San Francisco Chronicle: Damn Those WHAMs 

Paul Craig Roberts may complain in VDARE about the
abuse of WHAMs
(White Heterosexual
Able-bodied Males), the august Editorial Board
of the San Francisco Chronicle knows better. San Francisco`s voters
recently elected a Board of Supervisors in which
WHAMs are only a minority. The Chronicle,
however, is shocked that voters chose to make
WHAMs too
large of a minority
. Here`s the editorial –
along with my enthusiastic addendums.

of Diversity in City Hall

Editorial, San
Francisco Chronicle
December 19, 2000

THE RETURN of district elections for San
Francisco supervisors this year was filled with
great expectations. One of them was that the
board`s diversity would be maintained, if not

Well, guess what? That notion has been smashed
— unless you consider straight, white and
mostly middle-age males to be a disadvantaged

The [11 member]
incoming Board of Supervisors includes one
woman. There are no Asian American women, no
black males, no lesbians and not a single Latina.

S. Sailer: And not even a
single lesbian Latina! (Would that be a "Lesbiana?")


There are two
Latinos (Matt Gonzalez and Gerardo Sandoval),
one black woman (Sophie Maxwell) and an Asian
American male (Leland Yee). The board does boast
— if that`s the proper term — of seven white
males. Two, Tom Ammiano and Mark Leno, are
openly gay.

S. Sailer: To fully
appreciate the injustice of this state of
affairs, I suggest readers construct a simple
three-dimensional graphical data cube with San
Francisco`s four Ethnicities along the X-axis,
three Genders along the Y-axis, and three Sexual
Orientations along the Z-axis. You`ll note that
most of the 36 permutations do not have their
very own Supervisor to represent them! How can,
for example, the Asian American transgendered
bisexual community feel affirmed without a Board
Member? (Of course, San Francisco also needs a
new word to replace "Member." That
term is terribly insensitive to San Franciscans
who have gone to great expense to have
themselves dis-membered.)


That leaves the
11-member board littered with enough straight,
white males (five) to look like a sidewalk
gathering in West Portal after a Rotary Club

S. Sailer: Personally, I
wouldn`t have pulled my punch. Instead of
"littered with enough straight white
males," I would have used a verb like
"infested" or

it shows that the city has moved beyond ethnic
politics into a colorblind realm. But the
composition of the board under district
elections is hardly a reflection of the
diversity of the city`s population. And there
was a moment less than four years ago — under
the old system — when there was so much
diversity that the appointment of Gavin Newsom
was noteworthy because he was a straight, white

circumstances arose in this fall`s elections.
Candidates were judged less on their ethnic
identity, or other attributes, than on their
political distance from Mayor Willie Brown.

S. Sailer: Clearly, this
new trend — San Franciscan voters judging
politicians on the basis of their politics
rather than on the shape and color of their
private parts and what they like to do with them
— must be stomped out.

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December 21, 2000