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Sierra Stalinists Prepare To Purge…Me!


Democracy Has Day In Court

Sierra Club Puppeteer—Long-Suspected Scandal

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Sierra Club Stalinists,

The Sierra Club Toxifies Itself

Regular readers will

that last spring Sierra Club kingpin Carl
Pope told the Fresno Bee that he intended to
excommunicate me because of the politically
incorrect content of my VDARE.COM columns, in
particular my

to more Hmong immigration. (“Hmong,
Sierra Club hold peace talk: Groups meet in Fresno
to discuss immigration policy, `hateful` remark
by Diana Marcum, April 7, 2004).

At the time I
figured it was an absurd but politically expedient

So I was surprised
when, a couple of months ago, I received a certified
letter from the Sierra Club notifying me of my
against multiculturalism including
the use of "racial slurs."

It irks the Sierra
thought cops that I have the audacity to

speak against Club orthodoxy
, insisting as I do that
(1) America is overpopulated according to any
environmental measure, and (2) The Pollyanna approach to
multiculturalism, the accompanying rationale of open
borders, is a failed and ridiculous belief system.

Pope`s motive was
obvious. With a Sierra Board election coming up, the Old
Guard would love to brag that it has expelled a former
member (Me!) of

, a group formerly known as the "Sierrans
for US Population Stabilization."


last year`s farcical election
, operatives
representing the Old Guard smeared board candidates

Dick Lamm

Frank Morris
as part of a

right-wing cabal
of anti-immigrants.

This despite the
well-known facts that Lamm is the former Democratic
governor of Colorado who helped found his University of
California NAACP, and Morris once headed the
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

As we learned in
the recent Sierra Club funding scandal, Pope has a lot
on the line, namely his access to the fabulous wealth of
open-borders zealot and Wall Street investor

David Gelbaum

Gelbaum has already
donated over $100 million to the Sierra Club with the
stipulation: "I did tell Carl Pope in 1994 or 1995
that if they ever came out anti-immigration, they would
never get a dollar from me."

And as darkness
follows sunset, two years later the Sierra Club reversed
its long-standing policy that America`s exploding
domestic population should be curbed first before the
club tackled global overpopulation challenges.

My letter from the
Sierra Club opened with the accusatory,

"It is reported that
your public statements, your web site, your postings to, and your reactions to the immigration debate
in the Sierra Club are replete with examples of
ethnically and racially derogatory language. We do not
welcome members in the Club who engage in this

This particularly
interested me because top mouthpieces of the Sierra Club
criticize other cultures without hesitation.

Pope himself has
been harsh in his

description of Indian society
, based upon his time
there in the Peace Corp,

unsuccessfully promoting birth control

In his 1971 book
Sahib, An American Misadventure in India,
he noted, "The traditions of Hindu patriarchy, Muslim
purdah, and Victorian stuffiness insure that most men
never deal with any woman as friend or equal."

Pope later found
Indian culture divorced from civic involvement:

“Indians are committed
more to their families, castes, and religions than to an
abstract public. Their homes are immaculately clean
inside-but litter begins on the doorstep, even in
prosperous areas, and the owners of new villas rent out
their garden walls as billboards.”

Yet Pope wrote a

truly seething article
for Club publications about
me as a carrier of the "virus of hate."

He cited my
collection of photos and stories of

crime victims of illegal aliens
on my own website,
www.immigration` He objects to my
respectful tribute to murdered cops, dead children and
others lost because of America`s open borders. In Carl
Pope`s worldview, remembrances of victims and their
grieving families constitute "hate."

Similarly, former
Sierra Club director Michael Dorsey went apoplectic
about Gov. Lamm (D-CO), saying

"Dick Lamm is the David Duke
of the environmental
movement. This is not about immigration. This is about a
threat to democracy, to humanity. These are
proto-fascists. We know for a fact that they have ties
to neo-Nazis. We know the neo-Nazis in this country are
talking to neo-Nazis in Europe."

