Acuckalypse Now! The Budget Betrayal And Trump Derangement Syndrome

I have mixed feelings over expressing my disappointments with the Trump administration. I voted for the guy; I'd

Memo From Middle America | Who CARES If Trump Hate Makes Mexico Elect A “Left-Wing Anti-American” As President?

Vicente Fox, the PRO-American Presidente of Mexico (2000-2006) Mexico hates us. And it’s Americans’ fault for wanting to enforce

It’s Official: Europeans (Such As Macron’s Voters In France) Have a Genetic Death Wish

If there is one country in the world which can boast of a truly distinctive culture, it is

Pat Buchanan: How 1960s Berkeley Birthed the Right

In December 1964, a Silver Age of American liberalism, to [...]

Abolishing America (Cont.): New Orleans Police Look On As Left Gets Violent Over Confederate Monuments

Left-wing provocateurs in New Orleans have been spoiling for a [...]

Ann Coulter: On The Budget, It’s SWAMP PEOPLE: 47; TRUMP: 0

If this is the budget deal we get when Republicans control the House, the Senate and the presidency,

Have Michael Slager And CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE Been Vindicated?

See's archive of Michael Slager coverage. The Main Stream Media headlines say Michael Slager, Officer Who Shot Walter

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See, earlier by Michelle Malkin: Obama Lied. My Third Health [...]

Pat Buchanan: Nixon’s Revenge—The Fall of the Adversary Press

Saturday’s White House Correspondents Association dinner exposed anew how far [...]

Derb’s April Diary: Righting The World’s Wrongs, Automation, And The Hu-Wite Cliffs Of Dover, Etc.

Trumpism: righting the world's wrongs.     Like a lot of other people who supported Donald Trump's presidential campaign, I