The Pearl Street Scam—Or How To Displace American Workers Without Quite Breaking The Law

Several people in places

Detroit, Michigan
got suspicious when employment ads
in local newspapers requested that their resumes should
be sent to a location in Dallas, Texas —on Pearl Street.
Without exception the people who sent resumes to Pearl
Street never got replies. It`s as if their resumes were
being sucked into a

black hole.

For several months,
there were discussions on
about the mystery of Pearl Street.
Eventually several very clever people on those message
threads pieced the puzzle together and figured out what
was happening to their resumes. More importantly they
cracked THE CODE. (Carrie`s
blog has a very good summary of the entire

Job ads that contained
the Pearl St. mailing address aren`t hard to find. They

sometimes posted
on the

Department of Labor Job Bank
and they often appear
in newspaper classifieds for private companies. (NOTE:
America`s Job Bank is changing to

America`s Job Exchange
. A couple of examples follow
at the end of this article, and one of them was scanned
from the San Luis Obispo Tribune. [PDF])

One thing that these job
ads have in common: a job code at the end of each ad.
Sometimes it`s very obvious because it`s preceded with
the letters “ETA” which is short for the DOL
Employment and Training Administration. Look for the
bolded numbers in italics in the examples below.

The first question you
might be asking: what is at Pearl Street in Dallas
Texas? The answer:

Dept. of Labor ETA
, an office that processes Labor
Certifications. This is their contact information:

Department of Labor

Employment and Training Administration
North Pearl St., Suite 400N

Dallas, Texas 75201

Phone: (214) 237-9111
(214) 237-9135

Now that you know what
is at Pearl Street, your next question might be why
resumes are sent there?

Allow me to answer that!

These ads are run on
websites and newspapers to comply with the

Labor Certification Process for Green Cards
that there are no Americans that are
qualified and/or willing to take the job. (Labor
Certification isn`t needed for H-1B, L-1, or H-2B visas
since employers don`t have to prove anything to hire

The process begins when resumes are received by the
DOLETA office (in this case on Pearl Street in Dallas).
They assign a case ID number that is based on the job
code. Resumes are then routed to the

employer`s immigration attorney
by referencing the
case ID. Usually it`s the attorney who makes the
determination as to whether the US worker is qualified,
although sometimes it might be someone in the HR

like a trained human resources specialist.

The DOL assumes that immigration attorneys who do
these case reviews are

"officers of the Court"
who are honest and have
integrity. (See my article

Immigration Lawyer Indictments Expose H-1B Fraud
It`s all done on an honor system. Employers who reject
resumes from

qualified Americans

rarely challenged
about why they did so. And even if
they are questioned, they are almost never stopped from
doing so.

It`s a

very lucrative business for the attorneys
and it`s
easy work—all they have to do is to stash the resumes in
a reject pile, which then finds its way to a paper
shredder or a trash bin.

Now that you know about
the job ads let`s follow a few easy steps to crack the
job code.

1) The
first thing to do is to find job ads with job codes. A
couple of examples are provided below. The job code is
usually near the end of the job description. By
searching with Google, you will find no shortage of
them, and you can bet that there are similar ads for the
other ETA offices in the U.S. The easiest way to search
for these sham ads is to search for the address of the
ETA office. In the case of the Pearl Street office, the
Google search is done for

700 North Pearl St., Suite 510, Dallas, TX

2) All
of these ads have a job code near the end of the
description. In “Example 1” below the Halliburton
ad has a job code of "D-05221-95808".

3) Once
you have the code go to this

DOLETA database
search engine page to see the status
of the Labor Certification.

4) Plug
in the job code into the box called “labor code”
and then click search—most of the time you can copy and
paste the code. Be sure to have the code formatted as
required or you won`t get any results. You must have a
"D-" in front of the number even if the ad
doesn`t include it.

5) In
the case of Halliburton the results are as follows:

ETA Case Number:  D-05193-13293

Processing Type:  TR

Status:   IN PROCESS

The status is rather
obvious—in this case it means the labor certification
for a visa is "in process". If you are curious
about the processing type, the best place to learn more
is the

Programmer`s Guild
page on


While doing these code
cracks it`s very important to understand that

running sham ads
to reject

qualified Americans
is LEGAL. The DOL has no
authority to stop this practice because of the loopholes
in the law. So complaining about fraud will do no good
until the laws are changed. The

functions as a rubber stamp which does nothing
much more than to facilitate the ruse.

Sure, you can mail in a
resume for one of those job ads. But if you are a U.S.
citizen, you will be rejected. Actually, you will be
rejected whoever you are—unless you are the alien who
the employer has already chosen to hire

Labor certification is a
rigged game. And the losers are American workers.
Usually the foreign worker is already on the payroll
with an H-1B visa before the ads are run, so the job
position is already filled (that`s almost always the
case if the processing type is RIR).

Either way the
processing type doesn`t matter, because the employer has
no intention of hiring an American once they post the
phony job ads. Running an ad is a mere formality to
satisfy the loopholes in the law.

Hope all of you have
some fun by doing lots of code cracking. Here are two
examples of the ads.

Example #1

Hotjobs at Yahoo

for Halliburton


Location Houston, TX

Position Type Full-Time, Employee

Salary Unspecified

Experience 1-2 Years Experience

Date Posted July 22, 2007

Software Developer II. Develop software code for
geophysical and geological interpretation applications
on UNIX and Windows NT based platforms, using JAVA, C++
and Visual C++ programming languages along with COM
technology, X-Motif, and standard development tools such
as debuggers, profilers and graphical interface
designers. Using knowledge of Raster Image file
processing, develop graphics viewing applications.
Implement the final design of products using domain
experience in geology or geophysics. Requires a Master`s
degree in Computer Science and 2 yrs. exp. in the job
offered or 2 yrs. related exp. in Software Development
involved in development and maintenance of geoscience
data interpretation software applications running in a
combination of UNIX and Windows environments. 40 hours
per week, 9AM to 6PM, M-F. Job Location: Houston, TX
77042. Salary $76,800 per year. Send resume by fax or
mail to: Attention: D-05221-95808. 700 North Pearl St., Suite
510, Dallas, TX 75201. Fax: 214/237-9116.
Job Order Number 500477326. EOE.

Example #2

Career Builder
El Paso Times

Automotive Diesel Mechanic: $16.49/hr


Automotive Diesel Mechanic: $16.49/hr. Work Schedule:
9:00a.m -5:00 p.m. Repairs and maintains diesel engines
used to power tractors, trailers, and trucks using hand
tools and knowledge of diesel mechanics. Diagnose
trouble, disassemble engines, and replace defective
parts. To test engine to assure proper re-pair. 2 yrs.
exp. req. Must own standard and metric wrenches,
ratchets, and sockets. Job located in El Paso, Texas.
Resumes in response to this position must reference AJB#
500487852 and ETA#
. Resumes may be MAILED TO:
700 North Pearl St., Suite 510, Dallas, TX 75201
FAXED TO: (214) 237-9116.

Source – El Paso Times – El
Paso, TX

Be sure to document what
you find by saving the web page. Phony job ads usually
disappear from the internet as soon as the visa is

Most importantly, get
very angry. Tell your friends and family why you resent
being cheated out of a job!

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