The Sailer [Immigrant Buyout] Scheme: Well—Why Not?

Now that the North and West African
of France are back to burning their usual several score
cars per night, instead of the 1,400 they torched

during the peak of rioting,
it`s time to take
another look at my

November 6th suggestion
of a push-pull program to
bring about large-scale Muslim emigration from Europe.

has, without my permission, decided to
call this “The Sailer Scheme”—to match my

Sailer Strategy
for GOP victory,

but not yet acknowledged by

Karl Rove

The Sailer Scheme for Europe:

  • Combine that with "buyout
    paying $25,000 (or more, if necessary)
    to pull the Muslims out.

After all, nobody else has come up
with any practical suggestions.

The conventional wisdom favors
France`s introducing

racial quotas.
But over the last 35 years,

haven`t exactly turned the

African-American underclass
into solid citizens.
Affirmative action may have greatly boosted the

incomes of the black middle class
—but they

weren`t the problem.

Nobody else has come up with any
practical suggestions because no-one wants to admit the
root of the predicament: the high quantity and low
quality of the Muslim populations of Europe.

Everybody knows that is the
underlying trouble. But they`re afraid to say it in
public because they fear that would make the Muslims

That`s exactly how I thought in
second grade when I used to get beat up by a bully: if I
hit back hard, that might make him stop, but it might
also make him really mad, and then he`d really whale on

Well, it was a stupid way to think,
but then, I was seven years old. I didn`t realize
bullyboys aren`t as tough as they want you to believe.

And the same is true when the
bullies are race rioters. These

"French" rioters
would have run home and hid under
their mothers` beds at the first "whiff
of grapeshot

Of course, Europe is so far away
from a rational policy to deal with its Muslim crisis at
present that the first step must be, as always:
Do no more harm. Stop immigration from Muslim countries
now. Then implement the push-pull program.

In fact, during the economic
downturn of

most European countries, unlike the U.S.,
did stop taking
"economic immigrants"
to "do the jobs
Europeans just won`t do."
Just as well—try to
imagine how dire the situation in Europe would be if
they hadn`t!

Unfortunately, Europe soon found
itself nickeled-and-dimed by continued “immigration
via loopholes”
—family reunification, refugees,
dubious asylum-seekers—and by outright illegal
immigration. Muslim border-sneaks typically enter the
Europe Union via a lackadaisically-administered but

Mediterranean country such as

, and then hightail it for the welfare
paradises of the gullible north.

Family reunification laws have
proven a particular disaster for Europe since they both
import and exacerbate one of the most medically and
socially deleterious customs of the Muslim world:

cousin marriage

A recent

BBC documentary
revealed that

55 percent
of married Pakistanis in Britain are

wed to first cousins
! That`s even a little higher
than the inbreeding

rates seen in Pakistan
—probably because
Muslims in Europe use cousin marriage as
an engine of immigration fraud.

Believing in true
love, European countries allow their citizens to bring
in their foreign spouses. But these Muslim-arranged
cousin marriages

seldom have anything to do with romance,
and often
everything to do with getting immigration visas for
extended family members. A Pakistani father in, say,


force his teenage daughter
to marry his brother`s
son, her first cousin

back home in Lahore
, because that benefits the

entire clan.
The bride`s happiness is of little

Besides causing
birth defects and lowering IQ and general health, cousin
marriage goes hand in hand with abuse of women, which we
in the West despise. The political impact is also

White Europeans
are supposed to be beating
themselves up with guilt right now over their

failure to "integrate" Muslims.
But arranged
cousin marriages are the surest engine for

maintaining Muslim ethnocentrism
by keeping
immigrant clans inwardly focused and closely tied to the
old country.

The solution: If
Muslim immigrants put such a high value on

family reunification,
they can move back to the
Old Country

One common reaction to my buyout
plan: Wouldn`t it cause a worker shortage in Europe?

For years the globalist overclass`
media organs, such as the

Wall Street Journal


The Economist,

have been telling us that

Europe desperately needs immigrant workers
to do the
jobs Europeans won`t do and to bail out the pensions of
its aging work force.

(But, now, they tell us that the
Muslims are rioting because they are

sitting around collecting unemployment.
So which is

Economists tend to be skeptical of
sob stories about “shortages” because the market
has ways of dealing with them: by (a) raising

(i.e. wages,) thus calling forth more supply;

, which in this case means

—something the

have been

doing for years.

But even if Europe had a worker
shortage, Europeans could simply work harder.
Between 1970 and 2002, the average number of hours
worked per year fell 24 percent in Germany and 17
percent in France, but rose 20 percent in the U.S.
Americans have a standard 40 hour work week and
typically get two weeks vacation per year, for a total
of 2,000 hours worked annually (40 hours times 50
weeks). That`s 22 percent more hours per year worked
than the 1,645 hours worked under the

French laws
mandating a 35-hour workweek and five
weeks of vacation.

French and German workers actually
have slightly

higher productivity per hour
than Americans (which
is maybe not surprising, considering how well rested
they are!) So, the European economic predicament is
hardly hopeless.

VDARE.COM`s readers had a number of
good suggestions for making the buyout program work.

Some pointed out that the buyout
offer is much less unthinkable than I assumed. A number

European governments
have shown already that they
don`t object to buyouts on principle. The problem has
been that they haven`t tried buy-outs on the financial
scale necessary to make them work. The Dutch "
program offered families 6,000 Euros to leave, but
that`s hardly enough to get them to give up the soft
life in a

European welfare state.

How much would it cost to get a
significant fraction of

poor Muslims
to leave Europe? I don`t know, but it
could and should be studied through standard marketing
research methods.

It`s worth noting that
contributor Randall Burns has

that, on the

dowry market in India,
the value of an H-1b visa to
work in America is about $50,000. I suspect that that
amount per person, or a quarter of a million dollars for
a family of five, would prove adequate to encourage
substantial emigration from Europe.

Even at $50 billion per million
Muslim emigrants, the cost would be quite reasonable.

How could the system be made
fraud-proof? A reader in


reservation I have is, these suckers are so good at
tricking the system, it could well cause an unmanageable
influx. To frustrate them, the payment must both be
constant and spread over a long enough time period so
that it`s both convincing (being chronic shysters, it`s
very difficult to make them trust others) and
effective—once they see the results, multiple
installments will eventually get them going."

To prevent fraud, the annual
disbursal of funds would only be made in person at
European consulates in the

Muslim ancestral country

And the recipient would have to
show his passport to prove he hadn`t gone back to the
European country. 

Bottom line: it`s time for
Europeans to gin up their courage and start discussing
practical plans for

saving their civilization.

Bullies aren`t as scary as they

And then, maybe, even Americans
might be allowed to think about the unthinkable (a

stateside Sailer Scheme
?) too.

[Steve Sailer [email
him] is founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute and

movie critic

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