Michelle Malkin: Thank You, Professor Sowell

Thomas Sowell is retiring from column writing at 86--his farewell column is here. See earlier A Man Alone

War On Christmas: Driven By CHRISTOPHOBIA—But MSM Doesn’t Recognize The Word

The three stories pictured above were the first results on a recent War On Christmas Google news search—the

Barack Backhands Bibi With Israel Resolution

Did the community organizer from Harvard Law just deliver some [...]’s War On Christmas Archive On One Page: 289 Items—And More To Come!

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Merry Christmas From Peter And Lydia And The Family!

I launched on Christmas Eve in 1999, with our first War On Christmas note–about Andrew Cuomo’s HUD

Europe’s Murdering Muslims: Trump And Tillerson HAVE THE POWER To Stop Them Coming Here IMMEDIATELY

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on] On Monday December 19, another Muslim murderer ran

Memo From Middle America | Is Mexico Ready To Receive Deportees From Trump’s America? SOMOS MEXICANOS Is Already Working On It!

If Donald Trump keeps his promise and deports illegal aliens, can the Mexican government handle its returning nationals?

Europeans Will Fight Back Against Invasion–No Matter What The NEW YORK TIMES Wants

The terrorist who hijacked a truck in Berlin and ran [...]

SAID IN SPANISH: Pomona CA Now Part Of Occupied America; Another Dreamer Delegation Trained In Treason In Mexico; A Mexican Governor’s Joke; etc.

My trawling through the Spanish-language media this month reveals that another California city has fallen to the Reconquistas

Ann Coulter: Happy Kwanzaa, Fake Holiday From A Sixties FBI Dupe

  Kwanzaa, celebrated exclusively by white liberals, is a fake holiday invented in 1966 by black radical/FBI stooge, Ron