Andy Puzder: A Secretary Of Labor Nominee Who Says He’ll Fight For AMERICAN Workers

When President James Garfield expired in September 1881, several months after being shot by a crazed office-seeker, he

Ann Coulter On “Single Moms”: Throwing The Baby Out With The Bongwater

See, earlier by Ann Coulter: OK, Who Ordered The Mexican Heroin? The New York Times posted a glowing article

Memo From Middle America: Mexico’s Jorge Castaneda Has A Plan To Stop Donald Trump. But It’s Just A Bluff—Given Patriotic American Leadership

“Some Americans….dislike immigration, but there is very little they can do about it,” gloated Jorge Castaneda in Atlantic

White-Owned Business A New Victim In The War On Small-Biz Bakeries

It is not enough for family-owned pastry shops to bow to the gay marriage mob. Now, they're being

In Europe (And The U.S) The “Nationalist Ceiling” Will Be Broken By The Capitulation Of The Center-Right

In what has been a breakthrough year for patriotic forces all over the world, the last weeks have

Will Trump Defy McCain & Marco?

When word leaked that Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, a holder [...]

John Derbyshire: Is There A Nationalist Ceiling In Europe?

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on] I've been meaning to say something about Brexit,

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After the re-election of President Barack Obama in 2012, a writer on the then-obscure Alt Right wrote a

On Immigration, Will Tom Cotton Succeed Jeff Sessions As “America’s Senator”?

We at have long regarded Jeff Sessions [R-AL] as “America’s senator” because of his tireless work on

Hyped Figures: John Glenn And The PC Myth Of Katherine Johnson–Unsung Black Women Were NOT What Got Us To The Moon

John Glenn’s passing at the age of 95 is just another reminder that the era of infinite possibility