Sarah Palin And The Four Stages of Conservative Female Abuse


Johnny`s Got a New Girl. So Has America
, by

Patrick J. Buchanan

An Alaskan Immigration Reform Patriot Admits: He`s
Partial To Palin!
Ryan Kennedy

There`s something about

outspoken conservative women
that drives the left
mad. It`s a peculiar pathology I`ve reported on for more
than 15 years, both as a witness and a

. Thus, the onset of Palin Derangement
Syndrome in the media, Democratic circles and the

cesspools of the blogosphere
came as no surprise.
They just can`t help themselves.

Liberals hold a special animus for constituencies
they deem traitors.

who identify as social and economic
conservatives have

left the plantation
and sold out their people. Women
who put an "R" by their name have abandoned their
ovaries and betrayed their gender. As female Republican
officeholders and female conservative public figures
have grown in number and visibility, so has the
progression of Conservative Female Abuse. The
astonishing vitriol and virulent hatred

at GOP Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is the most
severe manifestation to date.

The first stage of Conservative Female Abuse by the
left is infantilization. Right-wing women can`t possibly
believe what they say they believe about the

sanctity of life

, free markets or foreign policy. They
must be submissive little dolls of the White Male

. Or, as a far-left (Is there

any other kind of left
in San Francisco?)

San Francisco Chronicle
wrote of first lady Laura Bush,
they must be put in their place as

"docile doormats
with no brains of their own.
True to form, no sooner had John McCain announced Gov.
Palin as his veep pick than jeers of "Palin = neocon
sprouted across the Internet.

The second stage of CFA is sexualization. A
conservative woman is not merely a sellout. She is an
intellectual prostitute. Unable or unwilling to argue
with them on the merits, detractors resort to mocking
the physical appearance of their ideological opponents
in skirts and denigrating them with vulgar epithets.
MSNBC hosts insulted former GOP presidential candidate

Fred Thompson
`s accomplished wife and mother of two,
Jeri Thompson, as working the

stripper pole
. Newspaper cartoonists Ted Rall, Pat
Oliphant and Jeff Danziger have

Secretary of State

Condoleezza Rice
, including as a

, thick-lipped parrot and a Bush

"House nigga"
armed with "hair straightener."
New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd derided
former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, a
Republican, for applying

"her makeup with a trowel."

True to form, Dowd was first out of the box to
snicker at Gov. Palin`s beauty pageant past, ridicule
her "beehive and sexy shoes" and compare her path
to the vice-presidential nomination as a "hokey chick
in Go-Go Boots?
 August 31, 2008]

Joe Biden
backhandedly praised her as

"good looking."
And left-wing bloggers worked
overtime on

lurid Photoshops of Palin as a bikini model
and porn
star. At the Democratic Underground, a highly trafficked
liberal website raising money for Barack Obama, members

held a contest to come up with nicknames and posters

to slime GOP Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin—and then to
"spread [them] all over the `Net."
Among the nicer
entries: "Cruella," "Gidget," "Governor
Jesus Camp,"
"VPILF," "Fertilla
the Huntress,"
"Iditabroad" and "KILLER

The third stage of CFA is demonization. When the left
tires of

hurling whore insults,
it turns conservative women
in the public eye into nefarious creatures. Bill Maher
called Laura Bush "Hitler`s
George Carlin
attacked Barbara Bush as "the Silver douche bag."

A Huffington Post website member

wrote of Nancy Reagan
: "Like her evil husband,
she has lived far too long. Here`s hoping the hag
suffers for several weeks, then croaks in the tub."

Another commenter added: "I feel no pity for the
bitch who took delight in watching thousands die of a
horrible disease and watching the poor having to eat out
of dumpsters because of her husband`s political

True to form, rumors of Palin being a crypto-Nazi
surfaced on the Internet and in the fringe media. And
liberal critics used her gun-rights record to smear her
as bloodthirsty.

The final stage of CFA is dehumanization.
Conservative women aren`t real women according to the
liberal feminist establishment`s definition. Remember
when Gloria Steinem called Texas Republican Sen.

Kay Bailey Hutchison a "female impersonator"
Or when curdled NOW leader

Patricia Ireland
instructed Democrats to vote only

"authentic" female
political candidates?
Or when

Al Gore
`s fashion consultant

Naomi Wolf
described the foreign-policy analysis of
Jeane Kirkpatrick as being

"uninflected by the experiences of the female body"?

Echoing the bottom-feeders in the liberal
blogosphere, mainstream journalists and Obama
water-carriers now question Palin`s commitment to
motherhood and
even challenge her prenatal care decisions
in an

effort to destroy her.

Forget about questioning their patriotism. I question
their sanity.



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