Has the Trumpian Revolution Begun?

The wailing and keening over the choice of Oklahoma Attorney [...]

Ann Coulter: How The Establishment Will Try To Destroy Trump

Shortly before Thanksgiving, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni [Tweet him]  wrote a column that should chill you

Mistrial in Michael Slager Case Grounds for Restrained Celebration—Yet Much Concern

See earlier The Case Of Michael Slager: Not Just Lynching, A Crucifixion , and our complete roundup of

The Messy Truth ABOUT Black Radical Van Jones–Now On CNN!

They never learn. The grand journalism pooh-bahs at CNN were humiliated this election cycle when WikiLeaks revealed that former

Memo From Middle America: Post-Election, Mexico Steps Up Meddling—But Trump Can Tromp On Them

The Mexican government has reluctantly accepted the Trump Triumph, but it has stepped up its meddling with a

Is Trump Calling Out Xi Jinping?

Like a bolt of lightning, that call of congratulations from [...]

National Data | Immigrants Take ALL Jobs Created In The Month Trump Beat Clinton—Plus There’s A New Illegal Wave

Employers added 178,000 jobs last month, while the unemployment dropped to 4.6% - dangerously close to the “full

Exactly Who In America Has This Insatiable Appetite For Somali Immigration?

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on] Last week started off with another Muslim terrorist

“Conservative” Lawyer Bruce Fein Claims States Rights For Sanctuary Cities, But Not For Arizona. Which Is Why We Need Kris Kobach.

Finally we have a President who promises to enforce immigration law.  But here’s a funny thing: the same

Michelle Malkin Exclusive: What If the Convicted ‘Serial Rapist Cop’ Is Innocent?

“To hell with Daniel Holtzclaw, and his tears.”—MTV News correspondent [...]