Michelle Malkin: Sponsors of Anarchy–Leftist Thugs Planning Inauguration Chaos

Hoodlums will be out in full force this Inauguration Day weekend. Count on it. I've covered the left's criminal

Weepy Globalist To Be Replaced By Rumbustious Working Class Hero At Noon Friday. Can D.C. Suits Stand It?

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on] This is the Week of the Two Presidents—Donald

Pat Buchanan:Reagan and Trump–American Nationalists

“Time To Rethink Martin Luther King Day”–The 2017 Edition

One is a Christian gentleman, loyal to his country,  who fought its government in the name of justice.

THE TRUTH ABOUT SELMA: Trump Right, “Civil Rights Icon” Lewis Wrong—It’s Now A Hell Hole

With a couple of Tweets, President-elect Donald Trump has changed the world. After Georgia Democrat Rep. John Lewis,

MEMO FROM MEXICO: Mexico Beginning To Receive “Repatriated”—But Don’t Worry, Mexican Elite Still Want to Meddle

 [See Also: Is The Mexican Government Anticipating Reverse Migration After Trump’s Election? ] The family and I just visited

Pat Buchanan: The Establishment’s Fake News Assault On Trump

“Fake news!” roared Donald Trump, the work of “sick people.” [...]

America Should Be Ashamed: Why Isn’t HIDDEN FIGURES About “Nazi Scientist” Arthur Rudolph?

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Ann Coulter: Tips For Hate Crime Hoaxers

In a country of more than 320 million people, everything must happen once. So it's somewhat surprising that

Why Not A Movie About Jack Crenshaw?—The White Man Who Actually Did What HIDDEN FIGURES Credits To Black Women

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