The Apologists

For 50 minutes, Obama sat mute, as
a Marxist thug from

delivered his diatribe, charging America
with a century of terrorist aggression in

Central America.

After Daniel Ortega finished
spitting in our face, accusing us of inhumanity toward

Fidel Castro`s Cuba
, Obama was asked his thoughts.

"I thought it was 50 minutes long. That`s what I

Hillary Clinton was asked to
comment: "I thought the cultural performance was fascinating," she cooed.

Pressed again on Ortega`s vitriol,
Hillary replied:
"To have those first-class Caribbean entertainers all on
one stage and to see how much was done in such a small
amount of space. I was overwhelmed."

Thus the nation that won the Cold
War, contained the cancer of

in Cuba, liberated Grenada, blocked
communist takeovers of Guatemala and the Dominican
Republic, and poured scores of billions in aid into this
region was left undefended by its own leaders at the
Summit of the Americas.

Nor was this the only unanswered
insult. Hugo Chavez, who has called Obama an
and Bush "El
walked over to a seated U.S. president and

handed him
the anti-American tract  Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent.

The book blames Latin America`s
failures on white Europeans.

It opens,
"Renaissance Europeans ventured across the oceans and
buried their teeth in the throats of the Indian

Civilizations? Before Pizarro and
Cortez, the

Inca and Aztec empires
these conquistadors overthrew

into human sacrifice.

Evo Morales, the Aymaran president
of Bolivia, who is using the
race card

Bolivians of European descent
, implied a U.S. role
in an assassination plot against him.

Argentina`s Cristina Kirchner, who
allegedly received black-bag money from Chavez, ripped
into America for its role in the 1980s. Under Reagan,
America aided Britain in the Falklands War, after the
Argentine junta invaded the islands, and assisted the
Contras in their war of national liberation to oust
Ortega`s Sandinistas.

Again, Obama offered no defense of
his country.

President Lula da Silva of Brazil,
who blames the world financial crisis on
"white, blue-eyed bankers,"
told Obama that any
future Summit of the Americas without the Castro
brothers was unacceptable.

Perhaps Obama believes in
turn-the-other-cheek diplomacy, though it is hard to
find much success in history for such a policy. Perhaps
pacifism is in his DNA. Perhaps he shares the indictment
of America that is part of the repertoire of every Latin

Whatever his motive, in Trinidad,
there were not two sides to the story. There were the
trashers of America on the Latino left and a U.S.
president who wailed plaintively, "I`m thankful that
President Ortega did not blame me for things that
happened when I was 3 months old."

But, the Bay of Pigs, had it
succeeded, would have given Cubans 50 years of freedom
instead of the brutal dictatorship they have had to
endure. And it took place four months before Barack was

Obama`s silence—signifying, as it
does, assent—in the face of attacks on his country is of
a piece with the
"contrition tour" of his secretary of state.

Scores Points by Admitting Past U.S. Errors,

was the headline over Saturday`s
New York Times
story by Mark Landler:

"It has become a recurring theme of Hillary Rodham Clinton`s early
travels as the chief diplomat of the United States: She
says that American policy on a given issue has failed,
and her foreign listeners fall all over themselves in

"On Friday, Mrs. Clinton said … that the uncompromising policy of the
Bush administration toward Cuba had not worked. …

"The contrition tour goes beyond Latin America. In China, Mrs. Clinton
told audiences that the United States must accept its
responsibility as a leading emitter of greenhouse gases.
In Indonesia, she said the American-backed policy of
sanctions against Myanmar had not been effective. And in
the Middle East, she pointed out that ostracizing the
Iranian government had not persuaded it to give up its
nuclear weapons ambitions."

Sandler wrote that Hillary brought
to mind Bill Clinton:

"On a single trip to Africa in 1998 … Bill Clinton apologized for
American participation in slavery; American support of
brutal African dictators; American `neglect and
ignorance` of Africa; American failure to intervene
sooner in the Rwandan genocide of 1994; American
`complicity` in apartheid … ."

Yet, as C.S. Lewis reminds us in God in the Dock, "The first
and fatal charm of national repentance is … the
encouragement it gives us to turn from the bitter task
of repenting our own sins to the congenial one of
bewailing—but, first, of denouncing—the conduct of

Bewailing the policies of Bush as
failures and standing mute in the face of attacks on his
country and predecessors may come back to bite Obama.

For when Jimmy Carter assumed a
posture of moral superiority over LBJ and Richard Nixon,
by declaring, "We
have gotten over our inordinate fear of communism,


came back to bite him
, good and hard.



Patrick J. Buchanan


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