John Derbyshire: Trump Moving Slowly—But Sessions Moving Fast!

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on] It's early days yet in the Trump presidency,

Derb’s March Diary: North Korean Eruptions (Not What You Think); Why Englishmen Are (Largely) Aloof; RIP Walker Connor; etc.

North Korea: the natural solution.     Might Mother Nature solve the North Korean problem for us? She certainly might. I

Shabbat Meditation: Immigration And Three Twitchy Jewish Nerves

Anti-Semitic Muslim rioters in France--who may have come to France as "refugees." The Jewish Studies Program at my university,

Pat Buchanan: Is Putin the ‘Preeminent Statesman’ of Our Times?

“If we were to use traditional measures for understanding leaders, [...]

Trump Doesn’t Have To EXECUTE Rogue Judges—He Can Just Lock Them Up, Like Lincoln Did!

(BREAKING NEWS: Just today rogue Judge Watson has turned his Temporary Restraining Order into a permanent injunction). The

Ann Coulter: A Health Care Plan So Simple, Even A Republican Can Understand!

Earlier: Ann Coulter On Obamacare--Restore A Free Market, Remove Immigrant Freeloaders It's always impossible to repeal laws that require

Roll Over, JIHAD—There’s Also HIJRA, Muslim Conquest By Immigration

Another day, another Muslim atrocity—and another Ruling Class rush to cover it up. No surprise to veteran newspaperman

Michelle Malkin: The New Al Sharpton—Benjamin Crump,TV’s Rising Fake News Star

He's the new Al Sharpton on steroids—and he's coming to a TV near you. Benjamin Crump, camera-lovin' lawyer for

How Anti-White Soros Evangelical Russell Moore And Cheap Labor Profiteer Ken Barbic Provoked Grasssroots Baptist Rebellion

I’m an evangelical Christian, a church deacon and a Bible class teacher (currently imparting a Wednesday night class

Pat Buchanan: The Ryancare Rout—Winning by Losing?

Did the Freedom Caucus just pull the Republican Party back [...]