Political Correctness—In Science, Scholarship And Statues

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Paul Craig Roberts is
traveling in China. His syndicate has reissued this
column, which originally ran on

January 15, 2002
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There have always
been liars, but until recent years liars were

among scientists and scholars. The only agenda

scientists and scholars
had was

. They didn`t always succeed in finding truth,
but it was their goal.

In recent years we
have seen the advent of a new breed of scientist and
scholar to whom


political agendas
are more important than truth.

Hoping to

close two national forests
, government scientists

planted evidence
that the forests were inhabited by
an endangered species of lynx.

The scientists`
dishonesty undermined a three-year study and confirmed
suspicions that some government scientists

fake studies
in order to control environmental
policy. Only

highly politicized scientists
would behave in ways
that endanger the authority of science.

Scholars, too, have
become enamored with causes that are more important to
them than truth. According to news reports, Emory
University historian Michael Bellesiles apparently
believes so strongly in gun control that he

invented a history
for the purpose of undermining
the Constitution`s

Second Amendment,
the right of

citizens to own guns.

Bellesiles` politically correct book,

Arming America
, was awarded the

Bancroft Prize,
a prestigious award for historians.
But scholars examining the work say that Professor
Bellesiles` conclusions are based on made-up and
nonexistent sources.

Bellesiles argues that gun ownership was so rare among
early Americans, even on the frontiers, that no one
would have cared enough about the right to give it
constitutional protection. He claims to have studied
many wills and to have found scant evidence of guns
being bequeathed to heirs.

When skeptical
scholars checked his sources, they found he claimed to
have studied wills of people in

Colonial Rhode Island
known to have died without
wills. He also claims to have studied probate records in
San Francisco for the years 1849-59. However, the city`s
librarians say no such records exist. They were

destroyed in the 1906 earthquake.


"Fraud in Michael Bellesiles`s Arming America"

Clayton Cramer,
in PDF.]

The appearance on
the scene of scientists and scholars who betray the
public`s trust in their integrity in order to advance
ideological agendas is frightening. It means that the
enculturation of scientists and scholars is failing in
the graduate schools where they are trained.

When the canons of
scholarly objectivity become widely abandoned, truth
ceases to guide decisions. Public policy outcomes and
court cases depend on which side has the best propaganda
and can more effectively demonize or vilify the other
party. Education becomes the propaganda of the group
that controls the schools.

Indeed, education
is already being pried loose from any relation to truth.
Marxists denied the existence of any truth by claiming
that “truth” was nothing but the expression of
class interests—a claim that allowed Marxists to ignore
facts that undermined their arguments.

Class Marxism has
given way to Cultural Marxism which claims truth is just
an expression of race interest, gender interest, and
sexual orientation. According to these multiculturalists,
there is a different “truth” for men and women,
heterosexuals and homosexuals, blacks and whites,
able-bodied and disabled.

All these
are claimed to be equally valid. Therefore,
there is no valid basis for defending American culture
from an influx of third world cultures. Anyone who
complains about the transformation of America into a
tower of Babel is dismissed as racist or xenophobic.

Cultural Marxism
has achieved a dominant position in American education.
Consequently, there is a breakdown in enculturation. An
appreciation of Western civilization is not being passed
on even to

native born whites attending the best universities.

Before our very
eyes history is being transformed into

politically correct fantasy.
Everyone knows the

of the three white firemen who raised an
American flag on September 11 on the rubble of the World
Trade Center. A 19-foot bronze statue of the photo has
been commissioned for the site—only first the race of
the firefighters had to be changed.

A statue

true to fact
is “insensitive” and
A clay model shows one white, one black
and one Hispanic.

Firefighters are
complaining that a historical event has been turned into
a politically correct event. Carlo Casoria, who lost his
firefighter son in the rubble,

: “They`re rewriting history in order to
achieve political correctness.”
The multicultural

is: “The artistic expression of diversity
[s]hould supersede any concern over factual

diversity has made such a hash of truth that the U.S.
cannot truthfully represent in a public monument the
defiant response, burned in every American`s memory, to
al Qaeda`s successful attack on the

World Trade Center.

Is the next step to
put us in reeducation camps and erase our memories?

Or is that what the

are doing?



Paul Craig Roberts

] was Assistant
Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration.
He is the author of

Supply-Side Revolution : An Insider`s Account of
Policymaking in Washington
and the Soviet Economy

Meltdown: Inside the Soviet Economy
and is the co-author with Lawrence M. Stratton of

The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and
Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name
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