Snob-ama Is Not Alone—McCain Out Of Touch Too

The odor of elitism is like onion
breath: It`s quick to acquire, hard to mask. Try as he
might, Barack Obama cannot camouflage the political
stink he exhaled when he

dissed small-town Americans
as "bitter"
Neanderthals "clinging" to their

, faith and

belief in strict immigration enforcement.
It wasn`t
the first time the effete Snob-ama revealed himself.

In Philadelphia, he passed up the

hometown cheesesteak
—gloppy, artery clogging and
blue-collar (yum!)—for a nibble of Spanish-imported,
$100/pound ham. In Iowa, he

moaned to voters about the price of arugula
at Whole
Foods market. (Fun fact: There aren`t any Whole Foods
markets in Iowa.) And at an

Altoona bowling alley,
he couldn`t even score his
age. Superficial but telling glimpses of a condescending

Obama is reportedly flummoxed that his
remarks have been interpreted as arrogant. After all, he
was a

"community organizer"
who came from a
single-parent home! He is The Everyman. The Uniter. The
Soul-Fixer. The Vessel of All Hopes and Dreams. How
could he possibly be perceived as out of touch?


Beltway elitism
isn`t about biography. It`s a
corrupted state of mind. Obama can at least console
himself with the knowledge that he has plenty of
out-of-touch company in both parties in Washington.

Let`s face it. Hundred-million-dollar
Hillary "I`m not

Tammy Wynette
Clinton, John "$400
Haircut" Edwards,

John "French"
Kerry and Al

"$30,000 utility bill"
Gore make Obama look like
a peon of pretension. And it`s hard to top the
imperiousness of Reps.

Cynthia McKinney,

Patrick Kennedy

Sheila Jackson-Lee,
who all abused law enforcement
or service workers while demanding special privileges as

But Republicans are just as susceptible
to the Democrats` do-as-I-say virus.

Take Obama`s GOP presidential rival,
John McCain. The

New York Times-endorsed


got a standing ovation from the nation`s
newspaper editors at a big journalism powwow in
Washington this week. Some maverick. While McCain
eagerly criticized Obama as an "elitist" for his

comments about

small-town Pennsylvanians
, Obama`s

got nothing on McCain
when it comes to

insulting average Americans
who oppose illegal

Pandering to the open-borders lobby as
cozily as Obama panders to San Francisco billionaires,
McCain has attacked grassroots enforcement activists as
bitter racists and xenophobes, cursed his Senate
opponents and mocked the

"goddamned fence"
in front of his deep-pocketed business
supporters. And

who can forget
his disdainful admonition to
conservatives, whom he berated to

"calm down."

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, McCain`s ally,

vowed to National Council of La Raza
"We`re going to tell the bigots to shut up."

Retired GOP-Senator-turned-lobbyist Trent Lott

about populist conservative talk radio being
a "problem" that Washington Republicans had to
"deal with."

Speaking of whom, what`s old

vacant Lott
up to now? The Washington Post

reported last week
that he`s "struggling" to
adjust to life in the private sector. "I took the
Metro for the first time,"
he told the paper. It`s
hard not having his own taxpayer-funded car and driver
anymore. And this bozo bon mot: "I haven`t paid for
lunch in 30 years,"
he joked.

Memo to Beltway GOP: If you are looking
to repair your image with your conservative base, this
is not the kind of press you want. Makes for great cable
TV greenroom small talk. Not so good for your

beleaguered fundraising efforts.

And not so helpful if you plan to
convince voters in the general election that you are
materially different from Snob-ama and his Democratic

who traffic in contempt for the common man.

It`s going to take more than rhetorical
Altoids to dispel the smell.



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