The Rise Of The Egalitarian Society Means The Death Of The Free Society

If you would understand why America
has lost the dynamism she had in the 1950s and 1960s,
consider the new Paycheck Fairness Act passed by the
House 256 to 162.

The need for such a law,

Valerie Jarrett, the ranking
woman in Barack Obama`s White House
, is that
"working women are still paid only 77 cents for every dollar earned by a

But why is that a concern of the
U.S. government, and where is the empirical evidence
that an inequality of pay between the sexes is proof of
sexist hostility to women?

On average,



; blacks less than whites.

earn more than Muslims; Jews more than
Jehovah`s Witnesses. And
earn more than

Puerto Ricans.

Does that prove America is a racist
and religiously bigoted country?

The assumption of the
Jarrett-backed law is that the sexes are equal in


, drive and interest, and if there is a
disparity in pay, only bigotry can explain it.

But are there not other, simpler
answers for why women earn less?

Perhaps half of American women
leave the job market during their lives, sometimes for
decades, to

raise children,
which puts them behind men who never
leave the workforce. Women gravitate to teaching,


secretarial and service work
, which pay less than
jobs where men predominate:

, manufacturing, construction and the


Over 95 percent of our 40,000 dead
and wounded from


were men.

Men in prison
outnumber women 10 to one. Is that the
result of sex discrimination?

Sports have become a national
obsession, and among the most rewarded professions in
fame and fortune. And TV viewers

to watch male athletes compete in baseball,
basketball, football, hockey,

, tennis and boxing.

Is unequal pay for men and women
professional athletes a matter for the government?

Larry Summers

lost his job
as president of Harvard for

that women have less aptitude for
higher math
and that may explain why they are underrepresented on
Ivy League faculties in the sciences, economics and
math. Would not that male aptitude help explain why men
are dominant in

investment banking
where salaries are among the highest?

Jarrett wants to empower the Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission to more closely
monitor all businesses until women reach pay parity.

But if inequality of pay is a
result of human nature and a free society, a greater
equality of rewards can only be achieved through
coercion, a government declaring its value, economic
parity, to be supreme, and imposing its value and its
preferred pay structure upon employers.

If this is where America is headed,
why not go all the way and dictate that Asians and
Hispanics, Muslims and Jews, women and men, blacks and
whites, gay and straight must all be paid the exact same
for the same work—and let the EEOC hire 100,000 more
bureaucrats to see that it happens?

Would that be a great country or a
socialist hell?

And before we empower the EEOC to
monitor every business for sexism and racism, perhaps
the commissioners will explain why African-Americans are
40 percent of
all EEOC
while only 10 percent of the civilian
labor force.
Not a
single white male sits on the commission.

Whence comes this egalitarian

Not from our Declaration of
Independence, which spoke of all men being equal in
endowed rights to life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness. Nor from the America Revolution,
which was about liberty not equality, not this alien
ideology of egalitarianism.

Equality is not even mentioned in
the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, and the

14th Amendment`s
"equal protection"
clause did not even make an
appearance until after the
And that was about equal justice under law, not
the socioeconomic equality of all Americans.

No, this egalitarian ideology is
traceable to the

French Revolution,
where the royalty and aristocracy
went to the

in the name of

Under the Paycheck Fairness Act,
writes Jarrett,
"employers will be required to prove in court that any
wage differences were based on factors other than
sex—such as education, training or experience—and were
consistent with business necessity."

In short, women alleging sexist
practices by their bosses do not have to prove their
guilt. The boss must prove his innocence. This is
another way of saying businessman are to be presumed
guilty when charged.

If that is not un-American, it
surely once was.

Should this bill become law, the
effects are predictable: more forms to be filled out by
businesses, more bureaucrats for the EEOC, more charges

sex discrimination,
more class-action suits, more

more lawyers getting rich
via the litigious looting
of the private sector.

America`s decline is directly
related to the growth in government power and the
concomitant loss of freedom.

Except in God-given and

constitutional rights,
we are not equal. We are all
unequal. The utopian promise of equality is but the
banner of every power-hungry politician in modern
history. And the rise of the egalitarian society means
the death of the free society.



Patrick J. Buchanan


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