Kurt Eichenwald And The Assault GIF Of Doom–Don’t Blame Trump Supporters!

As if the Current Year could become any more surreal, VANITY FAIR editor and NEWSWEEK reporter Kurt Eichenwald

Michelle Obama’s Christmas Lump of Coal

Just what we all need to ring in the Christmas [...]

The Left’s Selective Concern About Foreign Interference–The Soviets “Hacked” The US From The New Deal On

he Left has come up with the definitive explanation of why they lost the 2016 election. It’s all

The Muslim War On Christmas In Germany–Real Deaths In The Christkindlmarkt

On Friday I wrote a post called  Real War On Christmas: Iraqi 12-Year Old Attempts To Nail-Bomb Christmas

The War Party: The Real Saboteurs of a Trump Foreign Policy

The never-Trumpers are never going to surrender the myth that [...]

Announcing ‘s 2016 War Against Christmas Competition! —And Reminding President Trump That This War Can Be Stopped By Federal Legislation

Trump thanks voters in West Allis, Wisconsin, with a slogan that triggered SLATE. So there he is, the great

The Sun People Tsunami And The Inevitability Of Lifeboat Ethics

Our Ruling Class’s anxieties about the Russians, and their anxieties about us, have a deckchairs-on-the-Titanic quality about them.

John Derbyshire: Left Employing “Roger Lyons Strategy” Against Trump. Russia Impervious To All Strategies

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on] The two big stories this week: "fake news"

“If Only The God-Emperor Knew”—Using Trumpism Against The Trump Administration

One of the most hopeful signs of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition is his determination to keep holding rallies

Lessons of Aleppo—for Trump

In this world, it is often dangerous to be an enemy of the United States, said Henry