Michelle Malkin: Muddy Maxine Waters–What a Riot

Are you freaking kidding me? Thirteen-term Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, [...]

Coulter Berkeley Brouhaha Shows Elite, MSM Supporting Suppression Of “Hate Speech”

Update: The Hill reports that Ann Coulter plans to speak in the open air at Sproul Plaza on

When The Left Resorts To Violence….Be Prepared To Defend Yourself

See also The Battle(s) Of Berkeley–Someone Is Going To Get Killed. Where Is Trump? and Spencer, Coulter ARE

Pat Buchanan: Is Macron the EU’s Last Best Hope—Or Is He One Of The Last Men Of Yesterday?

For the French establishment, Sunday’s presidential election came close to [...]

Supreme Court Precedent Says Berkeley Must Let Ann Speak–And Protect Her From Antifa, Too!

Governor Reagan didn't believe in rioting--a Guard helicopter sprays tear gas on rioters on University of California, Berkeley

Eastern European Jews And The Case Of the Marginalized Elite

The story of Eastern European Jews who immigrated to America in the beginning of the twentieth century is

Demography Vs. Peak Reason—In Turkey And The West

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on] Turkish President, Recep Erdoğan won his referendum by

Abolishing America (cont.): Charlottesville Council Votes To Remove Lee Statue—GOP (!!) Gubernatorial Candidate Opposes!

Charlottesville City Council on Monday night voted 3-2 to remove and sell an historic statue of Robert E

Pat Buchanan: Has Diversity Put Democracy in a Death Spiral?

“You all start with the premise that democracy is some [...]

Ann Coulter: Your Choice–A Green America Or A Brown America note: Demographer James Johnson and MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry have used the term "browning of America" to