Sonia Sotomayor`s Double Standards

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(Unintentionally?) That A Real America Preceded The
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Recently, two Beverly Hills lawyers
(as distinct from
Hills Cops
, I suppose) exposed in an
Business Daily
Op Ed the discrepancy between what
federal circuit judge and Barack Hussein Obama`s first
Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor says about
"Latina" wisdom and whom she actually hires as law clerks.

What the

Beverly Hills
lawyers show only reinforces the
conclusion many of us have already reached: if the U.S.
Senate confirms Sotomayor`s

appointment to the Supreme Court
, she will proceed
to vote to impose
racial and
sexual bean-counting quotas
on the rest of us that
she and our new ruling order have no intention of
observing themselves.

Attorneys Joseph Evanns and Egon
Mittelmann reviewed a letter [PDF]

) from La Sotomayor`s former clerks to
Senate leaders in favor of her confirmation. They

"[O]f the 45
signatory names appearing, only three surnames, or
6.23%, are even arguably `Latina/Latino.`

“Of the remaining
42 surnames, 22 appear to be Jewish, four to five appear
to be Asian,
14 or 15 appear
to be non-Jewish and non-`Latina.` "
Sotomayor`s Latina Hiring Wisdom
, June 11, 2009]

Latin Americans do seem to be under-represented among
La Sotomayor`s clerks. Which strongly suggest that in
the recesses of her own heart, La Sotomayor knows that

including herself
—really are not up to the headwork
of being a Second Circuit judge`s clerk.

—for them.

Good catch—and an interesting and damaging column
overall. As Evanns and Mittelmann say:
“[T]he nominee
appears to subscribe to the liberal rule of law applying
differently to the ruling elite and the non-elite ruled,
believing in `do as I say, not as I do`.”

Nevertheless, there is another conclusion one can
draw from the data, one that Evanns and Mittelmann do
not mention.

Looking at the data another way, of the 45
signatories, seven or eight appear to be obvious
protected minorities (Latin American and Asian) while 36 or 37 appear to be some
variety of white.

Of those
36 or 37

former clerks, it is very likely that several are in
fact black, something not always obvious from surnames.
Still, let`s assume that all of the people Evanns and
Mittlemann tag as
"non-Jewish and non-`Latina`"
are actually white
Americans—a best-case guess for the

white guys
, which I`m willing to bet is a material
overcount. The disparity that jumps out: among those
36 or 37

“possibly-whites”, 14 or 15 might conceivably be
white, non-Jewish Americans—while a full 22 appear to be

The Census Bureau`s

2008 estimate
of the ethnic composition of the
population of the United States in 2010 (not all
actually Americans, to be sure) puts the
"Not Hispanic" white percentage of the population at 65% (a
disastrous percentage decrease over recent decades that
the Census happily predicts will only continue)
however the feds define that, are at 16%; and blacks are
at 13%—bad news indeed for black Americans, and a
role-reversal just within this decade.

Since several of the
14 or 15
possibly-white non-Jewish clerks
are very likely black, white Americans are probably
under-represented in percentage terms among La
Sotomayor`s clerks.

Let`s dig a little deeper. The Census does not
separate Jews as a subset among whites, but reasonable
estimates put the Jewish percentage of the U.S.
population at approximately 2%. One should note,
however, that, with essentially unrestricted Jewish
immigration from the now-defunct Soviet Union and other
Warsaw Pact countries from when the

Jackson-Vanik Amendment
became law in 1975 through
the Soviet collapse in 1991 and from Russia and
elsewhere in Eastern Europe ever since—curiously,
Jackson-Vanik remains law even though the

Evil Empire
is no more—plus from Israel since her
independence in 1948,
no means are all Jews in the United States
in fact

But even counting all of the 15 questionables as
non-Jewish whites—very unlikely, see above—Jews appear
to make up a minimum of 60% of La Sotomayor`s
, and nearly half overall.

Of course, it`s true that Sotomayor`s federal appeals
court, the Second Circuit, covers


(which utterly dominates the circuit) and there
heavily Jewish areas
York City
and its suburbs. Still, this is an
astonishing disparity.

So, yes, there certainly is a glaring double standard
at work in Sonia Sotomayor`s selection of law clerks. It
matches precisely the double standard applied to choose
who among America`s qualified white applicants will be
permitted to attend the law schools from which La
Sotomayor no doubt picks her clerks.



—all universities originally


Colonial English-stock Americans
to propagate the
Christian religion—head the list. All operate

effective quota systems to
ensure that enough
minorities get in. But some white Americans, apparently,
are more equal than


Sotomayor`s clerks are more evidence, as if we need
any, of the

ongoing dispossession of
white Americans
from every important institution
they founded in the


and whose


So I salute Evanns and Mittelmann for calling out
Sonia Sotomayor for her hypocrisy and double standards

But also I must call them out too, for sitting on a
more important story. A real case of
double standards and dispossession
is staring them
in the face. Apparently, they cannot bring themselves to
mention it.

It might be instructive to ponder why that is so—and
to ask what those dispossessed Americans, while they
remain a majority, should do about their plight.

We may be absolutely sure that, when they do try to
do anything about it, all the

anti-discrimination bureaucracy
federal government will close ranks against them.

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