The Fulford File, By James Fulford

Ford-ing The Rio Grande;

The Detroit Free Press
reports that a Mexican-American vice-president of the
Ford Motor Company has acquired

dual citizenship
and he is endorsing the

Matricula Consular
card—one of which he now has,
himself, although he`s technically still an American

Motor Co. Executive Vice President James Padilla became
one of Detroit`s most prominent Mexican citizens Friday,
receiving his citizenship and the controversial
Matricula Consular identification card.

“…Padilla acknowledges the card is used by some
undocumented Mexicans to stay in the United States
illegally. But he points to the hundreds of thousands of
Mexicans across the country and in Michigan who are here
legally and work and pay taxes and who can benefit from
the consular ID cards.

lived overseas and I know, to get integrated into a new
society, you have to have ID in that society,` said
Padilla, a Detroit native who now has dual citizenship
in the United States and Mexico. ”
Vice President Acquires Mexican Citizenship, Id Card

, December 6, 2003, By Alejandro Bodipo-Memba]

Of course, legal immigrants have
ID. The only reason for a Mexican citizen in the
United States to have a matricula is because he
doesn`t have a Green Card.

Possession of

Matricula Consular
is evidence that the
bearer is an illegal alien.

The Green Card is a

document (with a

) issued by the hard-to-corrupt bureaucracy of the
United States Government.  

The Matricula is an insecure
document issued by the for-sale-cheap bureaucracy of the
Mexican Government, which is complicit in Mexican
illegal immigration to the United States.



Terry Anderson
has a matricula with his
picture on it. He bought it for a small sum in cash from

man on the street
. When he was on a radio show with
a Mexican Consul he said “If this is a secure
document, how come I have one?”

The Mexican Government issued a

press release
on the Padilla dual citizenship
ceremony. (I wonder what you swear to, in

this kind of ceremony
. Is it called a Disloyalty
Oath?) It says that

“Padilla, a Detroit native, will put the card to good
use in his frequent travels to Mexico on business. 
Padilla is proud of his Mexican heritage and is active
in supporting the Mexican-Americans in Michigan and the
United States.  He currently sits on the board of
directors of his alma mater, the University of Detroit
Mercy and has been influential in helping Mexican
exchange students gain access to U.S. universities and
college across the country.”

Ordinarily, of course, the first
thing that would come to mind when an executive at a

major corporation
backs illegal immigration is
“cheap labor.”

There, we`re dealing with people
whose loyalty to the corporation comes before their

In this case, I`d suggest that Mr.
Padilla`s loyalty to the “Mexican-Americans in
Michigan and the United States
” comes before both
his loyalty to Ford—and his loyalty to the
country where he was born.

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Look Who`s More Loyal Than
“Conservative Republicans”

Clayton Cramer noted in his weblog
in September that

“Conservative Republicans
[!] in
Idaho are in the forefront of efforts to encourage
illegal immigration, but there are elected officials
here who think this is a serious mistake.”

He quoted

 by one such official:

“I am accusing

Larry Craig
, Mike
, Butch

, and Mike
of collaborating with the unarmed enemy
invading America. All for a vote to stay in office.

“Gentlemen, your constituents
come first. You have traded your nation for another term
in office. I will not. I will fight them on medical care
costs, I will fight them on driver´s licenses, and I
will oppose them on their legal status without some
sacrifice to America on their part. Call me to join me.”

And then
Cramer went on to say:

“So who is this official
willing to take on the juggernaut of encouraging illegal
immigration? Some neo-Nazi? No. Robert Vasquez.
The conflict isn`t about race or ethnicity; it`s about
whether "illegal" means anything or not.”

A Reminder That The Illegal Immigration Squabble
Isn`t a White vs. Hispanic Dispute

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Hanson Speech: Two Points

Victor Davis (Mexifornia)
Hanson gave a speech at

Hillsdale College in November,
in which a couple of
points are worth noting. He said:

“We try
all sorts of bromides, including an alternate legal
universe that is sometimes tougher on citizens than
illegal immigrants. Unbelievably, California extends

in-state tuition discounts
to resident illegal
immigrants, even as it charges nearly triple the
in-state amount for

American citizens
from Arizona, Nevada and other

Sounds like illegal discrimination
to me. Hanson went on:

“We now
ponder honoring identification documents from Mexico
(alone of foreign countries) as legal American
identification, even as we read of endemic corruption
among police and bureaucrats across the border. In
response, aliens from myriad other countries now demand
that their own foreign IDs be honored, and the other 49
states of the Union are not so sure they should accept
California driver`s licenses, given how promiscuously
they are granted, at intrastate

security check points.

Most Americans take for granted the
fact that they have a

to travel from one state to another without
being subjected to

ID checks.

But that right is now being
threatened, by the same people who want to
legalize illegals.

Which, amazingly, includes Homeland
Security chief Tom Ridge. He has just

told a Florida audience
that he wants to legalize
“undocumented workers.”

It seems that the main problem the
Homeland Security chief sees in the millions of
is that they are literally not
carrying Homeland Security-approved documents, rather
than that they`re in the US illegally, and might

pose a threat

This is the opposite of

“protecting the homeland.”

Perhaps when Ridge retires, he can
get a job with the

Wall Street Journal.

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