The Democrats` Military Disdain

The Democrats` failed 2004
presidential candidate, Sen. John Kerry, may have just
sabotaged his party`s highest hopes for the

2006 midterm elections.
Karl Rove himself couldn`t
have engineered a better campaign reminder of the
Democrats` utter lack of credibility when it comes to
supporting, respecting and leading America`s military.

Here is what Sen. Kerry told an
audience of young people at a campaign event on the
Pasadena City College campus on Monday held for losing
California Democrat gubernatorial challenger

Phil Angelides

know, education, if you make the most of it, if you
study hard and you do your homework, and you make an
effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you
don`t, you get stuck in Iraq."


this man
aspired to be our nation`s 21st-century
commander in chief with that Neanderthal 1960s attitude?
Both a local NBC news affiliate reporter and a
Pasadena Star-News
reporter mentioned Kerry`s
statement without fully realizing the condescending slam
against our, ahem, all-volunteer armed forces embedded
in the remarks. The Star-News did observe that
the derisive comment was met with "a mixture of
laughter and gasps."
stars rally on campus
, By Cortney Fielding
Staff, October 30, 2006] But it wasn`t until after KFI-AM
Los Angeles radio show host John Ziegler posted the
audio on the Internet (MP3)
and a YouTube user posted

video of the event
that a firestorm broke out on the
airwaves and across the right side of the blogosphere.

America has the best-trained, most
professional, most well-educated military in the world.
But the

want only to hear the myths of the
soldier-as-victim or the soldier-as-brutalizer or
soldier-as-indentured servant.

Never mind that for every two
volunteer recruits coming from the poorest
neighborhoods, there are

three recruits coming from the richest neighborhoods
as The Heritage Foundation recently reported. [
Are the Recruits? The Demographic Characteristics of
U.S. Military Enlistment,
2003–2005 by Tim Kane,
Ph.D. October 27, 2006] Never mind that 99.9 percent of
the enlisted force have at least a high school
education. Never mind that 49.2 percent of officers have
advanced or professional degrees; 39.4 percent have
master`s degrees; 8.5 percent have professional degrees;
and 1.3 percent have doctorate degrees.

Kerry`s response to the backlash
from military families around the globe? An adviser
admitted to the

National Journal
that his boss`s botched warning
to students was "mangled". But a

Kerry press release
instead attacked Rush Limbaugh,
White House spokesman Tony Snow and "assorted
right-wing nut-jobs"
(present!) for the words that
came out of his mouth and his mouth alone. The
Associated Press water-carrier for Kerry and the Dems,
left-wing reporter Jennifer Loven, dutifully recycled
the Democrat line that Kerry was really targeting
President Bush, not the lazy, uneducated troops
"stuck in Iraq."
House, Kerry Exchange Accusations

Nonsense. The intent was clear
enough for at least some in the audience to "gasp,"
as the local reporter on the scene described.

This is no isolated case of
Democrat incompetence and insensitivity toward the
military. Kerry`s party is the party of Dick Durbin, who
likened American interrogators and

Gitmo military staff
to Nazis, Soviet gulag
operators and genocidal maniac Pol Pot. 

Kerry`s party is the party of Patty
Murray, who

praised Osama bin Laden`s charity
work with nary a
nod to our men and women in uniform who have

sailed and flown
to the most far-flung regions of
the world on reconstruction and humanitarian missions.

Kerry`s party is the party that
approved of him tarring American troops as terrorizers
in Iraq last year.

And Kerry`s party is the party
whose national party website couldn`t even find an
American soldier to illustrate a page dedicated to
"Veterans and Military Families"
. Until a

military reader of my blog called attention
to it,
the DNC site erroneously

featured a photo of a Canadian soldier named "Abdul"

in its attempt to show support for American troops.

Can you trust a party with such
entrenched disdain and contempt for the military to use
that power well and wisely at a time of war?

America made a choice in 2004. Two
years later, the Democrats have said and done nothing to
earn the nation`s endorsement now.

Michelle Malkin [email
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