Stimulus Slush Fund for Housing Entitlement Thugs

From tiny acorns, mighty government
debacles grow. House GOP Leader John Boehner on Monday
rightly sounded the alarm over billions in stimulus tax
dollars that could potentially go to the Association of
Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). But the
Republican leadership has only scratched the surface
over what amounts to a bottomless slush fund for a
bigger coalition of housing entitlement thugs.

ACORN, you may recall, is the
left-wing activist group with longtime ties

community organizer
Barack Obama
. The nonprofit, which now takes in 40
percent of its revenues from American taxpayers after
four decades on the public teat, has a history of
engaging in

voter fraud,
corporate shakedowns, partisan bullying
and pro-illegal immigration lobbying. The Democrats`
stimulus proposals could make the group—and its lesser
known but even more radical ideological allies—eligible
for upward of $5 billion in new public cash.

Talk about subsidizing failure.
These are the same activists that

helped sow the seeds of the subprime meltdown.
aggressively played the

race card
and pressured banks to loosen
s, throw out down payments and lend to

some of the nation`s riskiest borrowers.
Now, these
mobs protest across the country, disrupt foreclosure
auctions, threaten bank executives and accuse lenders
of, yep, racism for lending to those riskiest of

The stimulus slush fund for these
housing entitlement thugs is innocuously dubbed the
Development Fund"
in the House version of the
stimulus bill. Some $4.19 billion would be
"used for
neighborhood stabilization activities related to
emergency assistance for the redevelopment of abandoned
and foreclosed homes."
The legislation changes the
way the fund would be disbursed and loosens lobbying

Previously, affordable housing
groups applying for the grants would be vetted by the
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or
state and local government agencies. Under the stimulus
bill, as nonprofit watchdog Matthew Vadum points out,
the middlemen would be eliminated—"making
it easier to get Uncle Sam`s largess directly into the
hands of the same people who run ACORN`s various vote
fraud and extortion rackets."
Moreover, Vadum

, "the
legislative package provides these funds without the
usual prohibition on using government money for lobbying
or political activities."

ACORN denied this week that it had
lobbied for this booty. But it is the largest and most
obvious beneficiary. ACORN is the granddaddy of
foreclosure prevention/housing redevelopment lobbyists
listed on the U.S. Department of Treasury website. Over
the last month, its members have held neighborhood
protests in New York, Wilmington, Albany, Baltimore,
Boston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit,
Durham, Flint, Miami, Minnesota, Oakland, Orlando,
Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Tucson and St. Louis.
Keeping people who shouldn`t have received loans in
houses they can`t afford across the country is their
bread and butter.

If not ACORN, then who? Next in
line for the stimulus windfall is the
Massachusetts-based Neighborhood Assistance Corporation
of America (NACA). Founder Bruce Marks proudly calls
himself a "bank
As I reported
last spring,
Marks threatened to march into the
neighborhoods of bank executives and bully their
children. He`s done it for years, all under the guise of
"social justice" and

"neighborhood stabilization."

Marks` agenda is blatantly
political and personally lucrative. NACA—with dozens of
offices across the country—has a no down payment, no
closing costs, low interest rate policy for low-income
minority borrowers and takes a hefty fee for each
transaction. NACA loan applicants are then required to
attend workshops that indoctrinate them in the group`s
protest thuggery.

The NACA recruits serve on, you
guessed it,
"Neighborhood Stabilization Committees."
Those whose
loans are approved must then pledge to assist the
stabilization committees in five
(like the spring 2008 mob protest at Bear Stearns` New
York headquarters) per year. It`s an endless cycle of
demonstrations on the front end (to get the loans) and
the back end (to prevent foreclosures on bad loan risks)
and back again in an endless loop. These shakedowns have
yielded nearly $10 billion in payoffs from capitulating
corporate giants Citigroup and Bank of America.

Do lawmakers really want to sign on
to this self-perpetuating government racket and
self-proclaimed bank terrorism? Insanity, the old saw
goes, is doing the same thing and expecting different


self-respecting Senate Republican
who would vote for
this multibillion-dollar slush fund in the name of
saving the economy needs his or her head examined.



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