In Pictures: A Quiet (!) Trump Triumph—Immigrant Workforce Population FALLING

Although I really do believe a picture is worth a thousand words, I rushed Ed Rubenstein's report on

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Liberalism is a sexual assault protection racket. Judging by the [...]

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There is no hatred more complete and no malevolence more fanatical than that held by the American political

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Heather Mac Donald recently exposed the junk science behind the “Implicit Association Test” in a piece entitled “Are

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Memo From Middle America: Mexican Gun Control Doesn’t Work, But Mass Immigration Could Bring It Here Anyway

Migration comes from the orange regions to the blue regions—and they don’t bring a belief in the Second

John Derbyshire: Can MacArthur Awards Go Lower Than Genius T. Coates? Meet Cristina (Jiménez?) Moreta! etc.

Adapted from the October 13 Radio Derb, available exclusively on The weirdest aspect of the Open-Borders ideology is

John Derbyshire: Two Cheers For Trump’s Immigration Proposal–Especially “Interior Enforcement”

Adapted from the October 13 Radio Derb, available exclusively on Headliner of the week for immigration patriots was

National Data | Why Let DREAMers Steal $750 Billion From Americans?

The usual Trumpian chaos prevails in Washington D.C. after the release of the Administration’s terms for legalizing the