National Data | June Jobs—American Worker Displacement Returns To Record High, Although Influx May Be Ebbing

In the months after Donald Trump’s election, immigrant displacement of American workers and growth of the foreign-born workforce

John Derbyshire: Thank You For Warsaw, Mr. President—And Especially For Mentioning Katyn Massacre

The President speaks to the Polish people in Krasinski Square, Warsaw, Poland [Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now

Pat Buchanan: Patching It Up With Putin

President Donald Trump flew off for his first meeting with [...]

Trump Turns The Corner And Goes On The Attack. Will He Make The GOP Follow?

Donald Trump received a hero’s welcome in Poland on Wednesday, with a crowd of thousands chanting both his

Ann Coulter: Immigrant Of The Week: Henry Bello (Obotetukudo)

Last Friday, Nigerian immigrant Henry Williams Obotetukudo, aka Henry Bello, opened fire with an AM-15 rifle at the

On Independence Day, A Catholic Reflects On Race

Earlier by Eugene Gant: “What Will Come Of The Race War That Roils The Streets Of Baltimore?” Main Stream

Pat Buchanan: Is America Still A Nation?

In the first line of the Declaration of Independence of [...]

Independence Day: A Diverse Journalist Claims To Love America—But That Doesn’t Include The Founding Fathers, Or You

The Washington Post just featured a “patriotic” meditation on Lee Greenwood’s song God Bless The USA, and the

John Derbyshire: “Like Nazis After 1945”—Never Forget The Bullet We Dodged When Hillary Was Defeated

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on] From time to time, our President displays a

Derb’s June Diary: Alex Pareene And The Phonebox Principle; Naming The Cold Civil War; The Garden Of Earthly Delights; etc.

Alex Pareene And The Phone Booth Principle.     The white-advocacy group American Renaissance, to whose annual conference I shall