Philip Zelikow And The Iraq “Threat” That Dare Not Speak Its Name

With the grotesque spectacle of the
burned and bludgeoned bodies of

American civilians
hanging from a bridge over the
Euphrates, Americans need to start thinking about what
the Bush administration has dragged the nation into, how
we can get out of it and why it happened at all.

The answers to the last question
popped up in a newspaper in Asia last week.

Last year I and a number of other
critics of the forthcoming war argued that the fabled

"weapons of mass destruction"
that were supposed
to be the reason for the war were not the real reason at
all. Most critics, including me, at that time didn`t
know the extent to which the war peddlers had simply
fabricated their claims about the weapons, but we did
know what the real reason was and who was behind it.

"The Likudniks are really in
charge now,"
a senior government official in the
Bush administration told the Washington Post in a
front-page Feb. 9, 2003 story. [Bush
and Sharon Nearly Identical On Mideast Policy
Robert G. Kaiser]


of course are the partisans of the Likud
Party government of Israeli Prime Minister

Ariel Sharon
, and the official was speaking not of
the Israeli government but our own. The people who
pushed hardest for the American war against Iraq were

, mainly but not entirely of Jewish
background, in both the administration and out of it who
put Israel`s interests first.

The "war on terrorism," 9/11
and weapons of mass destruction had nothing to do with
it. Israel has long seen Iraq under Saddam Hussein as
its major threat in the Middle East, and some Bush
administration officials involved in pushing for war
were urging an earlier Likud government in 1996 to work
for war against Iraq.

Sept. 11 merely gave them the
chance to make it happen. Now it has, at American

I was by no means the only one to
point to the Israeli connection. Almost every critic of
the war, left and right, also knew what was going on—Pat
Buchanan, Joseph Sobran,

Paul Craig Roberts
, Charley Reese, the Rockford
Institute`s Chronicles, the American
, Justin Raimondo of
and others. So did left-wing critics at The Nation,
the Guardian and any number of newspapers and
magazines in this country and Europe. Most of
them—especially those on the right—were immediately

as "unpatriotic," "conspiracy
and, most of all, "anti-Semites."

Now, on the heels of the latest
evidence of the continuing disaster into which the
administration and Mr. Sharon`s agents of influence
within it have dragged us, comes fresh confirmation of
their role in instigating the war for the interests of a
foreign state.

The Asia Times
last week that a gentleman named Philip Zelikow,

of the President`s

Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
in 2001, said in
a speech months before the war that "the real threat"
of Iraq was not to the United States but "against

Speaking to an

audience at the University of Virginia,
where he
teaches military history, Mr. Zelikow said, "And this
is the threat that dare not speak its name, because the
Europeans don`t care deeply about that threat, I will
tell you frankly. And the American government doesn`t
want to lean too hard on it rhetorically, because it is
not a popular sell"
—which is why the real reasons
had to be masked with what now appear to have been just
plain lies about "weapons of mass destruction,"
between Saddam and Al Qaeda and other

The administration has slammed
other former members like Treasury Secretary Paul
O`Neill and counter-terrorism expert Richard Clarke, who
have pointed to much the same connections, but it would
be hard to slam Mr. Zelikow.

He had no political or personal ax
to grind against the administration and in fact supports
both it and the war. He worked for the Bush
administration`s transition team in 2001, drafting a
plan for reorganizing the National Security Council. He
also happens to be Jewish, so it`s hard to say he`s an

The war the

planned has come but not gone. Despite
their stupid predictions about being a "cakewalk,"
it`s now cost us the lives of 600 Americans who
didn`t have to die and billions of dollars. There`s no
sign Iraq is being "pacified" or that democracy
is blossoming, and the terrorists who murdered 3,000
Americans on 9/11 just slaughtered more than 200 in

Mr. Bush`s wars have brought
nothing about; his promises were all untrue.

Americans have a chance this year
to stop the madness the Likudnik cabal has started
before it engulfs us in a war we can`t walk away from.

If we don`t take that chance, the
cabal will stay with us, along with the wars it wants us
to fight for someone else`s country.



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