIR and the DHS.

These non-attorneys from
groups can give legal advice to their
“clients” and charge fees—just as if they were in
a law firm.

It`s all right there in the Code of
Federal Regulations. 8 C.F.R. sections



A separate exception allows for any

“reputable individual of good moral character”

to represent aliens in Immigration Court too. But, to
fit this exception, there must be a preexisting
relationship between the parties. And no fees can be

For the Treason Lobby`s special
non-profit exception, however, the “recognized” groups
can take alien clients right off the street . . . and
right under the nose of their definitely for-profit
allies in the immigration bar, who really are
licensed attorneys.

The Treason Lobby`s flagship

professional association
for immigration attorneys –
the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)
– apparently doesn`t have much to say about
non-attorneys muscling in on their turf.
[ note: Although it does have
something to say about; its new

"Restrictionist Watch"
feature attacks Peter

and Juan Mann

—pdf file, page 11

This silence may well be explained
by the fact that many of the same non-profit
“recognized” groups have

AILA member attorneys
on staff too.

The EOIR and the DHS currently
permit 503 “recognized organizations” of the
Treason Lobby to have 619 of their employees playing
These folks are allowed by the federal
government to represent clients in EOIR Immigration
Court, before the EOIR`s appellate body called the Board
of Immigration Appeals (BIA), and before Eduardo
Aguirre`s DHS-USCIS service centers and district

The EOIR publishes an updated list
of the “recognized organizations” and
“accredited representatives”
every three months. The
list of organizations authorized by the Departments of
Justice and Homeland Security to employ pretend-lawyers
reads like a who`s who of the Open Borders Lobby. readers can already guess
what`s coming. Guess who`s the biggest?

Yes! Out of the 503 “recognized
the undisputed leader of the pack,
with 156 separate

groups for a whopping 31 percent of the
nationwide total, is—

Catholic Charities

Then there are 26

Lutheran groups
, 22 offices of something called “The
International Institute,”
18 offices of “The
International Rescue Committee,”

Jewish groups
, 8 “World Relief Corporation”
offices, 3 Quakers, 2 Episcopalians, and 2

The rest are a hodgepodge of legal
aid operations and storefront leftist causes. Here`s a

  • Centro de
    Servicios Para Campesinos, Woodburn, Oregon

  • Chicanos Por

    La Causa
    , Inc., Somerton, Arizona

  • Coalition of California Welfare
    Rights Organizations, Sacramento, CA

  • Jamaat Ibad Ar-Rahman, Inc.,
    Durham, N.C.

  • Servicios
    Migratorios Casita Maria, Inc., Dallas, Texas

  • YWCA
    Intercultural Service Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma

There`s no other area of law where
non-lawyers are allowed to practice like this. It`s one
more example of how the Permanent Government extends
extraordinary privileges to the Treason Lobby—making the
importation of aliens not just easier, but also


Fortunately, federal regulations
are the responsibility of the Executive Branch. And we
have a

Republican President.

He could end this racket today.

What`s he waiting for?

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of