The `Good War` and the Terrible Peace

In attacking my book Churchill, Hitler and `The Unnecessary War`: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World,
Davis Hanson, the

court historian
of the

, charges me with "rewriting …
and showing "ingratitude" to


British soldiers
who fought World Wars I and II.

Both charges are false, and
transparently so.

Hanson cites not a single fact I
got wrong and ignores the fact that the book is
dedicated to my mother`s four brothers who fought in
World War II. Moreover, the book begins by celebrating
the greatness of the British nation and heroism of its

Did Hanson even read it?

The focus of "The Unnecessary
is on the

colossal blunders by British statesmen
that reduced
Britain from the

greatest empire since Rome
into an island dependency
of the United States in three decades. It is a
cautionary tale, written for America, which is

the same path Britain trod in the early
20th century.

Hanson agrees the

Versailles Treaty of 1919
was "flawed," but
says Germany had it coming, for the harsh peace the
Germans imposed on France in 1871 and Russia in 1918.

Certainly, the amputation of

by Bismarck`s Germany was a

that engendered French hatred and a passion
for revenge. But does Teutonic stupidity in 1871 justify
British stupidity in 1919?

Is that what history teaches,

In 1918, Germany accepted an
armistice on

Wilson`s 14 Points
, laid down her arms and
surrendered her High Seas Fleet.

Yet, once disarmed, Germany was
subjected to a starvation blockade, denied the right to
fish in the Baltic Sea, and saw all her colonies and
private property therein confiscated by British, French
and Japanese imperialists, in naked violation of
Wilson`s 14 Points.

Germans, Austrians and Hungarians
by the millions were then consigned to Belgium, France,

, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Poland and
Lithuania, in violation of the principle of

Germany was sliced in half,
dismembered, disarmed,


unpayable debt
and forced, under threat of further
starvation and invasion, to

she alone was morally responsible for the
war and all its devastation—which was a lie, and the
Allies knew it.

Where was Hitler born?

"At Versailles," replied
Lady Astor.

As for the

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Germany imposed on Russia in
1918, is Hanson aware that the prison house of nations
for which he wails, which was forced to disgorge

, the Baltic republics,


and the Caucasus, was ruled by Bolsheviks?

Was it a war crime for the Kaiser
to break up Lenin`s evil empire?

Two years after Brest-Litovsk,
Churchill himself was urging Britain to revise
Versailles, bring Germany into the Allied fold and
intervene in Russia`s civil war—against Lenin and

As for my thesis that the British
war guarantee to Poland of March 31, 1939, was the
"Fatal Blunder"
that guaranteed World War II and
brought down the British Empire, Hanson is mocking:

"Buchanan argues that, had the imperialist

Winston Churchill
not pushed poor Hitler into a
corner, he would have never invaded Poland in 1939,
which triggered an unnecessary Allied response."
Bad War?,
National Review Online, June 5, 2008]

First, Hanson should get his prime
ministers straight. It was Neville Chamberlain who
issued the war guarantee to Poland after the collapse of
his Munich accord. Churchill was not even in the

Second, Hanson implies that I
portray Hitler as a misunderstood victim. This is
mendacious. Hitler`s foul crimes are fully related.

Third, was it moral, Hanson, for
Britain to promise the Poles military aid they could not
and did not deliver, thus steeling Polish resolve to
resist Hitler and guaranteeing Poland`s annihilation?

Was it wise, Hanson, for Britain to
declare a world war on the strongest nation in Europe
over a town,

, where the British prime minister thought
Germany had the stronger claim?

What were the consequences for
Poland of

trusting in Britain?

Crucifixion on a Nazi-Soviet cross,

Katyn massacre of the Polish officer corps
Treblinka and Auschwitz, annihilation of the Home Army,
millions of brave Polish dead, half a century of
Bolshevik terror.

And how did Churchill honor
Britain`s commitment to Poland?

During trips to Moscow, Churchill
bullied the Polish prime minister into ceding to

that half of his country Stalin had gotten
from his devil`s pact with Hitler, and yielded to
Stalin`s demand for annexation of the
Baltic republics
and Bolshevik rule of a dozen
nations of Eastern and Central Europe.

Was it worth 50 million dead,
Hanson, so Stalin, whose victims, as of Sept. 1, 1939,
were 1,000 times Hitler`s, could occupy not only Poland,
for which Britain went to war, but

all of Christian Europe to the Elbe?

Churchill was right when he told
FDR in

December 1941 i
t was "The Unnecessary War"
and right again in 1948, when he wrote that, in Stalin,
the world now faced

"even worse perils"
than those of Hitler.

So, what had it all been for?

Historian Hanson should

go back to tutoring undergrads
about the

Peloponnesian War
and the
Syracuse Expedition.



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