In another example
of irresponsible speech,

Michael Dorsey celebrated attempted murder
on his
weblog when he retitled an article about the

October automobile attack
on former Florida Secretary of
State Republican Katherine Harris: MAN ATTEMPTS

Dorsey also
reportedly threatened to

work for the destruction of the Sierra Club
if the
pro-borders candidates won:

"I will be damned if
some two-bit anti-immigrant yahoos are going to take the
Club — and note this, if they win, I will then work to
personally help to put an end to the Club — since if
this new slate takes over, the Club will need to come to
an end. You`ve been warned."

This is from a
former director, who was the #1 runner up in last year`s

But to the Sierra
Club, Dorsey is okay and I need to be excommunicated.

Go figure!

This hostile and
extremist mindset is common in the Club hierarchy. A
disgusted former member of the Sierra Club Population
Committee has said he knew he was in the wrong group
when the Chair repeatedly called certain board
candidates "enemies."

I`m listing below a
few of the items in the Sierra complaints against me,
chosen for the clarity and brevity of their idiocy.

Here are some
examples of this derogatory language:

(a) "So will
thousands of

drug-addicted polygamists
be welcomed into America?"

Comment on proposals to admit additional Hmong
refugees to the United States, quoted in the
York Times from writings on her web-site.

(b) "The

Hmong were hmiffed
. And they are notorious bullies,
sending scores of emails in an effort to get my
VDARE.COM colleague Joe Guzzardi fired after he
innocently noted their

Neanderthal attitude to women
, as revealed in his
English as a Second Language class."
Response to
Hmong protests over this comment, posted by her on the
VDARE web site.


"Taliban USA? Moslems Target American Democracy"

title of an article on Ms Walker`s web-site
www.limitstogrowth. Among the comments in this article
: "Any further violence will be the result of
Congress` foolish immigration policy of admitting groups
who hate America. Indeed, many of these cultures are
fundamentally opposed to democracy."



Ms. Walker`s web-site
she has posted a picture of
the World Trade Center burning, and captioned it

"the inevitable result of Open Borders,"

in a clear and
unequivocal attempt to argue that Muslim immigration is
the source of terrorism, in spite of the fact that none
of the pilots in the attack on the World Trade Center
were actually immigrants to the US. They were terrorists
who had entered the country, some legal and some
illegally, temporarily.

(h) "Presumably
based on the highly questionable idea that all cultures
are equal …, not only has the lottery imported
criminal behavior … it has also eased the entry of
several recent terror suspects. … The

visa lottery
welcomes groups for whom the social
norms include slavery, female genital mutilation,
forcibly arranged marriages and other horrors."

(This is from my

in the Washington Times, 9/5/02).


"Multiculturalism can be seen as a fraud
… It
supports the continuation of the monstrous crimes
against women …. The false ideology of
multiculturalism with its accusation of racism against
anyone who will not submit has intimidated Americans
into believing it is desirable to welcome millions of
immigrants from cultures which consider women inferior
… the absurd preference for third world cultures in
our immigration policy amounts to importing sexism …."

This article is then followed by a long list of
articles depicting various aspects of the plight of
human rights for women in the world. All of these
examples are targeted at third world Nations and their
immigrants to the US or Europe.

Of course, all this
is free comment and only shocking to bigoted leftists.
The "charges" against me are, by any measure,

Many of the Sierra
Club complaints involve my examination of the social
inequality of women in cultures where women are
perceived as lesser beings. I am hardly the first to
comment on this subject.

And by denouncing
me for my gender analysis, the Sierra Club Old Guard
confirms that multiculturalism is more important to it
than the rights of women.

I stand firm that
misogynous immigration presents a great danger to
American women.

At this writing, I
have denied all charges against me and have insisted to
the relevant committee that if the Sierra Club intends
to excommunicate me, then it must follow the

standing rules
for terminating my
membership—something which it has not done.

We shall see
whether the truth prevails in my ongoing battle with
the Sierra Club.

P.S. Since Carl
Pope had his Hmong hmeeting at which he announced his
intention to expel me, Hmong have been implicated in one
mass-murder and a TB outbreak. Somehow, he doesn`t seem
to have noticed.

After writing this article, Brenda Walker  [email
ate a madeleine and fell into
a reverie about what a Sierra Club re-education camp
might be like. When she awoke from the nightmare, she
went back to work on her websites