Memorial Day, 2017: Remembering Kevin O’Brien, An American Soldier Who Fought The Good Fight

This is from, the blog of Kevin R. C. O’Brien, who blogged under the name “Hognose”, the

Said In Spanish: Mexico Already Meddling Against Texas Sanctuary Cities Law; Ruben Kihuen—Excelsior’s Favorite Congressman; Illinois State Senate Rewards Mexican Meddler (What, No Russians?); etc.

Mexico And Texas Law Banning “Sanctuary Cities” As I’ve written before, the Mexican government is opposing fiercely a law

“Wheel And Fight”—Pat Buchanan’s Nixon Book Provides Road Map For Trump

If History is “a set of lies agreed upon,” as Napoleon is supposed to have said, then American

John Derbyshire: As A Brit, I Say Don’t Let The Manchester Massacre Happen Here

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on] Headliner of the week was the Muslim terrorist

Fourth Circuit Bobos Put Judiciary On Collision Course With America

See also: Shabbat Meditation: Immigration And Three Twitchy Jewish Nerves I nearly drove off the road today when
The Columbus Fountain in Union Station, with anti-white graffiti.

Pat Buchanan: After the Confederates, Who’s Next?

On Sept. 1, 1864, Union forces under Gen. William Tecumseh [...]

Ann Coulter: Rome Burns–Nero Worries About Pyrophobia

The latest Muslim terrorist attack ripped apart little girls at a concert in Manchester, England, on Monday, killing

The Fulford File: “The Frito Bandito Prize”–Reverse Assimilation And The Case Of Edward Roybal

There are a lot of buildings named after Edward Roybal in LA. I saw this long-forgotten PC flap in

Michelle Malkin: Manchester And The Forgotten Slaughters of the Innocents

For now, everyone knows the sonorous name and cherubic face [...]

Pat Buchanan: A Special Prosecutor for Criminal Leaks

Who is the real threat to the national security? Is [...]