Derb’s October Diary: Diversity Visa Terror, Sacco And Vanzetti, Jared Taylor’s Book,Etc.

Livin' In A World Of Fools.     As I prepare to post this diary, on the morning of November

Ann Coulter: “Florida Man” Has Fender Bender In Manhattan

A man in a Home Depot truck deliberately drove into a bike path in lower Manhattan on Tuesday,

Pew Research Report Suggests A Strategy For Securing GOP/GAP—And The Historic American Nation

(My title is an homage to Richard Perle et al’s famous 1996 paper outlining Israel’s geopolitical needs in

Michelle Malkin: Allahu Akbar-itis–America’s Deadly and Debilitating Disease

See also “The Motorist Yelled ‘God Is Great’ In Arabic”–They Need A EUPHEMISM For “Allahu Akbar”? "Shout 'Allahu Akbar,'

Patrick J. Buchanan: That Other Plot–To Bring Down Trump

Well over a year after the FBI began investigating "collusion" between the Trump campaign and Vladimir Putin, Special

John Derbyshire: Prophet Without Honor—The Extraordinary Case Of Macklin Fleming And Affirmative Action

Berry Library at Dartmouth: not a "safe space" for white students, assaulted by "Black Lives Matter" demonstrators in

Treason Lobbyist Ed Gillespie Feels Heat, Sees Light, May Surprise In VA Governor Race

Can Virginia immigration patriots trust Ed Gillespie—the veteran Treason Lobbyist and GOP Bushite who has dramatically gotten religion

John Derbyshire: TASTE THE DIVERSITY! International Elections Support Immigration Patriotism—And In Kenya, Obama’s Tribe Lost

Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, available exclusively on Abroad, a week of elections. I counted three, each

Media Priest Fr. James Martin Wants “Dialogue” with Homosexuals–But Not With Immigration Patriots

In the 1950s, American Catholics had Bishop Fulton Sheen to teach and inspire them on television. In the

The Fulford File: The Rest Of The Drew Fraser Story—Sudanese Refugees ARE Crime-Prone

The antidote to the various Politically Correct moral hysterias that sweep through modern society is truth. Unfortunately, the