The John & Ken Show Decides: Dump Dreier!

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The day
Cruz Bustamante
was sworn in as Speaker of the
California Assembly (I can`t remember the year, I
blocked most of it out), one of our staff members walked
into my office, fresh from Rules Committee. His face
reflected utter confusion as he informed me that my
floor pass for the swearing-in ceremony had been
revoked. I asked why. He just pointed toward the

I walked out to find my fellow
Republican staffers gaping at the gaggle of Hispanic
middle school kids passing our offices on their way to
the ceremony, clutching our floor passes in their hot
little hands.

The new Speaker was exploiting his
indirect control over the Rules Committee—the chairman
of which he would get to appoint—before he was even
sworn in.

The Committee on Rules is an
anomaly in the American legislative system. Because they
control everything. And they love to remind you.

By everything I am of course
including the legislative calendar and committee hearing
schedules. But also the little things—such as floor

Rules is the only environment where
senior aides are less powerful than the bubble
gum-popping, twenty-one year old intern who works the
reception desk. (I learned this the hard way. I
commented on the gum-popping and we finally got our
business cards only when our principal was about to
leave office.)

So to say Congressman David Dreier
(R-Ca), Chairman of the U.S. Congress`s Committee on
Rules, is

"one of the most powerful people in Washington,"

is like saying Torquemada was involved in the

But John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of
the popular

John & Ken Show
on Los Angeles` KFI radio are
not impressed and more importantly, not intimidated.

Recently they began a special
segment called Political Human Sacrifice, where
listeners got to call in their vote for the
Representative they felt had the worst record on
immigration reform. The "winner" would be
That "winner" is David Dreier.
(Also on the list was the Democratic sacrifice, Rep. Joe
Baca—more below.) [see

The John & Ken Show Roils California`s Congressional
By Brenda Walker, August 05, 2004]

I love it. This is one of the
greatest ideas in modern campaign history, not to
mention the funniest.

John and Ken began by asking Rep.
Dreier for an interview. He ignored these requests but
did send them an invitation to his now-infamous convention party at a
Greenwich Village bowling alley

John and Ken sent

this response
via their blog:

"Today, John & Ken received their invitation to Dreier`s
Bowling party. We want you to call the R.S.V.P. number
to let Congressman David Dreier know that coming on the
show and addressing illegal immigration is more
important than planning "Apple Martini and Bowling"
parties. Click


to see Dreier`s invite. Call 212-330-7615 to R.S.V.P."

John & Ken have figured out the
scam. They don`t answer to Dreier or anyone else. These
treacherous politicians answer to them.

Let`s take a look at the evolution
of Rep. Dreier`s immigration policy which led to his
political sacrifice.

These were his comments made to the
Young Republicans in 2000.

  • "Voters want results from their representatives in
    Washington—both in Congress and in the White House.
    Working families see problems like illegal
    immigration, a broken welfare system and economic
    insecurity, and they want action."

  • "The 104th Congress has achieved important results in
    areas that are most important to California,
    especially addressing the federal failure to control
    the border, lift from California taxpayers the costs
    of illegal immigration."

    Judge 104th Congress by Results

Good stuff! And six months after September 11th,
Dreier made this speech before Congress.

  • "For far too long, responsible immigrants who have
    tried to go through the proper channels have had their
    dreams of citizenship denied because of bureaucratic
    incompetence. All the while, illegal immigrants have
    been able to escape detection and even use America`s
    freedoms against us, with tragic results. After
    September 11th, we have refocused on the importance of
    sound, reasonable immigration policy. This bill will
    help us get back to basics and improve the way our
    government deals with immigration."

    House Overwhelmingly Passes INS Reform
    , April 25,

Hmm. Did Dreier just acknowledge
that it was our immigration policy (stupid!)
that enabled the attacks of September 11th?

Yep, he did.

However, it was after this speech
that Dreier went on to support amnesty as well as
medical benefits for

illegal aliens

What gives? Answer: apparently

Karl Rove`s White House
gives—it gives Dreier a

banana backbone

I put Congressman Joe Baca,
however, in a slightly different category.

Both Baca and Dreier serve on the
House Committee for U.S./Mexico relations. (I can`t even
believe we have such a committee—where is the U.S./

Committee?) Both he and Dreier have voted
consistently pro-immigration.

The difference is: I expect it from
Baca. He is, after all, a
professional Mexican
. He campaigns on an open
pro-immigration policy. But Dreier is the tricky guy who
takes one girl to the dance but goes home with another.

"Professional Mexican?"
Before anyone has kittens, let me explain what I mean.

Rep. Baca has an impeccable
professional résumé. He was a paratrooper in Vietnam
with both the 82nd and
101st Airborne Division
, which means he is
definitely not a "girly-man." He is one of fifteen children from a
non-English speaking home who went on to graduate from
college, working his way through by one menial job after
another. Bottom line, Joe Baca is a hard worker and a
brave soul.

But these accomplishments are
rarely mentioned because Baca ran a "Vote for me I
am Latino"
campaign. In Congress, his policy has
addressed, by and large, only the needs of the
Latino community

So, yes, Baca is a target for
Political Sacrifice due to his irresponsibility with
immigration policy. He refuses to dam the flood of his

voter base
, umm I mean, illegal alien population.

But Rep. David Dreier is truly a
disappointment. He acknowledges the need for reform— but

in the web of fear spun by President Bush`s

spin spiders
. (And I like David Dreier and
President Bush.)

The John and Ken Show will attack
these two on air and on their website up until Election
Day. They will encourage everyone to vote against Dreier
and Baca.

Who knows? Maybe Congressman Dreier
will finally listen to his forgotten constituents. The
ones the Republican Party

left behind
when they hopped the fast train for
Sell-Out City
. (I hope so because without his Apple
Martini party with
half-dressed women on trapeze
, the next Republican
convention will be about as exciting as an Ethiopian

And maybe, just maybe, Congressman
Baca will realize that there are other racial groups in
his district.

Hey Baca, if they met you, they
might even vote for you.

Give it a shot.

Bryanna Bevens [email
her] is a political consultant and former chief of staff
for a member of the California State Assembly.