The Fulford File, By James Fulford

Late Amnesty; etc

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Bushies, Treason Lobby Conspire To Extend 1986 Amnesty

By Juan Mann, December 1,2003]

Here`s a story about a lawsuit over
the IRCA amnesty: 150,000 illegal aliens in California
are getting a second chance to apply for the 1986
amnesty, which they didn`t qualify for at the time.
(Mostly because they left the country while illegally
resident and

entered illegally again.)
[Immigration amnesty reopens By Jessie Mangaliman
San Jose Mercury News May. 25, 2004]

This is the so-called

"late amnesty"
class that the

Hispanic lobby
has been agitating about for years.

Here`s the short version: these are
people who were illegal in 1986, missed their chance to
be legalized in the IRCA shambles, and therefore should
have gone home.

Instead, they`ve been living
illegally in the US for 18 years.

Now they`re getting their
"second chance."
And no one is supposed to ask about
those illegal 18 years.

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Bring It

There`s a new propaganda film

"A Day Without a Mexican,"
by Sergio Arau, based on the

idea that Americans are unable to function
without Mexican help.

Ruben Navarrette
], another professional token media
Hispanic in the

Roger Hernandez
claims in his syndicated column that:

“Mexican immigrants could
bring America to a standstill by not picking up a hoe,
washing a dish,

swinging a hammer
or doing any of the multitude of
tasks for which foreigners are now responsible on an
average day.

“So the filmmakers asked:
What if there were suddenly a day without Mexicans?

“We get the answer after
a mysterious fog sweeps across California, removing all
Latinos and leaving behind economic distress,

food shortages,
work stoppages and civil unrest. The
fog also leaves behind scores of helpless Anglos who
have grown so accustomed to being catered to by their
Latino maids,

and nannies that they have forgotten how
to take care of themselves." [A
day without Mexicans is like — Oh, my God
26, 2004]

This is nonsense, of course. The
United States got along fairly well without a massive
invasion of Mexican peasants for two hundred years. But,
like the similar films [The
Day After

The Day After Tomorrow
] made as

and as

environmentalist propaganda
, it will convince many
of the its more gullible viewers to believe things that
aren`t true.

The title obviously leads to the
following game, which you can play at home, if you like.
Complete this sentence:

"A day without Mexicans is like
a day without …."?

Here are some of`s
answers: "A day without Mexicans is like a day
without …."

You try it!  It might give you some ideas

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