The Right Plays The Race Card

Last week, I

skewered Democrat opportunists
who have turned into
tough-sounding profiling advocates to exploit the White
House ports debacle.

Today, I must express bottomless
disgust with those on the Right who have turned into
mush-mouthed race-card players to shift blame away from
President Bush for his miserable mishandling of the

It`s one thing for feckless
grievance-mongers on the Left to accuse Americans
genuinely concerned about national security of
Islamophobia. It`s quite another for the Right to sink
to such a level in accusing all good-faith critics of
demagoguery. Reasonable people can disagree on the
process pitfalls and security implications of the deal.
But the elite Right has simply lost its marbles:

  • Conservative commentator

    Larry Kudlow
    : "This whole brouhaha
    surrounding the Bush administration`s green-light to
    a United Arab Emirates company slated to manage six
    major U.S. ports has nothing to do with protecting
    homeland security. Allow me to give it its proper
    name: Islamophobia."

  • New York Times columnist

    David Brooks:
    "This Dubai port deal has
    unleashed a kind of collective mania we haven`t seen
    in decades. First seized by the radio hatemonger

    Michael Savage,
    it`s been embraced by
    reactionaries of left and right, exploited by Empire
    State panderers, and enabled by a bipartisan horde
    of politicians who don`t have the guts to stand in
    front of a xenophobic tsunami."

The UAE is our "friend," we
are told, and to question that assertion, we are
scolded, is to engage in reckless prejudice and
life-threatening insult. Yes, well, some friends are
more equal than others. To

trust a longtime, stalwart Western
democracy more than an Arab newcomer with a mixed record
on combating terror, international crime and Islamic
extremism is not "Islamophobia." It`s self-preservationism
in a time of war.

We are at war, aren`t we?

President Bush himself is
ultimately responsible for encouraging the race-card
players, thanks to his stunning comment that "those who
are questioning" the deal need to "step up and
explain why all of a sudden a Middle Eastern company is
held to a different standard than a Great British

Yes, there are countless

homegrown terrorists across England,
Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co., the
maritime company purchased by state-owned Dubai Ports
World, operates. So what? So, now, a peaceful Western
democracy that is infiltrated against its will by al
Qaeda is on the same plane as an

Arab federation
whose ruling emiratis ran
interference for Osama bin Laden before Sept. 11, which
continued to be a logistical hub for al Qaeda for years
after, which refuses to recognize the existence of
Israel, bans our textbooks as "racist" because
they point out Syria`s state sponsorship of terrorism,
and is boycotting Denmark over the Mohammed Cartoons?

Now, all the proselytizers who tell
us to collect the dots and connect the dots want us to
throw them all away lest we give offense?

Yes, the UAE has taken steps to
cooperate in the War on Terror after the Sept. 11
attacks. Give them a pat on the back. But don`t tell me
that their actions over the past four years elevate them
to the same level of partnership and trustworthiness as
Great Britain.

That`s offensive.

Perhaps Bush should consult with
his own Justice Department, which understood the need
for heightened scrutiny of

Middle Eastern illegal aliens
in the immediate
aftermath of Sept. 11, and instituted temporary targeted
fingerprinting and registration policies for Middle
Eastern tourists, businessmen and students.


Perhaps he should ask his own
Border Patrol, which is on heightened alert for

illegal Middle Eastern border-crossers.


Perhaps he should ask his own FBI,
which is zeroing in on mosques and Muslim charities
instead of

Lutheran churches
and the March of Dimes in the
domestic War on Terror.


(But don`t bother asking
Transportation Department Norm Mineta anything—well,
other than "Why the heck are you still here, Normie?")

The sad lesson of Portgate: Scream
"racism" loud enough, and people will blame the
messengers and back down. By the Bush standard, we who
put American security above Arab sensitivity are all
bigots now.

Michelle Malkin [email
her] is author of

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