Derb’s January Diary: Churchill Rides The Subway; Whither Uighurs?; Mao NOT Reconsidered; Etc. (10 ITEMS)

A Hays Code for our time. On January 21st the Screen Actors Guild gave Gary Oldman their

Patrick J. Buchanan: A Never-Trump Press in Near Panic

Earlier by Patrick J. Buchanan: Did the FBI Conspire to [...]

Ann Coulter On The SOTU: Democrats Boo America

Unlike the president, I don't call everything "incredible," but Trump's State of the Union address was incredible, beautifully

Then They Came For The London Conference on Intelligence–And Science, And Free Speech

All educated people know that, although Darwin’s Theory of Evolution explains intelligence differences between sub-species in all other

Michelle Malkin: ‘Dreamers’ and Demons

Xinran Ji, 24, had big dreams. But demons demolished them. The bright hopes of young Xinran Ji, a University

Jared Taylor: The 2018 AmRen Conference: A Time for Courage and Perseverance

Above, the 2016 Conference. If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that history does not

Patrick J. Buchanan: Too Many Wars. Too Many Enemies.

If Turkey is not bluffing, U.S. troops in Manbij, Syria, [...]

4-D Chess? DACA Final Test If Trump Knows What He’s Doing. (Spoiler: Answer Is No If He Doesn’t Propose Taxing Remittances)

We will finally find out if the memes are real. In President Trump’s magisterial August 31, 2016 campaign

Contemplating Charlottesville: Why I Still Think (OK, Hope) That Trump’s DACA Dalliance Will Self-Destruct

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the American Left believes its own propaganda. That’s a major reason

John Derbyshire: Larry Nassar Is An (Arab-American) Creep, But Judgette Rosemarie Aquilina Is An (Immigrant) Hysteric

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