“The Alien In Hokie Nation”—Buchanan On The Dark Side of Diversity (Hat Tip To VDARE.COM!)

Since the massacre of 32 students and teachers at
Virginia Tech, the mainstream media have

over the fact the crazed gunman was able to
buy a Glock in the state of Virginia.

Little attention has been paid to the Richmond
legislators who voted to make "Hokie Nation," a

Middle American campus
of 26,000 kids, a

gun-free zone
where only the madman had a


no attention
has been paid to the fact that Cho
Seung-Hui was not an American at all, but an

, an alien. Had this deranged young man who
secretly hated us never come here, 32 people would
heading home from Blacksburg for summer vacation.

What was Cho doing here? How did he get in?

Cho was among the 864,000 Koreans here as a result of

Immigration Act of 1965,

threw the nation`s doors open

the greatest invasion in history,
an invasion

by a majority of our people.
Thirty-six million,
almost all from countries whose peoples have never fully
assimilated in any Western country, now live in our

Cho was one of them.

In stories about him, we learn he had no friends,
rarely spoke, and

was a loner, isolated from classmates and roommates
Cho was the alien in Hokie Nation. And to vent his rage
at those with whom he could not communicate, he decided
to kill in cold blood

dozens of us.

What happened in Blacksburg cannot be divorced from
what`s been happening to America since the immigration
act brought tens of millions of strangers to these
shores, even as the old bonds of national

community began to disintegrate and dissolve
in the
social revolutions of the 1960s.

To intellectuals, what

makes America a nation is ideas
—ideas in the

Declaration of Independence
, Bill of Rights,

Gettysburg Address
and Dr. King`s "I Have a

But documents no matter how eloquent and words no
matter how lovely

do not a nation make
. Before 1970, we were a people,
a community, a country. Students would have said aloud
of Cho: "Who is this guy? What`s the matter with

Teachers would have taken action to get him help—or
get him out.

Since the 1960s, we have become alienated from one
another even as

millions of strangers arrive every year.
And as
Americans no longer share the old ties of history,
heritage, faith, language, tradition, culture, music,
myth or morality, how can immigrants share those ties?

Many immigrants do not assimilate. Many do not wish
to. They seek community in their separate subdivisions
of our multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic,
multilingual mammoth mall of a nation. And in

numbers higher
than our native born, some are going
berserk here.

The 1993 bombers of the World Trade Center and the

killers of 9-11
were all immigrants or illegals.
Colin Ferguson, the Jamaican who massacred six and
wounded 19 in an anti-white shooting spree on the Long
Island Railroad, was an illegal. John Lee Malvo, the

Sniper, was

flotsam from the Caribbean

Angel Resendez
, the

border-jumping rapist

killed at least nine women
, was an illegal alien.

Julio Gonzalez
, who burned down the Happy Land
social club in New York, killing 87, arrived in the
Mariel boatlift.

Ali Hassan Abu Kamal,
who wounded seven, killing
one, in a rampage on the observation deck of the Empire
State Building, was a

. As was

Sirhan Sirhan
, the assassin of

Robert Kennedy.

The rifleman who

murdered two CIA employees
at the McLean, Va.,
headquarters was a Pakistani. When Chai Vang, a

, was told by a party of Wisconsin hunters to
vacate their deer stand, he shot six to death.

Peter Odighizuwa
, the gunman who killed the dean, a
teacher and a student at the Appalachian School of Law,
was a


Hesham Hadayet, who shot up the El Al counter at LAX,
killing two and wounding four, was an Egyptian

Gamil al-Batouti,
the copilot who yelled,

"I put my faith in Allah`s hands,"
as he
crashed his plane into the Atlantic after departing JFK
Airport, killing 217, was an Egyptian.

Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, the UNC graduate who ran
his SUV over nine people on

Chapel Hill campus
and said he was

"thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of
was an Iranian.

Juan Corona
, who murdered 25 people in California to
be ranked with the likes of Ted Bundy and John Wayne
Gacy, was a Mexican.

Where does one find such facts? On

a Website that covers the dark side of
diversity covered up by a politically correct media,
which seem to believe it is socially

for us Americans to

see any correlation at all
between mass migrations
and mass murder.

"In our diversity is our strength!" So we are
endlessly lectured.

But are we really a better, safer, freer, happier,
more united and caring country than we were before,
against our will, we became what Theodore Roosevelt

called "a polyglot boarding house for the world."



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