The State of Our Borders 2008

If you think the
America`s immigration problems, welcome to
your end-of-the-year reality check. It`s certainly true

illegal crossings
from the south are down and that
many foreign workers are returning to their native lands
as work dries up. But border chaos,

haphazard enforcement
, massive


negligence remain the order of the day.

A half-million citizenship
applications have been pending for more than nine
months. Some 700,000 illegal alien absconders—fugitives
from deportation
like Barack Obama`s aunt

Zeituni Onyango
—are free. An estimated 4-5 million

visa overstayers
from around the world

remain in the country
. Both Big Business and
left-wing ethnic groups have colluded to prevent an
employer verification program for workers` citizenship
status from getting implemented nationwide. And the
borders are still largely borders in name only.

In June, the White House pushed
through a $1.6-billion border security spending plan …
for Mexico and Central America. While our own border
fence remains incomplete, taxpayers shelled out for
helicopters, surveillance equipment, computer
infrastructure, expansion of intelligence databases,
anti-corruption initiatives, human rights education and
training, and anti-money laundering programs for our
southern neighbors. So, how`s the so-called

Merida Initiative
working out?

As terrorized citizens of Mexico
will tell you, all hell has broken loose. Corrupt police
officials and narco-insurgents have left a

horrific trail

beheaded and bullet-ridden bodies
in their wake on
both sides of the border.

Mexican Army incursions

U.S. territory
are a regular occurrence. In
Monterrey, bandits

opened fire and threw a grenade
at the U.S.
consulate this fall. A top Mexican immigration official
arrested in October
carrying about 77 kilos of pot
in Arizona. On a single weekend in Tijuana, 40 people
were murdered, including
nine victims
who were decapitated. Two weeks ago,
famed American anti-kidnapping negotiator

Felix Batista
disappeared from the
"relatively safe"
northern industrial city of

iin Coahuila state. No word on his

The apocalyptic conditions have
prompted some Mexican lawmakers to revisit the

country`s ban on capital punishment.
That`s right.
Members of the same foreign government that took America
to court over our death penalty laws—and tried to block
the state of Texas from executing
alien Death Row murderers
—are now open to the idea
of imposing the death penalty on the thugs on their own
soil. And after years of

vehement protests against the United States
for its
meager attempts at immigration enforcement, Mexico is
cracking down hard on illegal Cuban immigrants caught
trying to enter the country from the south. They forged
an agreement with Cuba to immediately send back illegal
aliens—none of that
mushiness for them—and punish human

Such lawlessness, Mexico has
apparently realized, is a grave threat to its people.
Without order, there can be no peace. And chaos, as I`ve
endlessly since September 11
, is an invitation for
those with far more nefarious intentions. Perhaps this
is why

Mexico slapped a 60-year prison term on a human smuggler

who helped some 200 illegal aliens cross into the United
States from Mexico—including

supporters. In a little-noticed
announcement this month, Mexican prosecutors reported
the stiff sentence against Salim Boughader Mucharrafille,
a Mexican
of Lebanese descent
who operated a cafe in Tijuana
and smuggled terrorist sympathizers into San Diego.
Mucharrafille`s accomplice was Imelda Ortiz Abdala, a
Mexican foreign service official who helmed the Mexican
consulate in


illegal alien demonstrations
ensued following the
sentencing. No cries of racism and xenophobia clouded
the news. No demands for amnesty and open borders arose.
One hopes the

incoming Obama
can learn from our neighbors to the south the hard
lesson Washington has abandoned since
: Immigration control is a

national security issue
. Blood-stained reality
clarifies the mind.



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